Summery: Van Helsing never told Carl how he felt about him. But it's too late now to share his feelings when an old face appears, the one and only, Dracula. He take Carl to his castle, planning on wooing him and making him his for all eternity, but Carl refuses to take part in this. But the little friar can't hold out for long, Dracula's charms and looks are just too much! What will happen? Will Carl become his for all of time?

Chapter 1

Carl glared at Van Helsing. He felt humiliated. How could he have been led on like this? Had he no heart?

''How could you do this?'' Carl whispered in a deadly whisper. It wasn't like him at all. Carl is normally a timid creature, happy and kind. Who had taken the old Carl and replaced him with this evil being?

''Carl, I do not like you that way. I do not love you.'' Van Helsing managed to say. It was like he didn't even care about him. He wasn't even looking at him. How can he be so cruel?

''But you-'' Carl stopped. There was no point was there? Van Helsing wasn't the man he once though he was. He was a whore man, cruel and heartless. Looking to hurt someone or lead them on, just to watch them fall.

Carl stormed past him, angry, but he couldn't help but keep the tears from flowing. They stained his innocent face. How could Van Helsing do this to him? Carl pushed open the large wooden door of their cabin in Transylvania, whimpering slightly and whispered without turning around,

''I hate you.''


Van Helsing sighed and sunk down onto the old coach, putting his face in his hands. Why did he mess it up? Carl just confessed his love to him, he was about to return it...and then suddenly he backed out like a little kid and told him he didn't like him in that way. Worse, he acted like he said the same thing every day, bored mono-tone, not even looking at Carl. Carl was heart broken. Then angry. Then finely, upset. But he still managed to tell him he hated him,

''Oh Carl, what have I done to you? Don't worry, I'll make things better for us soon. I'll make it up to you.'' He vowed.


Carl staggered out of the bar. He had only had a few drinks, but his innocent system was new to this sort of thing, and he couldn't really handle it either. Staggering down the alley's didn't scare him right now, but they normally would have if he had been paying closer attention, especially tonight.

The dim lights weren't much help either, most of them were already out, (Candles) or just flickering in the cold wind. Carl normally never walked alone anywhere. It wasn't because people weren't kind here, normally they greeted him happily or smiled as he walked by, but Carl never really did feel safe.

''I (hic) have to gets more (hic) drunk more (hic) often...'' Carl slurred. He staggered to the right, then the left, finely giggling and slumping down against a wall,

''What have (hic) you done to (hic) me Van Helsing?'' Carl swayed, no longer giggling, but crying. Carl cried for a while, murmuring about nothing and everything that had gone wrong in his life. Nobody was there to sympathise or take pity on this poor creature. Nobody. But Dracula.


Dracula watched as Carl cried. Shaking his head, he whispered,

''What has that big Van Helsing done to you?'' He stepped out of the dark and kneeled down next to Carl, Carl didn't seem to notice who is was, and continued crying. Dracula sighed, taking pity on the poor friar and shook his head. He raised his hand and smacked his across the head. Carl fell un- conscious against Dracula.

''Don't worry Carl, my dear Carl, I shall help you get over this and make it all better for you.'' He whispered into the friars ear. He gracefully lifted Carl like a newly wed, making sure his head was resting on his shoulder, and walked down the cold and wet streets, of Transylvania.


Carl slept in a large bed with silk and satin sheets, deep red, wrapped around his body. Making sure he was warm, comfortable and had everything he needed, Dracula sat in the darkened corner watching Carl sleep,

''He's so small....'' Dracula whispered to himself, looking at Carl, with no emotion in his eyes or in his voice.

''He's so timid....'' Dracula whispered once again, this time his voice softened.

''He's so innocent...,'' He voice changed to a more sly tone, ''I can change that.''

Carl stirred and sat up straight when he noticed his surroundings.


Hey! That was my first chapter of my new story! I need idea's for names and how did Dracula get back? I'm open for ideas and flamers are welcome! Just give me ideas! Tell me if I should continue in certain directions, and if you need more detail, I'm trying really hard with this one, to get the plotline to last, okay? Thank you for reading my first chapter and I hope you continue reading! Love ya all!