Chapter 14

''That wasn't a very clever thing to say.'' Carl sighed, looking at Van Helsing whose face suddenly changed from proud to shameful.

''Well, I was just trying to say it as it is…'' Van said, gesturing around to the cold dark castle.

''Well, he's my only hope, isn't he? You shouldn't be going making him angry, he might tear me to shreds or something when I'm sleeping.'' Carl said, gulping slightly at the thought. That would be horrible, going to sleep in one piece, then waking up as little shreds.

''I don't think he would do, considering that story he told us.'' Van said doubtfully.

''I suppose. But I would rather not risk it, if you mind!'' Carl said, frustrated. As if things couldn't get any worse, Carl's stomach gave a large rumble. He was hungry.

''Was that your stomach..?'' Van said, a glimpse of fear striking his eyes. He honestly thought Carl would seek revenge on him by killing him and serving him with butter? No, that's not how Carl would do it. He didn't like butter that much.

''Yes, sadly it was. And there is only one way to feed a vampire.'' Carl sighed.

''So, you eat innocent people now?'' Van said darkly, not looking at Carl.

''I try not to, but it's the only way, isn't it?''

''You've really become a monster then, haven't you? I thought you would be the same old Carl on the inside, but it you are killing people now you have really become his mistress.''

''I am not his mistress. If you didn't notice, I am a man.''

''Come on, the way you suck up to him and try to make yourself look so innocent, it's sickening!''

''Excuse me? I really don't need this right now, okay? I'm still trying to figure out what to do.''

''Look, it's simple, just get him while he is sleeping.''

''It's not that easy!''

''Oh, so you have developed feelings for him then.''

''No! It's not that!''

''Then WHAT is it!'' Van roared. Carl was taken back.

''I don't know! He's the leading vampire for one thing, and he's more advanced at everything than I am! I can't even fly! I attempted, and ended up in pudding.''


''Oh, nothing. Forget that I said that.''

''Well, if you just TRY Carl, I'm sure you can do it. Really.''

''I somehow think it won't work..''

Carl turned away and thought deeply. He didn't want to admit it to Van or even himself but now he felt a lot closer to Dracula than before due to that story. If only he could remember the whole story, because it seemed Dracula wasn't telling him everything…

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