All Things New


First: The "oh-so-wonderful" disclaimer. I do not own anything associated with Yu-Gi-Oh, which means I do not own anything ever shown on the show, or in the manga (and sadly, that means I don't own Malik or Kaiba -) However, I do own the original characters, as well as the plot line (well, most of it anyways), as well as the quote at the beginning of the story (and anywhere else it occurs). I do not plan to mention this anywhere else, so let it be known to the world – I am only a writer and fan.

Second: This story might be confusing because of the change from present to past to present to past, etc. So, let me explain this. The story begins in the "present" which is two years after the Battle City episodes. It then jumps into the past (and there's a note on that the first time it happens); but jumps between the past and the so called present. Now, in order to distinguish between the two (as there will not be italics for the past) there are separate "dividers." Example:

This is the PRESENT

- o -
And now it's the past
o - o - o
Still the Past
- o -

And back to the present

I hope that isn't too confusing to understand…it should make more sense with the actual story o-o;;

Third: To work with my story, I kind of changed Malik's age. Here's a quick list of their ages in the past and the present.

1. Malik Ishtar (American – Marik) – 17 / 19

2. Rishid Ishtar (American – Odion) – 25 / 27

3. Isis Ishtar (American – Ishizu) – 20 / 22

4. Haydee Omar – 16 / 18

I've actually heard contradicting stories on the name of Malik's elder sister. So, I really don't know if her name in the Japanese series is actually Isis or not, but that's the name I'm using. Unfortunately, I only have access to the American anime, and have no money to buy the manga. Also, those are just the main characters. We all know that Yugi (I don't want to use a double u) and company are in the ages of 16. Also, the correct spelling for my character's name is "Haydée" but like with Téa, I'm too lazy to accent the "e"

Forth: I've had this story in mind for a while now, and some people have requested that I write a fiction with Malik in it. So, as requested by josephine jekyl, here is the story with Malik, and an OC – who happens to be Egyptian. I hope you enjoy this story (as well as everyone else).

Fifth: Due to the time frame of the story, I'm going to have to rewrite Yu-Gi-Oh history…to an extent. Sigh I expect this to take a long time considering the circumstances, so I ask that you all understand if I have not updated in a while. But, (inserting a "shameless plug") you can always go and read my other stories if you have not done so. I'm going to have to make a recommendation list sometime…

Sixth: Here's a brief summary:

Traumatized by his past filled with agony, despair, and darkness, Malik seeks out to destroy the Pharaoh and gain his powers – ultimately coming into power of the entire world. What he didn't count on was the possession he had recently acquired, or his darker alter-ego taking over his body.

With those events lying in the past, and the promise of a better tomorrow, can Malik finally learn to love the one he used to only want to destroy, and truly come to the knowledge that all things can be made new?

Note: Due to someone reporting this introduction (for an unknown reason), removed it. So, in an effort to save myself a great hassle and any other possible removals, I've combined the introduction page to the first chapter.

All Things New

Chapter I

It is not the past which dictates who we become; but rather it is our reaction to the events we have endured.

Sweet, innocent, beautiful; those are the words Malik would use to describe the girl seated beside him. Her eyes had been closed, and her head was resting against his shoulder as the plane continued its flight from Cairo, Egypt to New York, New York. It was there they would spend the night, only to catch a four in the morning flight directly to Los Angeles, California – where they would be moving in with Malik's sister, Isis.

He allowed a small grin to appear on his normally cold face as he stared down at her. Her long, black hair had been pulled back, revealing her well sculptured neck and shoulders. She had dressed hastily as he had allowed her to oversleep – and the results pleased him. A black, off the shoulder top and a pair of black velvet pajama bottoms had been the outcome. Of course, Malik had chosen the outfit the night before, and had made sure everything else was packed so she couldn't object.

He sighed lightly, leaning back in his seat while he flipped through a magazine he had purchased in the airport. They had only been in the air an hour, and he was growing very restless; and there was still nearly fourteen hours left of the flight, as well as a stop in London, England where they would change planes. He tapped his foot lightly, pulling out the golden rod that always remained in his pocket. He could always control the minds of the flight attendants, but the fun in that would only last so long.

"Master Malik, is everything alright?" a voice asked from across the aisle.

"Rishid, how many times do I have to tell you, it's just Malik," he sighed, slipping the rod back in his pocket and growling lightly.

"Sorry Mas—Malik," Rishid stuttered slightly, bowing his head.

"And everything is fine; this is just boring," Malik answered.

"Might I suggest watching something on the television to help pass the time?"

Malik shrugged slightly, pulling out the guide of the movies that were currently playing. This one sounds appealing. He slowly pushed the button on the armrest and stopped on channel seven. What's this called again? Right, "The Patriot." Hmm, looks interesting.

The girl beside him began to shift slightly, drawing his attention away from the movie. She slowly opened her navy eyes and allowed a soft yawn to escape her lips. She blinked a few times, allowing her eyes to adjust to the light before sitting up, a faint blush hidden in her naturally tanned skin.

"Enjoy your nap?" Malik asked quietly, smirking at her.

Her blush grew as she bowed her head, a small smile upon her face. "Yes, Master."

"Haydee, look at me."

Haydee slowly lifted her face, her eyes unwillingly meeting Malik's violet orbs. She swallowed, not liking the look he had on his face.

"How many times am I going to have to tell you not to call me 'Master' but to just call me 'Malik'?" he asked, raising a brow to emphasize the question.

"I'm sorry," she said, dropping her eyes.

Malik sighed, lifting her chin slightly, and bringing her eyes to his once more. "Haydee, listen to me," he whispered, his voice cool. "You didn't have to stay with me, but you did. For whatever reason, I don't think I'll ever know. You're not a servant Haydee, but a…friend."

Haydee smiled softly, her eyes glancing at the television screen before Malik. She could barely make out the scene playing on it, but she did happen to see a man's head be blown off. She turned her head in disgust, trying to wipe the image from her mind. "How can you watch that?"

Malik smirked, glancing at the screen. "It's entertaining," he shrugged, settling back in his seat, glimpsing at her from the corners of his eyes.

"It's disgusting," she mumbled, laying her head back down on Malik's shoulder and closing her eyes.

[- - - - -]
- o -

Two Years Earlier

The streets of Giza were busy on the early August morning; passerby stopping at the different shops that were set up, the merchants eager to make a quick dollar. The sun was slowly approaching the zenith of the sky, before it would begin to descend, and bring the night once more.

Haydee slowly strolled down a side street, a bright smile on her face. Her parents had sent her out of the house only an hour ago, and she couldn't help but wonder if they planned to do something for her sixteenth birthday. Her eyes traveled up to the bright blue sky which seemed to be devoid of clouds that day. She closed her eyes, breathing in the sounds and smells of her home.

She stopped her stroll in front of her own house and tilted her head. There was a motorcycle and a corvette parked nearby. She shrugged, her ears perking up at the voices inside her home as she placed her hand on the doorknob. She furrowed her brows, barely able to make out the sounds of her father's pleading voice. I wonder what's going on.

The door to the house opened, drawing the attention of all three men inside. Haydee raised a brow, glancing at her father before her eyes traveled to a young man with bright lavender eyes and platinum blonde locks. "Father? What's going on?" she asked softly, closing the door behind her, and glancing at the other man. He seemed to be in his mid-twenties and had tattoos covering one side of his face, while his hair had been shaved into a ponytail.

"Haydee, go to your room," he father commanded, briefly glancing at his daughter.

Haydee's eyes traveled to the other two occupants of the room in question before returning to her father's face. She wasn't always the kind to listen to what her parents told her to do, and although she could sense her father's desperation in his voice, her curiosity had won out. "Who are they?" she asked, nodding her head in the direction of the two men.

The blonde smirked, his fingers tapping against a golden rod he held in his hand, as he approached the young girl. "Malik," he introduced, grasping her hand and kissing it. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I had no idea Bakari had any daughters; he only mentioned two sons."

Haydee blushed lightly, a smile gracing her lips. "I'm his only daughter."

"Is that so?" Malik asked, his brow raising in suspicion as he released her hand. "Is this true, Bakari?" he sneered, turning to face the elder man, his grip on the rod tightening.

"I-I, it was secret for…certain reasons, Sir," he stuttered. "She is only sixteen…"

"Really?" his eyes snapped back to the young girl dressed in traditional Egyptian clothing as a thought raced through his head. A wicked smirk make it's way across his cold face as he spoke. "Rishid, she'll do."

"Master?" the man named Rishid asked, glancing between Malik and Haydee.

"Since you can not pay your debts Bakari, your daughter will pay them for you. Take her."

Rishid complied, grasping the young girl's shoulders gently and pushing her towards the door.

"Wait! What's going on! I demand to know!" Haydee yelled, struggling in Rishid's grasp.

Bakari was silent, his eyes sadly watching his daughter. "Please," he begged, his eyes desperately pleading with Malik.

Malik ignored him, a sadistic grin upon his face as he glanced over at the young girl. She could prove to be entertaining.

"Haydee!" a small voice called, stopping Rishid's pushing and Haydee's struggle. Her eyes slowly glanced to her side where she saw her five year old brother, Namu.

"Go back to your room," she said softly.

"Are you leaving?" he asked, ignoring her.

"I'll be back Namu, I swear," she answered, glaring at Malik in the process, and causing the young man to snicker.

"But we were going to have a party for you Haydee," the young boy pouted, his dark violet eyes watering slightly.

"Namu," she whispered, finding Rishid's grasp on her arms loose enough for her to break free. She slowly walked to her brother and hugged him tightly. "I love you."

"I love you too Haydee."

"Go back to your room, I'll be home…later."

With that word of assurance, the young boy rushed back to the staircase and towards his room. Rishid reclaimed her shoulders and guided her towards the door. She had given up the struggle, knowing she could never overpower this tall man.

"If you think you'll ever come back here; you're sadly mistaken. However, I may take pity on your family when I rule the world."

"You're insane," Haydee spat, slipping onto the passenger seat in the car.

"Now, now; we mustn't have such a temper," Malik sneered, leaning in close and holding the rod up to her, its blade glistening in the sunshine. "I know where your family lives, and now I know your weakness."

"You wouldn't dare!"

Malik smirked, his eyes narrowing. "What was the boy's name? Namu?"

Haydee shook with anger, watching him walk over to the motorcycle. I hate him! You could have been out a little longer Haydee! This would have never happened!

"We'll stop in Cairo," Malik called over to Rishid, his helmet in place. He took one last look at the girl before starting his bike and speeding down the street, Rishid close behind him. Interesting girl; she'll prove to be very entertaining. However, if she wants her family to be safe, she may want to lose the attitude.

o - o - o

Haydee leaned back in her seat, a frown upon her face. Well, doesn't this birthday just beat the rest, she thought sarcastically. They had been driving for two hours now, and her thoughts hadn't died down, or changed. And now, a new one entered her mind. I didn't get to bring anything with me. Her eyes doubled in size as she realized this thought, which crossed over to clothing.

She slowly turned to look at the man who was driving. He seemed nice enough; then again, he hadn't spoken more than a few words. Deciding it was worth a try, she began to speak. "Umm, Rishid, right?"

"Yes," he answered, his eyes never leaving the road before them.

"What will I do for…clothing?"

Rishid was quiet for a moment, allowing her question to sink in. He truly had no idea, and had no way to ask Malik her question. He shrugged his shoulders, his face remaining the same. "I suppose Master Malik will take you shopping."

Haydee nearly choked, an invisible blush forming on her cheeks at the thought of shopping for any clothing item with him.

"Miss Haydee, Master Malik isn't truly evil; just, misunderstood," Rishid explained, his chocolate eyes glancing at the young girl.

"Tell it to someone who cares Rishid," she mumbled, glaring out the window.

"You hate him because he threatens your family and has taken you away from them?"

"What else would there be, considering this is the first time I've ever seen him. What did he mean when he said my father could not pay his debt?" she questioned, turning her eyes away from the window and glancing at Rishid once more.

"I do not know all the affairs of Master Malik, and this was one of them."

"Are you his servant or something?"

"I am loyal to him because he is a brother to me," he explained, turning the car to the right, and keeping close behind the motorcycle.

"He's a brother to you, but he tells you what to do? Some brother."

"His mother raised me; I feel it is my duty to serve him and protect him. There is much you do not see in him because he has hidden it away for so long. He's not bad if you take the time to know him."

"I don't want to know him," she grumbled, crossing her arms and glaring at the motorcycle, secretly wishing it would hit something and send the rider flying. Get to know him? Yeah, right. Get to know him about as much as I'd want to get to know Anubis.

o - o - o

"Miss Haydee?"

Haydee slowly opened her eyes, stretching as she did so. Guess I fell asleep. "Where are we?"

"Cairo," Rishid said, coming around to her side of the car and opening the door for her.

That's right, 'Master Malik' said we were stopping in Cairo. Haydee frowned, looking around for Malik. "Where's—"

"He sped up an hour ago. He is…meeting with someone," Rishid answered, closing the door to the corvette and looking around. "We're to meet him at the Grand Hyatt Cairo soon. This way."

Haydee silently followed him, her eyes taking in the change of scenery. Never before had she left Giza, or really even thought about it. "I've never seen the Nile before; it's beautiful."

Rishid nodded in agreement, remaining silent. He didn't agree with Malik's ways, especially taking the girl, but he was his brother and regardless, he would remain loyal.

Haydee stopped suddenly, her eyes glancing up at a large building. "Is this the…"


Looks expensive. "It looks…nice," she commented, following Rishid inside the hotel and silently gasping at the luxury in the lobby.

"Rishid," Malik's voice called from the fountain where he was sitting, and looking a bit impatient.

"Master Malik," Rishid bowed his head lightly.

Malik's eyes immediately went to Haydee, a smirk gracing his lips. "Well?"

"Excuse me?"

"You should learn how to address me properly."

Haydee glared at him, her eyes narrowed and cold. "You mean, as Nefertiti's little b—"

"Now, now," Malik interrupted, shaking his head in mock pity. "Such a pretty girl should watch her mouth. We wouldn't want it to be the cause of her pain, would we?"

Haydee snorted, looking away. Jerk.

"Quick learner," he mumbled, rising from his position on the edge of the fountain. "Here's the extra key Rishid; we have room 814. You may go now."

Rishid bowed and turned away from the two, quickly heading for the doors.

Where's he going? Great, now I'm left with the psychotic jackal from Hell.

Malik raised a brow, his hand grasping her upper arm as he pulled her to the elevator. "Psychotic jackal, hmm? Interesting."

Haydee blinked, pulling away from him the moment the elevator door closed. I know I didn't say that out loud…

Malik smirked, his fingers tapping the golden rod. It would be much easier for him if he just took complete control of her mind, but where would the fun be in that? It was going to be interesting, watching her slowly break down before him. All on account of her pitiful family.

"Where are we going?" she asked, annoyed that his grip on her upper arm was cutting her blood circulation off.

"Our room," he growled, pulling her down the hallway of the eighth floor.

"Our room? I am not sharing a room with you!"

"You don't really have a choice, now do you? Possessions never do," he sneered, quickly unlocking the door and throwing her in.

"I'm not your possession!"

"Your pitiful father couldn't pay his debt, so you belong to me now." His eyes glanced at the rod as its handle began to reveal the dagger.

Haydee's eyes widened in slight fear, but she refused to back down. "I belong to no one; least of all, you," she spat, backing away from him.

Malik grinned sadistically, moving the rod closer to her and causing her to back further away. "You'll soon learn that your attitude can cause death. Remember this Haydee, I own you, I control you. You may want to watch your step girl, I know your weakness."

"You won't touch him," she sneered.

"Don't underestimate me. I've done far worse than make threats. According to Rishid, you're in need of clothes."

"I didn't expect to be kidnapped," she mumbled, confused by the swift change of subject.

Malik chuckled, flopping down onto the empty bed. "Keep it up and I may not help you in your predicament."

"One that you caused," she grumbled, and was easily overheard by Malik.

He closed his eyes lightly, his rod lying across his chest, focused on Haydee. "Don't think about running away Haydee, I can sense your every movement. You don't understand my power, nor do you want to deal with it. When we get to Japan, you'll see some of my rod's power when I take you 'shopping'." With those final words, Malik drifted off into a half-slumber, half-watchfulness.

Haydee, on the other hand, felt completely uncomfortable in his presence. Psychotic demon was more accurate. Sighing, she cast her eyes towards the window, noticing a small balcony facing the Nile. She silently slid the door open and stepped out onto the balcony, allowing the cool air from the Nile to refresh her.

There really was nothing she could do about her current situation. Malik knew where her family was, and had witnessed her declaration of love for her little brother. She would do anything for her family. She sighed, resting her chin on her hands as she glanced down at the world below. Some birthday Haydee; what a great way to celebrate. I'm taken by a psychotic madman who threatens my family by threatening me. Can this day get any worse? What does he want from me anyways…

- o -
[- - - - -]

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking," a voice broke through over the intercom, waking Haydee from her sleep. "We are currently cruising at an altitude of 39,000 feet with a groundspeed of 612 miles per hour. We will arrive in London Heathrow in approximately three hours. At this time, flight attendants will be serving lunch."

Haydee stretched, popping her neck in the process. Her stomach growled lightly, causing her to blush, and catching Malik's attention.


"A little."

"Good thing we're in first class; we get served first," Malik said, grinning as he noticed the food cart make its way towards them. "I could always make them serve us first anyways," he said thoughtfully, slowly pulling out the rod.

"Malik," Haydee whispered, shaking her head.

Malik turned to grin at her, tilting his head slightly. "You do realize you just called me 'Malik' don't you?"

"You told me to."

Malik snickered, pulling the food tray out from his armrest and leaning over to do the same for Haydee. "I do believe we're making progress Haydee."

Haydee smiled, silently thanking him. She didn't hear the words exchanged between Malik and the flight attendant, but noticed the beautiful aroma of hot, fresh food.

"Tell me something Haydee," Malik began, mixing around the rice that was part of their meal. "Why exactly did you decide to stay with me instead of your family?"

Haydee frowned thoughtfully, knowing Malik had the opportunity to read her mind, but hoping he wouldn't. She had secrets, one of them being her true thoughts on him. She decided to keep things safe, and alter the truth slightly. "Because I hardly know my family anymore. We're all changed, and it's impossible for us to change back to who we were. Besides, you needed a friend."

[- - - - -]
- o -

The plane ride was long and boring for Haydee. She was forced to sit between Malik and Rishid, and was not at all comfortable being close to His Royal Psycho – as she had mentally dubbed him. Of course, Malik knew these thoughts, and found them to be slightly entertaining. If she knew he could see what goes on in her mind, she may think twice before actually thinking.

She had closed her eyes, trying to tell herself it was all a nightmare, that she'd wake up eventually. Unfortunately for her, reality hadn't begun to sink in until now – and she'd been with them for three days. Three long, miserable days.

Her eyes snapped open as she began to look at her nails in boredom. She really wasn't a girly-girl, nor was she a tomboy, but there was nothing to do on this plane except look at her nails; and she couldn't get up to walk around since she was stuck between the psycho jackal and Rishid. Her eyes slowly traveled to the blonde sitting beside her, who was currently flipping through what looked like playing cards. Knowing she would hate herself later, but had the desperate need to talk, she turned her head to look at Malik.

"It's called Duel Monsters; and it's how I plan on taking over the world," he sighed, his voice monotone and bored.

Haydee raised her brows, knowing she didn't even ask him. How does he do that? Maybe he's a psychic psychotic freak.

Malik rolled his eyes slowly. "The questioning look on your face was more than enough to know you have no idea what these are," he explained, the same bored expression and sound evident when he spoke.

"Alright hotshot, how do you plan on taking over the world with a bunch of cards? By throwing them at the world leaders and knocking them over the head so they fall unconscious?" she asked, giggling quietly.

"These cards are powerful! A mere girl like yourself would have no clue the power these cards contain! The ancient powers, shadow powers…You don't believe me."

Haydee tried to suppress her giggles, but was finding it to be quite difficult. "My little brother has a deck of cards like yours, now that I think about it. What, can he take over the world too?"

Malik growled, grabbing her wrist and causing her navy eyes to look at him, fear shining in them. His face was twitching as he held up a card to her. "This is one of the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters. It's more than a card; this is the ancient power of Ra himself!"

Haydee shuddered, hoping no one was paying attention to his whispered outburst. This would be hard to explain – a madman who kidnapped her and believed he could take over the world with a deck of cards.

Malik calmed himself slowly, his grip on her wrist loosening. "It will do you well to remember what I've told you. This Egyptian god will not be mocked, nor will I. Remember Haydee, I control you. It won't help you to anger me." With that, he released her wrist, which had turned a dark shade of purple.

She turned away, tears of fear hidden in her eyes. She refused to allow them to fall however, as she gently rubbed her wrist in pain. Well, now I can't really feel a thing…

"Here," Malik said quietly, placing a bag of ice on her wrist and holding it across his lap.

Haydee blushed slightly at his actions, but was disturbed by his quick attitude change. One moment, he was angry, seemingly ready to kill her. The next, he was being…gentle? Where did he get this ice anyways? Why is he suddenly being…nice?

"Don't question me," he said quietly, refusing to release her hand as he held the ice over her wrist. A flight attendant walked by them, seemingly oblivious to everything around her. On her forehead was the disappearing image of the eye of Horus.

o - o - o

"Hurry up," Malik growled, pushing the girl towards a phone the moment they got off the plane.

She glanced at him in question as he towered over her by a few inches. He quickly put a phone card in her hands and pushed her towards the phone once more. She mentally shrugged, picking up the phone and dialing her home number.

"Omar residence, Naomi speaking," a woman's voice flowed through the phone line, and flowed into Haydee's mind.

"Mom," she whispered softly, pushing down any sign of tears.

"Haydee?" the voice crackled in disbelief.

"I'm giving you one minute," Malik said, leaning against the wall and tapping his foot impatiently while Rishid stood beside him.

"Master Malik, she hasn't seen or spoken to her family in almost four days," Rishid said.

"She had better get used to it Rishid. And don't question me."

"Yes Master."

"Put Namu on the line please," she hurried, glancing at Malik from the corner of her eye. "Namu!" she exclaimed in joy. "I love you too little brother…I'll be back though, someday; I swear…is Yafeu around?...Give him my love then. And—"

"Haydee has to go now," Malik sneered, grabbing the phone from her and hanging up.

"That was my baby brother! I may never get to see him again, thanks to you!"

"Then you shouldn't make promises you won't be able to keep. 'I'll be back, I swear'," he said, imitating her as he grabbed her arm and led her away from the phone.

Haydee rushed her feet in order to keep up with his pace. Her eyes casually glanced down at her clothing. Rishid had gone out and purchased a few traditional outfits for her, upon Malik's command. However, she longed for a more western outfit, such as the jeans she had been forced to leave behind.

Malik stopped suddenly, causing Haydee to collide with him and send the two of them to the ground; he happened to end up pinning her down. He raised a brow suggestively. "Like this?"

"Get off me freak," she growled, earning a glare from Malik.

"Be careful what you say girl," he sneered, rising up and turning to Rishid, who had swiftly gathered their luggage – which wasn't much.

"I have secured a cab for us Master Malik; it is waiting outside," he said, carrying the four bags towards the door, Malik pulling Haydee along once more.

"And what about the boat and warehouse?"

"It is secured as well."


Boat…warehouse? What's his next plan, to—

"Get in," Malik snapped, pushing her into the backseat of the cab and sliding in beside her while Rishid sat in the front.

"Where are we going?"

"Our new home," Malik sniggered, leaning back in the seat and looking out the window as they drove through the city of Domino, Japan. Soon, oh "great" Pharaoh. You will fall, and I will prevail. I will have my revenge on you, and I will rule the world!