By: Fiona

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Chapter One

She ran wildly through the dark forest, the branches and bushes lashing out at her as the tears streaked down from her eyes. Why he did this to her was a continuous question that ran through her mind. Why she let him get to her like she did was a wonder to her. She ran heading for the all too familiar well that would bring her back to her real home. The place where she was born and raised was her comfort each time he hurt her. So now she ran blindly, letting her feet guide her through the mass obstruction in her path. She didn't remember this much shrubbery in her path before but let the observation leave unnoticed as visions of Inuyasha and Kikyou together flashed through her mind. She couldn't go on like this… and that night she vowed she wouldn't.

This is the place where I sit

This is the part where I love you too much

This is as hard as it gets

'Cause I'm getting tired of pretending tough

She passed the well a while ago but didn't stop knowing that she was headed where she knew she could end it. Kikyou could always locate the shard for Inuyasha and although she knew the others would miss her, she just wanted to escape from it all. She'd come back. She promised she would because she still had three shards in her possession. Her tears had long since dried, her hurt replaced by a dull heartache. She would miss them. She would miss him. She bit her lip to keep from crying and sped up, the wooden bridge coming into view. The bush that had once lashed out at her, died down as she neared.

She stopped at the front of the bridge, her foot on one panel and the other still on the grassless earth. "I'm sorry…" She whispered and turned walked slowly across. It was hard to believe she was leaving them. To go where, she had no idea. She would learn to fight using some of the battle skills that Sango taught her and improvising. She also had her bow and arrows. She had become an expert after the many shots she had to fire so it wouldn't be a problem fighting enemies who wee far. Hand to hand combat would prove difficult, though. She didn't have experience like Sango or Miroku and she didn't have demon strength like Shippou, Kirara or… Inuyasha.

She sighed as she neared the other side of the bridge. Whenever she thought she was getting closer to the hanyou, that undead miko always managed to get in her way bringing her back from where she had taken him. It was always one step forward and two steps back… and she couldn't take it anymore. She was willing to do anything for him. She was willing to die for him and on many occasions she came face to face with death on his behalf… but so had he. She knew he cared. She knew he would risk his life for her.

I'm here if you want me

I'm yours you can hold me

I'm empty and aching

And tumbling and breaking

She stopped at the end of the other side of the bridge. That should have been enough. Knowing that he would willingly give his life for her should have been more than enough and for any other person it would have been… and yet, she wanted more. She wanted more from him. She wanted him to see her as she was, not who she was made from. She didn't want to be known as Kikyou's reincarnation. For once she wanted to be known as herself, as Kagome. Why couldn't anyone see that? Perhaps she was just being selfish. She knew she wasn't but she still felt guilty about leaving them like this.

Cause you don't see me

And you don't need me

And you don't love me

The way I wish you would

The way I know you could

She looked back, tears blurring her vision. She didn't want to leave them. She'd give her all to just have him know how she felt about him and to have him feel that way about her. Even if it were just for one night, she'd risk her life for just one night. I he would never feel that way about her. He would never love her like she did him and that was what made it hurt so bad. She turned back as the winds swirled around her. The blur of white passed through her vision and she closed them sensing the presence of one who was familiar. He could easily kill her but she knew he wouldn't. It wasn't his nature to just attack unless he wanted something or something provoked him. And that rarely if ever happened. He was too intimidating.

"What are you doing here?" She whispered as she made up her mind and stepped off of the bridge onto the dirt on the other side.

"Running away as humans usually do… Not surprising for someone as weak as you." His cold voice caught her attention and she raised her eyes to meet his. His stoic mask was set as usual and his eyes burned gold in their intensity. He was beautiful and his grace and elegance only added to his mischievous air. Others would have fled the emotionally lacking taiyoukai but she remained, un-phased as she stared sadly into his flaming gold eyes.

I dream a world where you understand

That I dream a million sleepless nights

Well I dream of fire when your touching my hand

But it twists into smoke when I turn on the lights

"I don't have time for this, Sesshoumaru. Did you have a reason for stopping here? If not, please let me pass." She really didn't have time for this. Inuyasha would eventually come after her and he would easily catch up with her if her scent were still fresh. At least if she could get farther, she would have somewhat of a head start. She sighed and moved to step around him but his hand shot out, tightly gripping her wrist. She bit her lip, stifling her pained cry as his nails pierced the skin.

"Why are you running?" He kept his gaze in front of him, his grip still tight on her wrist. He'd been passing through when her scent passed by, carried in the gentle breeze of the night. It was filled with her pain and indecision. He'd slowly followed the scent and watched as she crossed the bridge and stooped near the end. He knew she didn't want to leave and her indecision amused him… and bothered him. Why was she leaving the safety of her companions for the danger and solitude of the unknown?

I'm speechless and faded

It's too complicated

Is this how the book ends

Nothing but good friends

"That isn't your concern." His grip on her wrist tightened and she cried out, the pain becoming unbearable. He growled low in warning and she glared at him moving back to stand in front of him. "I'm leaving because I care too much about him. I'm leaving because I love him." He dropped her wrist and she rubbed it soothingly, the blood smearing across her skin and dripping from the small wound.

Cause you don't see me

And you don't need me

And you don't love me

The way I wish you would

The way I wish you would

"If you love him as you say, why are you running from him?" He noticed the change in her scent immediately as she cast her eyes down, no longer meeting his unwavering gaze. She ripped off a piece of her weird kimono and wrapped her wrist, the blood staining the white of the material.

This is the place in my heart

This is the place where I'm falling apart

Isn't this just where we met?

And is this the last chance that I'll ever get

"I'm leaving because he will never love me as I do him. I'll never be good enough. Even if he did manage to leave her for me, I would always just be second best. I will always be Kikyou's reincarnate. I'll never be Kagome." She ran a hand through her hair and kept her eyes downcast. She was hurt and he could smell her sadness. But it still didn't mean that she should just leave him. She was running. She was stronger then that and she knew it but it just hurt so badly.

I wish I was lonely

Instead of just lonely

Crystal and see through

And not enough to you

"Why are you running? Stop being weak. He can't see you and he won't. Find someone who can." He turned and slowly made his way back into the forest leaving her at the end of the bridge. The girl cared too much. She needed to get control over her emotions or just abandon them. If she didn't she may very well get herself killed. Perhaps she should if this is how stupid she was. It really was not his concern. But, then, why did he stop her?

Cause you don't see me

And you don't need me

And you don't love me

The way I wish you would

He was right. She knew he was right. She just didn't want to admit it. If she did, then she would have to abandon her feeling for Inuyasha… and right now she didn't know if she could. He managed to get to her like no one else could. He was able to dull her senses to the point where she would space out and dream about him only to have him snap her out of them. She had to let him go. She sank to her knees, the tears finally pouring over.

Cause you don't see me

And you don't need me

And you don't love me

The way I wish you would

The way I know you could

"I don't want to let him go… but I have to. Oh gods… I want him to be happy. I don't care if I'm not… help me let him go." She cried softly not wanting another visitor. She still felt his presence, farther but still there and her cries settled leaving her lonely and desperate. "I know your there… Please come back. Tell me what I should do." She felt him move toward her and she looked up. He studied her, his face still in its expressionless mask.

"You know what you have to do."

"Yes… but that doesn't make it any easier! He's my first love. In time, I'll get over him, but… it'll always be there." She looked up, sudden realization dawning in her eyes. "Kikyou was his first love. He blames himself for her death and now that she's come back… he just wants to show her how much she means to him… even if that gets in the way of my feelings." She stood and glanced over her shoulder at the bridge. "Fine… she can have him. She'd better not hurt him though, or so help me…" She left her threat unfinished her hands fisting and waving in the air.

Sesshoumaru mentally snorted. This girl was amusing. He quickly reached out and gently grasped her injured wrist. She turned to him, her eyes confused as he unwound the bandage on her wound. The blood was still fresh and still running. He wrapped his tail around her waist and drew her close to him. She gave a small whimper when his hand tightened on her wrist unconsciously. He slacked his grip and jumped off the side of the bridge, falling straight down into the river below them. Kagome yelped and wrapped her arms around Sesshoumaru, her eyes shutting tightly and her head burying itself in his chest. He wrapped an arm around her torso and landed gracefully on the banks of the river. Kagome clung to him, holding her breath. Once she realized they had stopped she slowly let out the breath she'd been holding, her grip on his clothes only loosening somewhat. Sesshoumaru looked at her indifferently and walked over to the water's edge, carrying her there. He crouched looking at her until she did the same.

"What are you… doing?" She questioned as he grabbed her injured wrist again and slowly brought it down into the cold water. It stung and she hissed as the water struck it but soon enough the pain faded and the water numbed the area until the blood stopped. He lifted it out of the water and she watched as he brought the wound close to his face. Her eyes widened when his tongue darted out and started to lap at the wound sending tingles up her arm. She shivered and pulled her arms back, looking at him like he was crazy. He growled at her and reached out to grasp her arm again but she crawled back a couple feet. Bad idea.

He pounced on her and she ended up beneath him, her arms held above her head. Her brought the injured one down and resumed with the licks from his doglike tongue. Her eyes fluttered and closed as the tingles spread from her arm to the rest of her body. It was such a strange feeling and she felt a shudder wrack her small frame. She stifled a moan when his lips covered her wound and he started to suck lightly, drawing the blood from her. She whimpered when he sucked more forcefully sending another shiver down her spine. Finally he drew back, releasing her but not ready to get off of her. Her eyes lazily opened and she vaguely rendered the fact the wound had completely healed leaving an almost invisible thin white scar on her wrist.

"Thank you…" She breathed, her voice coming out in a throaty whisper. She looked at him noticing for the first time that he was waging a war in his head. Although his completely stoic face remained, his eyes showed his conflicted emotions. Confusion danced through his amber pools, now tinted with a bit of red. He looked down at her and stood, waiting for her to do the same. Reluctantly she did and his tail once again wrapped around her waist. She took a deep breath and held on, burying her face in his chest again. He jumped, bounding from the side of the valley back up to the land above and to the end of the bridge once more. He set her down and turned to her, his tail still wrapped around her waist.

"What have you decided?" It was nearly dawn. Even if she wanted to leave, it would be too late unless it was to rain. At least then, the water would wash away her scent. But she'd made her decision and looked back to the front of the bridge.

"I'm going back." He nodded at her decision and sped through the forest back to where he knew her camp was. She held on, used to being carried but it was usually on Inuyasha's back. They were nearing the well when she told him to stop. He complied and set her down, following her through some bushes to the hole in the ground. She looked at the well and turned back to face him, a small smile tucking up the corners of her mouth. "Thank you, Sesshoumaru."

He glared at her for a moment before she realized her mistake, a playful glare matching his. "-sama." He looked back, his stance relaxing as she giggled. She was like Rin. Somehow, she didn't bother him as most, if not all, humans tended to do. Although, there was something definitely off about her. He had tasted it in her blood. Her blood was sweet on his tongue and he'd been surprised when he started to suck almost violently at the wound.

He was somewhat confused when she turned and started toward the well, sitting on the edge and swinging her feet over the side. He quickly reached for her as she went to drop over the edge and hauled her back onto the grass beneath him again. "Why are you jumping into a well?" He looked over the side down into it and mentally frowned, bringing his gaze back down to her. "Why are you jumping into a dry well?"

She giggled nervously. She'd forgotten he didn't know that she lived five hundred years in the future. "Um… I live there…" She giggled again and quickly shut up when she looked at him. He looked… angry. Well he looked about as angry as one could get without showing it.

"You live in a well." He stated dryly, his annoyance startling her a little bit. She looked away, not really knowing what to say to him. It was weird now that she had the chance to think about it. Why the hell was he here anyway? And why wasn't she dead? I mean, the second time he met her, he tried to kill her and ever since then, he'd give them random visits declaring that the Tessaiga was rightfully his.

"Why haven't you tried to kill me yet?" Stupid question. He brought his claws to her neck, the poison seeping silently into the tips.

"Do you want to die?" He trace the deadly claws down from her neck to her chest, watching as her chest expanded faster with each passing moment as his claws trailed lower. His finger slipped between the cloth and her breath hitched in her throat. He bought his finger down, the claw popping the first button off of her school blouse. He retracted the poison from the claws and placed a small slice in the middle of her chest, watching as the blood started to seep from the wound. He brought his head down, his tongue lapping at the wound. The familiar tingles swept through her and she moaned softly into the quiet air.

His growl vibrated through his chest and he started to suck on the wound. Her mind blanked as the tingles swept through her and her body reflexively arched into him. He sucked harder and she moaned again, louder this time. His clawed finger trailed lower in her shirt, the buttons popping off one by one until there were no more. Her senses went into overdrive when he licked his way over to her breast, nipping at the sensitive mound through the soft material of her bra. She gasped her hands gripping the grass she lay in. She never felt like this before. A heat started to gather in her lower belly and she forced herself to sit up, startling the youkai above her. For a moment they just sat like that, staring at each other before Sesshoumaru growled and stood.

Kagome looked up at him, her legs refusing to work at the moment. The haze they were both in started to fade and she found herself disappointed that she didn't let him continue. But if they had, how far would it have gone? At the moment she didn't care. She stood, and tried to button up her shirt. She frowned and looked down at the scattered buttons on the grass.

"Did you have to tear each button off?" She mumbled as she bent over to pick them up. She didn't really expect an answer and well he didn't give her one. At least she could sew them back on. She stood and put them in the blouse pocket. Her chest was still bear expect for her bra so she grabbed the ends of her shirt and tied them together. It would have to do for now. She'd be home in a few moments if she weren't delayed… again. Not that she minded. She turned from him as a blush rose on her cheeks. This was too weird for her so she stepped toward the well, once again swinging her legs over the edge. She'd be home if she could make it down… unfortunately someone had other plans for her.

Sesshoumaru grabbed her waist and held her still. His tail idly stroked up and down her legs making her shiver in delight. The power from the well clearly rang through him as she had neared and he curiously peering into it. It seemed like an old dried up well. She couldn't really live in there. And the fall could hurt if you didn't land properly. "You live in there." He stated dryly peering over the edge. He felt her shake her head and watched as a smile came to her face. It was weird. The only human who ever smiled at him was Rin and she was still too young to understand whom she was really smiling at.

Kagome chuckled at the confused look in his eyes. His face never changed but if you read between the lines, each emotion was clearly represented in those golden orbs. "I do not live in a well… It is merely a way for me to get home." Her face faltered for a moment when he wrapped his tail around her again. Surely he wasn't planning on… oh no. "W-What are you doing?" He stepped back, holding her in the incredibly soft white fur.

"Taking you home." He stepped on the edge of the well and stopped. Why was she struggling so much? He looked down at her. She was worried… rather she was frightened. It was irritating. "What?"

She looked up at him, wriggling free of his tail. "You can't go back with me! It's… um… really different from here…" How could she explain this to him without giving away her secret? Well, would he really care about a time portal? Stupid question.

"There is an obvious mystery to this well. Magic surrounds it and the closer one gets, the more focused it becomes. Where does it take you?" He looked back at her as she retreated into the thick of the forest. She really didn't believe that she could out run him, did she? With as much grace as a feline, he swiftly moved toward her, listening as her breaths became labored with each step.

Why was she running? She hadn't before at the bridge or when he was… She absently brought a hand to the invisible scar on her chest. Her legs were starting to burn with overuse. She'd been running all night… she'd been running. She stopped and turned around. She wasn't going to run anymore. He stopped in front of her and they just gazed at each other watching as the sky lightened from indigo blue to different specks of teal.

"I'm not going to run anymore." She watched as he seemingly disappeared before her eyes. Her breath caught and she found herself held up against a tree, a hand around her throat.

"You are learning, human. Tomorrow. Bridge. Late." He released her and she fell at the base of the tree only now realizing that it was the Goshinboku Tree. Her hand rubbed her neck and she looked up at him as he walked back into the thick of the forest.

"And if I don't comply?" What was it with her and these bad ideas? He turned back to her, red tinting his golden eyes and making them glow like fire. He was smirking at her. It was absolutely terrifying. She stood and tried to mold her body with the tree as he stepped closer. He planted his hands on either side of her head, leaning down toward her until their noses touched. His breath mingled with hers and she looked up anxiously into his glowing eyes. His tail wrapped around her, bringing her body flush against him and she couldn't help bringing her hands to his shoulders.

"Tomorrow…" His lips brushed softly across hers and she stifled a gasp. He was so soft and he was slowly making her lose control, her instincts urging her forward but her mind telling her to stop. She distantly remembered that this was the exact spot where she'd caught Inuyasha with Kikyou on many an occasion. She looked up catching his gaze on her, studying her, reading her. He leaned forward again, brushing his lips gently across her and leaving a soft chaste kiss. Her arousal scent spiked at the meager action and he knew he had her. She'd come back. If not for him, then for the situation. It was only luck that brought them here.

She closed her eyes and chewed on her bottom lip thoughtfully. "Why?" She whispered, looking back up. He was teasing her. She knew this. She really didn't care. Inuyasha didn't seem to want to give her any affections except for those hugs and although they were nice, she yearned for more. She'd be there tomorrow.

"You'll find out." He firmly planted his lips on hers and her eyes widened for a moment before she relented, her eyes fluttering to a close. His mouth molded softly but strongly over hers and she responded wholeheartedly. She trailed her hands down his arms and smirked when she felt him growl. He gently but her bottom lip sucking it into his mouth. She whimpered under the intense emotions and his tongue slipped between her lips, tasting her. His tongue coaxed hers into play and soon she was on her back at the base of the tree, his hands making small work of her clothes. Suddenly he stopped, pulling his lips from hers and looking back into the trees. He was here; he could sense him and he knew he was watching. He smirked and turned back to Kagome. Her hair was fanned around her, her face flushed and her lips swollen.

His hand was on her inner thigh the other next to her head, supporting him above her. How he had managed to wedge himself between her thighs he couldn't recall but he didn't really care. Unfortunately half of his mind was telling him that once he did this he would have to stay with her. Inu-youkai mated for life. He didn't want her as a mate. She was human and he refused to allow his children to be hanyou. He stood, pulling her up with him and kissed her… hard.

"Tomorrow…" He whispered and fled into the trees. She watched him go, retying her shirt. The buttons were scattered again but she left them there, making her way to the well alone. She didn't want to deal with Inuyasha at the time and going home, even for a day, seemed like a good idea. Her mind was reeling and her lips were tingling from their kiss. She couldn't believe she kissed him, Sesshoumaru, of all people. The sky was lighting with every step she took, the teal changing into a light myriad of greens, reds and light blues but she didn't notice. She just kept walking, her fingers on her lips and her eyes looking ahead of her unseeing.

She didn't notice the shadow that fell over her when she reached the well, or the growl from her friend. She didn't sense him and didn't feel him. She just kept walking and slowly she made her way to the well. She leaned over, looking into its depths her thoughts still wandering over that kiss… the feel of his lips on hers… the heat that warmed her when he touched her. She suppressed a moan. Just thinking about it made her skin heat and the blood rush to her cheeks.

Inuyasha followed her all the way to the well. He was right behind her, almost touching but she didn't sense him. He was mad. No, he was beyond mad. He was livid. Had it not been for the Tessaiga at his side, he probably would have given into his demon instincts at the moment. He wanted to… Kagome was not his brother's! He growled again when they reached the well. She was just standing there, leaning on it and her scent was driving him crazy! She was aroused… very aroused. Only then did she finally notice him and she turned around quickly, her eyes widening when she saw him.

"Inuyasha…" She breathed, shocked. How long had he been there? Had he seen? She started to panic and backed up, bumping her legs into the well. She almost fell but managed to sit down on the edge. Inuyasha growled again, noticing her state of dress. He bent over and grabbed her chin, forcing her eyes to his.

"His stench is all over you." He growled, watching as her eyes widened in disbelief. "He touched you. He… kissed you! Fuck!" He couldn't control himself. His claws grew and he snarled at her. "And you let him!"

Kagome yelped, a white searing pain streaked across her cheek making her head jerk to the side. Her eyes widened in disbelief and she timidly brought a hand to her cheek. It stung and she quickly removed the offending limb. Her fingertips were stained with her blood. Tears welled in her eyes. He slapped her. No, he scratched her. She saw his claws, her blood covering the tips of them and she looked up. He seemed startled by his actions as well.

"Kagome… I-I… I didn't mean… I…" He looked at her, his anger fading the longer his gaze lingered on her cheek. He could sense that she was fighting tears that threatened to spill. He hated it when she cried.

"How dare you?" She whispered, locking her gaze with his. He had the audacity to slap her for kissing his half-brother on the very night she caught him sneaking around with Kikyou. "I kissed him back… and I would do it again."

He snarled at her and stepped back. She stood up, matching his steps, her own anger and hurt reflected in her eyes. "I saw you with her. I don't stand in your way anymore. And it hurts so much to see you with her because I do love you… I really do… but… I can't keep doing this to myself because of you. And now you have the nerve to stand in my way of what I want to do with my life. How dare you? What do you want from me?"

Inuyasha looked at her. She was right. He would never see her as she wanted. She'd always be a reminder of what he lost. He turned from her and looked up at the rising sun. "I don't want to lose you… not to him. He has everything I don't. He can't get you… I need you."

She looked at his back. He was right. Sesshoumaru had everything Inuyasha wanted. He was a full youkai. He was taiyoukai of the western lands. He was respected by most if not all youkai and feared by humans. "Inuyasha… I already told you. I'll always be by your side. You'll always have me but please… you can't stop me from loving someone else. It's not fair."

Inuyasha looked back at her. "Do you love him?"

"No." Her response was immediate. She didn't have to think about it. She didn't love Sesshoumaru. She didn't even know him.

"So… why?" He asked the question she'd been asking herself since the kiss.

"I… I don't know… I guess… He… helped." She thought back to the bridge.

"Why are you running?"

"It's not your concern."

"If you love him as you say, then why are you running from him?"

"I don't want to let him go… I want him to be happy… help me let him go… Please come back. Tell me what I should do."

"You know what you have to do."

Inuyasha watched her retreat into her mind and bring her fingers to her lips. She deserved better than this. He wanted her to be happy. And he knew that's all she wanted for him. But he didn't want her to leave. He wanted her to be with him… forever. Sesshoumaru didn't deserve her. Nobody deserved her. She was too good. He sighed and walked toward her. He titled her chin toward him, looking down into her eyes.

"Whatever you decide… I just want you to be happy." Her eyes widened when he slowly leaned in. His lips barely brushed over hers and her breath caught. He left a gentle kiss on her lips and slowly walked toward camp.

She stood there, stunned by his sudden affection. They would never be together. He just proved it.

"You know what you have to do."

"Thank you… both of you." She turned back and jumped through the well, the magic enveloped her as she traveled back to her time. She landed with a soft thud on the other side. Her cheek was still burning. She'd have to clean it and put something over it so it wouldn't scar. She climbed up the ladder and made her way to the well house door. She was in for other plans though. An arm snaked around her waist and the other came over her mouth. She struggled as the person pulled her back against his chest.

"Relax… I'm not going to hurt you unless you force me to." Claws ran up her chest to her neck. She stopped struggling. Slowly, the demon let her go. She quickly turned around. Her eyes widened and she was pushed back against a wall.

"It's been five hundred years… I've missed you, koi." He crushed his lips down against hers in a breath-taking kiss. He noticed the wounds on her cheek and a low growl vibrated in his chest. "Who did this?"

She was speechless. Was she dreaming? She felt a tingling sensation on her cheek and saw his tongue licking the scratches from Inuyasha's claws. It couldn't be. He said he'd waited five hundred years. He called her koi! When he finished healing the wound, he stepped back and she got a good look at him. He looked almost the same but only a few years older. His long white silken tresses were pulled back in a loose ponytail and his markings were hidden. She sensed the magic and knew he hid his youkai traits under a concealing spell. His eyes were the same vibrant gold but they were more open. She could see through all his emotions in his eyes. He still had his stoic expression. She felt faint.

"Ses… shou… maru?" Her vision darkened and then everything went black.

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