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Chapter 14

Inuyasha sat straight up, his ears swiveling atop his head. It was just before dawn and the dark of the night had yet to fade. He looked around the small hut that Kaede resided in. The rest of the group was sound asleep. He stood and stepped outside. It was incredibly quiet and still.

Nothing moved, not even a small breeze passed through the town. He walked forward to the edge of his forest noting that Sesshoumaru was not far from him, the stark white of his haori a drastic contrast to the dark that surrounded him. It was when Inuyasha let out a shaky breath that he realized that he had been holding it.

There was something very wrong.

He only had to wait a few more minutes before the monk was seen exiting the hut with Sango a few paces behind him. Obviously, whatever was happening, they felt it too.

"Naraku is regaining his power." turned with his statement and slowly headed to the well. He would wait for her until she came back and he knew that the dark lord would as well.

Kagome spent her days with the demon lord, just enjoying his company and that of her friends in his home. She never forgot that first night with him and she knew she never would. It was strange for her to be with him, knowing that there was another version of him just a skip through time away. But perhaps they would be able to spend more time together in that era. Maybe that's what would make him change. It was the future for her, but the past for him and even with that knowledge, she no longer questioned him about it. It was kind of their unspoken agreement.

So she went about her daily routine as usual. And Sesshoumaru made every night one that she would not soon forget.

"So you're telling me that Kagome travels back and forth through time and that she has just recently become mated to Sesshoumaru?" Kagura cocked her head to the side, her brows knit together in slight confusion.

Inuyasha sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "What did you think happened when we all fought Naraku?"

Kagura stiffened at the mention of her former master. "Well… I didn't really understand… wait, you don't mean that he's-"

"Yes. Sesshoumaru's planning to go through with it." Inuyasha's ears drooped and he looked up into the wind mistress's crimson eyes, "And we're finally going to find out what happened to her."

Kagura stood up and pointed to the nearest door, "What about him? Does she know what's he's planning on doing? Doesn't she get a say?"

"We haven't told her."

Kagura threw her hands in the air as a slight gust of wind ran sharply through the room, a sign of her rising anger. "She needs to know. That's her mate and he's going to-"

"Enough!" Inuyasha stood and gripped her by her shoulders. "We already asked her if she wanted to know and she refused. She's just as much a pawn in fate's plan as everyone else. And despite what we might try to do, it will end up the same way! It's already happened to us. We have no say!"

Kagura's body lost its tension and she crumpled, falling languidly against Inuyasha.

"It's not fair… she doesn't deserve for that to happen to her."

Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her, resting his cheek on her dark hair. He didn't know how to respond to her so he just held her, not sure if it was her or himself that he was trying to bring comfort.

The week ended too quickly for all of them. Despair hung in the air so thickly that Kagome almost felt like someone was dying. She sighed in the car and turned around to the others in the vehicle. Everyone was quiet and downtrodden. They didn't even look up at her.

She turned at the feel of a hand on her knee. Sesshoumaru glanced at her, a slight shake of his head an indication for her to not ask. She rolled her eyes but complied, turning back to look out the window.

It wasn't long before they pulled up to the shrine.

Ji-san was sweeping the stairs but something about the group of people around Kagome must have hackled his nerves because he dropped his broom and scurried into the house, warning them about his ofudas. Kagome smiled warmly at her grandfather's antics and turned back toward the group. She told them to wait for her while she ran inside the house.

Her mother was waiting in the kitchen as usual and as Kagome ran inside the house she was grateful to find her backpack already full and waiting for her at the door. But as she turned to leave, her mother stopped her.


There was a tinge of worry in her tone that had never been there when she would leave for the past. It made Kagome concerned.

"What's wrong Mama?"

Mrs. Higurashi stopped cutting the onions she had and wiped her hand with a dish rag as a memory flashed quickly through her mind.

Ring! Ring!

Mrs. Higurashi picked up the phone a warm greeting leaving her lips. Her face drained of all color at the familiar voice on the other end of the line.

"Make sure your daughter knows how you feel before she leaves again."

"Oh, it's nothing sweetie! I just wanted to tell you goodbye and good luck!" The false cheer in her mother's tone made Kagome's blood run cold. She stepped forward to her mother, noting the watery eyes and sniffles her mother occasionally gave.

"Mama… what's the matter?" The words came out as a slight whisper due to the lump that had formed in Kagome's throat.

As her mother struggled to gain her composure, Kagome was suddenly wrapped in the older woman's embrace.

"Don't worry, Kagome. It's just the onions." She squeezed her daughter tightly and kissed her on the cheek. "I love you… Have a safe trip." With that said, she turned and went upstairs leaving Kagome alone in the kitchen as the girl tried to keep her own tears at bay. She had never seen her mother cry before and it bothered her more than she would like to admit.

She walked outside of her house, brushing past the others waiting for her. She made her way over to the well house, absently noting how the others languidly followed after her. Sesshoumaru was the last to enter the small enclosure.

"I guess I'll be seeing you guys later then…"

Sango turned and left, her composure failing her at the very last moment. Miroku muttered a quick apology and with a quick farewell, he chased after the now retired youkai exterminator.

Shippou then stepped up to her, and he ruffled her hair, a gesture reminiscent of what she would do to him when he was younger. "You were a great mother… and I never got to thank you for that." He also turned and left.

Kagura and Inuyasha stepped forward next and Kagome felt the pit of her stomach sink further. First her mother and now this, they were acting as though she were dying…

"I still owe you my life, Kagome-san."

Kagome shook her head at the wind mistress, and quickly embraced her. "You should know better than to address me so formally! And you don't owe me anything…"

Kagura stood stone still, unused to such affection. Slowly she brought her own arms around the miko, giving her a tight hug in return. And vaguely she realized that she was again crying. A memory that had been suppressed for so long surged forward and she felt a pain lace through her heart.

"What is it like? To… love?"

"It hurts…"

She placed her hand over her chest and looked at him quizzically. Inuyasha wiped at her face and when he pulled back, she saw a wetness that was unfamiliar to her. Bringing her hand to her eyes, she felt her own tears coming from her eyes as they blurred her vision. "Is this love?"

Inuyasha nodded. "That is a certain type of love."

Kagura nodded and wiped at her face as the feeling left her. "Why would you want to feel that way?"

"Love… can bring incredible… feelings… to one who is experiencing it."

Kagura pulled back as she felt her own resolve crumpling. She turned toward Inuyasha, and sniffled. She wanted to let the miko know. She wanted to at least warn her. But the former hanyou just gave a slight shake of his head and she turned and left the well house. Sesshoumaru noted that it was only him, Inuyasha and Kagome left in the small enclosure and he excused himself to give them a little bit of privacy.

Inuyasha watched his brother leave them alone and he silently thanked him for the trusting gesture. He turned to Kagome, embracing the young girl in a tight embrace. She pulled on his clothing, tightening her hands in his overcoat gently.

"Inuyasha, what's going on?" She clutched him desperately, fear starting to creep into her.

"Kagome, I was a fool to ever let you slip away from me… but I'm glad." He sighed and released her, moving her so that he could look her in the eye. "I know that you're confused right now, but I promise that everything will make sense later, I promise." He waited until she nodded before continuing, "You told me something a long time ago and I know you're afraid to tell him now, but don't force it. It will come at the right time and he will understand when you do tell him."

Kagome gave him a puzzled look. She knew what he was talking about but didn't remember telling him about it. "I haven't…"

Inuyasha sighed and gave her a final hug. "You will… See you later Kagome."

"Wait…" She reached out and grabbed him as he was turning. He turned to fully face her as she reached to grasp the beads around his neck. He stiffened and tried to stop her but she stopped him, her grip firm. "For some reason, I just feel like it's time to… take these from you."

He nodded and bowed his head as she lifted them easily up and over his head. His ears drooped, as if defeated.

The beads fell with a small clang as they landed on the well house floor.

"Take the children somewhere safe! NOW!"

The commanding tone in Inuyasha's voice had the toad youkai obediently following his orders. Jaken gathered Rin, Shippou, and Kanna with him and ushered them onto Ah-Un, following suit. He urged the beast to the skies just as a dark cloud of miasma started to pour through the town.

Inuyasha looked at the villagers as they started to exit their homes, a rising panic appearing in their eyes. He turned to Miroku and Sango who were already equipped and ready for the ensuing battle.

"Take Kirara and head to the woods. He's going to follow you but I'm going to get Sesshoumaru and Kagome."

A sudden spiraling of winds appeared before the small group.

"My clan is coming to help-" Kouga stopped short as he glanced at the wind mistress by Inuyasha's side, a menacing growl erupting from his throat.

Inuyasha's own growl startled everyone and he stepped in front of Kagura. "She is not your concern. Now stand and fight our real enemy or die like the others."

Kouga's eyes momentarily flashed red in anger. "She killed my brothers!"

Inuyasha snarled, the feral sound loud as the villagers started to gather their children into their homes. "Naraku killed your brothers! Now make your decision, wolf shit!"

Kouga crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm not a coward. We will aid you. After the battle is another story entirely."

Inuyasha gave a sound in agreement and rushed into his forest, towards the well. He needed to get Kagome.

Sesshoumaru saw as Inuyasha stepped out of the well house. There was something different about him that he couldn't quite place but he brushed it aside and stepped inside to meet his mate. She was standing next to the well, looking inside of it. He wrapped his arms around her, placing his chin in the crook of her neck and shoulder.

"Something ails you."

She turned in his arms and his hands fell to her waist. She'd been so serious as of late, so unlike how she used to be. Where was the fire she always used to have? That spark of defiance that shone so brightly within her was now a pale shade of what it once was. It was almost as if she were becoming accustomed to the tragedies in life. She was becoming like him and it worried him.

She sighed softly and reached up to run her hands through his hair. "It's nothing."


She frowned at his response…

"Am I going to die?"

Sesshoumaru stiffened. He remained quiet for a few seconds and Kagome took his silence in the affirmative.

"I see…" Kagome stepped from his arms and sat back down on the lip of the well. Sesshoumaru looked down at her. He honestly didn't know what to say to her. Anything he told her wouldn't be the truth so he stayed quiet.

"Kagome…" He kneeled before her, bringing his hands to her waist. "You are my mate and I will do everything in my power to protect you."

They both stiffened when they felt the magic of the well stir up behind them.

Inuyasha jumped out and his eyes widened at what he saw. But his gaze became harsh as he looked to Kagome, only casting a slight nod in the demon's direction. "Naraku's attacking. He's coming after the last of the shards."

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru who was now standing in front of her. She stood, almost shyly now, and wrapped her arms around her mate. Inuyasha dropped his head and averted his gaze. He folded his arms on his chest and turned his back to give them a bit of privacy.

Kagome looked up at Sesshoumaru and bit her lip. She felt his arms wrap around her as his lips pressed softly against hers. He rested his forehead against hers for a moment, a brief flicker of pain crossing his features. But it was gone as soon as it had appeared. He released her and she stepped back, turning towards the hanyou.

With a quick nod, she climbed on Inuyasha's back, yellow backpack in hand, and they disappeared into the well.

Sesshoumaru grabbed the ledge, his grip strained as he glanced within it. The well didn't even react to his presence and his grip tightened on it. A crack sounded through the well house and he saw that he was, indeed, the cause of it. A brand new crack had spread along the lip of the stone well. He stood up straight, back rigid and made to leave the well house when his foot brushed up against something. He looked down at the sound of light clacking.

Sesshoumaru slowly bent down, and picked up a set of prayer beads.

They landed with a soft thud on the other side of the well, but Kagome stopped him before he had the chance to rush off.

"I have to tell you something."

Inuyasha didn't release his grip on her, his posture ready to dart of out of the well and into the ensuing battle. Kagome always did have the worst timing. "Not now-"

"Yes, now!" She struggled against him until he relented and let her go. She waited until he turned to face her. She was serious and it bothered him that her usual lightheartedness escaped her in the coming fray. He nodded for her to continue but she just twisted her hands around, her lower lip clutched tightly between her teeth in a nervous habit.

"Kagome, we don't have time for-"

"I love him."

Sesshoumaru cleaned the edge of his blade on one of the several dead youkai that were starting to gather in the clearing. The monk and taijiyah were fairing well. They worked together well. The wolves attacked as a pack and that helped with their ferocious attacks, clumsy as they might have seemed. What they lacked in skill, they made up for in number.

He looked across the field to where the wind mistress sat suspended on her feather, deadly winds slicing through her many foes. Even with that distraction she still managed to consort with the dead on the battlefield, manipulating the gathering dead bodies to turn on their master. They were doing well but he wished that his mate was near.

Again his gaze was brought to the monk and his lover. They worked as a pair, dancing around their enemy to lay distraction and quick killing blows. He only wished he had had more time with his miko. He sliced through another mindless youkai and surged across the field, swiping at those who would dare come across his path. He could clear his mind of their time together. After their initial coupling, he'd had several days to come accustomed to her body. He could not say that he did not enjoy it. He'd found the places she loved best. He knew what would make her moan. He knew how to make her knees buckle with just a breath across her skin. Best of all, he knew how to make her scream.

He frowned as a creature managed to make a tear in his hakama. His mind was wandering too much. He quickly tore through the creature, offended that it had caught him slightly off guard. He looked again over the field. He grew tired of these games. Naraku had yet to make an appearance and for that he was slightly grateful. They would need his miko. She would have to purify the jewel. This nonsense would be over and he could have her. She would stay with him and then… Well, he didn't know at this particular moment, but it should not be too hard to figure out.

He smirked, lifting his blade over his head. Several creatures faltered in their pursuit as they caught his gaze. He almost felt giddy at the thought of a future with the woman. His face bloomed into a creepy version of a smile as the thought of children fleetingly crossed his mind. And then he swung his blade down, arching it as a blast spread forth and obliterated a dozen youkai. But still he smiled, the first real smile in several hundred years because of a human miko.

Inuyasha paused. He thought he was hearing things. He turned back to Kagome and just stared at her. It hadn't even been long since they started… doing stuff. Of course he didn't know what had been going on in the future with the older Sesshoumaru but he was still a bastard… wasn't he?

Kagome seemed just as shocked as he did at her outburst but she just had to say it. Who knew what the day would bring? She just didn't want to leave any loose ends.

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