Chapter 16

Usagi stepped back into the modern day Tokyo of her universe. Everything was bustling, busy. It went on as though nothing had happened: no time had passed. Mamoru and the senshi stepped out of the portal too, and into the park, with the exception of Pluto. Everyone paused and turned as Pluto prepared to give a speech.

"Prince, Princess, warriors, I know that your time in the other universe has left a great mark on your hearts, but know that your place is here, in the present Tokyo. You all have a future to create. Please don't let this damper your spirits too greatly, as you can visit from time to time. I've left the portal unsealed for that purpose. As well, I've formed an alliance with Jor-el, and he informs to call for help if any is needed. Time passes the same in both places so you have been missing for a little bit, and may need to inform the necessary authorities and your families that you are home. It was great to see you all again, even though it resulted in an adventure, if you will. I send you off with warm wishes and congratulations on your victory. Don't forget to call on me whenever you need. Goodbye." Pluto said, and curtsied. As if on cue, the portal closed. The senshi were left feeling as though something had been lost.

Usagi looked down at the globe in her hand. It saddened her to look at it, because it reminded her of the home she'd left. She held the globe tightly to her side, and let go of her cosmos staff, which disappeared into dust, back to its resting place until she needed it again. The senshi reluctantly agreed to part to head to their respective homes, and meet at the Hikawa Shrine later. Mamoru promised to call Usagi later, and she headed in the direction of her house. Mamoru had offered her a ride, but she had refused. She wondered why, as she hated walking. Maybe some part of her believed that she could still run like the wind.

Usagi looked around her. The streets were empty and setting sun cast shadows on the road.

"Why not?" she thought.

She pushed off and began to run as fast as she could. Her speed began to increase and she saw the buildings begin to zoom by. But she quickly lost her breath and slowed. She stopped, realizing she had only run halfway down the street. She had imagined it. The speed was an illusion here.

Usagi hung her head and continued onward to her street. When she reached it, Usagi looked at her house, and began to cry, and not the kind of whining, childish crying she had become so famous for either. These were silent tears. Usagi's eyes brimmed full of salty water which began to wash down her cheeks like a dam had just broken. But she continued to walk, despite each painful step. Seeing her home, so familiar, had broken free all of her pent up emotions. It meant she had to face the inevitable, that she was close to home, and Clark was far away, far behind her.

She raised her arm to turn the door handle when she felt a familiar claw dig into her back. She turned her head and noticed Luna on her shoulder, and frantically tried to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"Usagi?" Luna exclaimed. "Where have you been? I was so worried!"

"Luna." She stated. "I was…"

More tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Usagi? What…are you hurt? What happened? Speak to me!" Luna said frantically.

Usagi managed a weak smile and picked Luna up. "All in due time, Luna. But first I think I need to be alone."

Against her better judgment, Luna gave in, and followed Usagi as she walked into the house.

Ikuko, who had been sitting on the couch, knitting, looked up. "Usagi! Oh my god! Are you okay? Were you kidnapped? Who did this to you? Kenji, come here! Our baby's come home!"

She ran up to Usagi and began to squeeze her in a large hug. When Kenji entered he, too, was overjoyed at the sight of his daughter and joined the hug. Ikuko noticed that Usagi was crying.

"Usagi, dear, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing, Mom. Maybe I'll tell you a little later." Usagi said. When she thought about it, she realized that maybe later was the time to tell her parents about being Sailor Moon, too. She had kept it from them long enough.

Ikuko backed off, and so did Kenji. Neither asked questions. They had learned to respect Usagi's secretiveness in the past years.

"I think this calls for some ice cream!" Ikuko exclaimed.

"Ice cream?" Usagi exclaimed, brightening up. "I could go for some of that!"

"I'm going to call the police station and tell them that Usagi's come home." Kenji told the two women.

Back in Smallville…

The globe continued to shimmer as the two teens looked on in wonder.

"Are we supposed to do something else with it?" Clark asked.

"Well, we only decoded half of the message, Clark. When we said moonlight, it caused to globe to shimmer. I can only assume that if we figure out the other part, it'll all fall into place."

"Message of something." Clark said.

Chloe raised an eyebrow. "You mean Ai no message?"

Clark nodded.

Chloe frantically typed into her laptop. "It says that the word 'ai' means love, and that the words 'no' and 'wa' are connective words. So we have moonlight and the message of love. 'Wa' connects the two. What would the moonlight do to a message?"

"Carry it." Clark said, suddenly understanding what Usagi wanted him to know.

Chloe looked up. "Then it says 'the moonlight carries the message of love'."

"Sibling love." Clark stated. "The moonlight is how Usagi and I communicate!"

The shimmering globe began to absorb more moonlight, and glow stronger, until an image appeared. The globe grew bigger and Clark laid it on the couch, looking into it. He saw a mid sized room with a dresser and mirror, bed, and a desk. The blanket on the bed was pink and covered with bunnies, a sure indication of whose room it was. A small black cat with a crescent moon on its head lay on the bed, sleeping. Usagi sat combing her hair.

In Usagi's room, the moonlight shone through her window and onto the globe, causing an image to appear.

"Usagi?" Clark called out.

The blonde froze for a second and then turned around and walked toward the ball. She picked it up and walked over to her bed with it. Usagi suddenly recognized the person on the other side.

"Clark!" she exclaimed. "Oh my god I miss you already!"

Clark covered his ears as a joke.

"Ha, very funny." Usagi said sourly.

"I missed you too," he said. "onee-chan."

Usagi smiled at that. "You're getting better at speaking that." She teased. "I see you figured out how to use the globe."

"Yep. The moonlight carries the message of love: sibling love." Clark said, proud.

"Hey!" Chloe exclaimed. "I'm the one who figured it out!"

"Hold on a sec…" Clark said, and turned and began to tickle Chloe.

Chloe burst into fits of laughter. "Ha…Clark didn't…Ah Ha Ha…I figured that…ha HA Clark-give-it-up! Usagi I figured it out!"

Usagi covered her mouth and giggled at the sight.

Clark's face graced the globe once more, with poor Chloe in the background wheezing for air. "Back." He said, grinning.

By this time, Luna had awoken from her nap and was wondering just who Usagi was talking to.

"Usagi, who is that?" she asked.

Usagi immediately tried to cover up the ball, but Luna saw it and demanded that she tell her what was going on.

"Usagi, who is that person." she tried again.

Usagi sighed, and held the ball up so Luna could see.

"Usagi, who's there?" Clark asked.

"Clark, meet Luna, my guardian cat. Luna, meet Clark Kent, my biological brother." Usagi said.

"Your cat talks?" Clark exclaimed.

Chloe perked up at hearing this. "Whatchamawhozit?" she said. "A talking cat? Where? I wanna see!"

Luna saw the two wrestling the globe away from each other in a chance to see her talk.

"Ahem!" Luna said, clearing her throat.

The two teens stopped their tirade and sat expectantly.

"I'm Luna, of the planet Mau, appointed guardian and advisor of the royal Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. Who might you be?" Luna said authoritatively.

"Luna, I just told you he was my brother!" Usagi exclaimed, irritated with the cat.

"Princess Serenity had no siblings, might I stress, Usagi!" Luna stated.

"Yes, she…I mean I…did!" Usagi exclaimed.

Clark watched as Usagi began to strangle her cat with annoyance.

"Usagi…" Clark began, trying to get a word in. "I…ow that looks painful…I…think that…ooh…ouch…you should…I mean…kind of…lay off…on the…ooh that's gonna hurt…cat…" Clark tried, wincing.

Usagi realized what she was doing and carefully lay Luna on the floor and began to pet her down. "Oops. I got a little carried away. Sorry, Luna. Would some milk and tuna make up for it?" she asked.

Luna looked exhaustedly at Usagi and tried to nod.

Usagi shared a guilty glance with Luna and then excused herself and ran down to get some tuna and a saucer of milk

"So…"Clark said. "Is she always like this?"

Luna meekly nodded, and managed to stand. She immediately regained her authoritative posture. "So, are you going to identify yourself?" she began again.

"Well I don't exactly have a title." Clark said. "Just plain ol' Clark Kent from the Kent farm."

Chloe smacked him. She knew he was playing. "Just tell the cat what she wants to know." Chloe said.

Clark smirked. "Oh alright. Well, actually I'm Kal-el from the planet Krypton, but I doubt that'll help you much."

Chloe looked into the globe. "I'm Chloe Sullivan. You probably know me better as Princess Aurora, sister to Prince Endymion, of the royals of Planet Earth."

"A sister of the Prince?" Luna exclaimed. "Preposterous!"

"I'm afraid it's true." She said.

Luna realized that she would have to back down if she wanted some answers.

"Alright, say that is fine and true. How did Usagi meet you both? And how is it possible that Serenity has a brother?"

"Hoo boy." Clark said. "This could take a few hours."

"Well give me the short version." Luna said.

At that moment Usagi walked in with Luna's food and laid it on the floor.

"Luna, are you enacting the inquisition on these poor unsuspecting souls?" Usagi asked. "Shame on you."

Luna looked up in awe that it was Usagi who uttered those words.

"I was just about to tell her what happened." Clark offered.

"Well she's going to have to wait. First I want to know how you figured out the puzzle." Usagi said.

Luna scowled.

"It's amazing what a Google search can do." Chloe offered.

Usagi scrunched up her nose. "Oh. I figured it'd be harder than that."

"Actually, it was Clark who came up with the idea of the message being carried by the moonlight." Chloe admitted.

Usagi looked up at the moonlight for the first time that night. "Yes, that is how the globe is powered." She explained. "All it requires is a full moon and lots of love."

"It needs a full moon?" Clark asked.

"Well, a full moon or a crescent moon. But that's ok. We'll still talk to each other often. Oh that reminds me. Did Setsuna give you a key?"

Clark looked confused. "No." he said.

Usagi sighed.

Luna cleared her throat again.

"Alright, ok, you impatient cat!" Usagi said. "I'll tell you what happened."

"I was in the park and Setsuna called out for me to come and help her close a portal. In short, I was sucked into it and landed in Smallville, which is somehow in a different universe. Clark took me in, without knowing who I was, and he helped me try and figure out why I was here. We went to the Kawatche Caves, and that's where we found everything out." Usagi began.

"My father, Jor-el, lives in those caves," Clark said. "Something tried to shoot us inside and it hit Usagi instead of me. Then Jor-el explained everything to us: that Jor-el traveled to the moon, married Usagi's mother, left and was stuck on Krypton, and when he came back he found her dying so he brought her back to Krypton. Then they had me and sent me to Earth, just before the planet exploded. That's the watered down, very loose on detail story."

"I'll explain it in more depth later," Usagi reassured. "Anyway just before that I had stumbled upon Clark's ship…"

"His what!" Luna exclaimed.

"Sh!" Usagi said. "His spaceship."

With that, Luna almost fainted.

"Oh come on, Luna. Is it that hard to believe? I mean, all the royals are aliens…geez. You'd think you never lived on the moon."

"You were reborn." Luna said. "And you never needed a spaceship to get to Earth."

"Well that's why it's a different universe." Usagi argued. "Mom didn't have the ginzuishou on Krypton, remember?"

Luna sighed. "Okay, I give. Tell me the rest."

"Anyway, we found out that an entity possessed the caves, who was somehow intertwined with Chloe (long story), and she became possessed by Chaos."

Usagi sighed. The tough part was coming up.

"Okay, here we go…" she began, cracking her knuckles, a habit she picked up from Clark.

"Wait, maybe I should explain this." Clark interrupted.

Usagi nodded for him to go ahead.

"Well, since I'm from another planet I can do things that a lot of other people can't." Clark explained.

Luna didn't look impressed yet.

"I can run really fast, I'm really strong, I can't be hurt, and a whole bunch of other things that I'm sure Usagi will inform you of later. Well, since our parents are the same, Usagi could do the same things here."

Luna eyed Usagi, non-believing.

"I'd prove it, but it doesn't work here." Usagi said sadly. "I tried."

"I'll prove it." Clark said. He laid the globe on the couch and turned it toward his desk, which he picked up with ease.

Luna's eyes jumped out of her head.

"Anyway," he said, after laying the desk down again, "Usagi can do that. But because she's part Kryptonian that means she also has the same weaknesses."

"Green kryptonite and red kryptonite." Usagi offered. "You know, meteorite + Krypton. It fit." She shrugged.

"I'll pick it up from here, Clark." Usagi said. "Anyway, the enemy saw fit to exploit my new weakness and used the red on me. It removed all of my inhibitions, but also made me act, for lack of a better word, evil. I began hurting everyone. Keiko took my star seed, but my crystal merged with the red meteorite. Eventually I split into two, and Chaos possessed my evil half."

"Wait a second. Who's Keiko?" Luna asked.

Usagi sighed. "Sailor Galaxia. Now I know what you're thinking, but she's on our side now."

Luna glared at Usagi.

"She was reborn with a Sailor Crystal, Luna!" Usagi exclaimed. "And she had to kill Chaos for Queen Serenity to release her and not kill her. Cross my heart and hope to die."

Luna took a deep breath.

"Anyway, to skip to the good part, I called on the power of the senshi across the universe, and my crystal turned me into Sailor Cosmos."

Luna looked on in awe.

"So, you'll be happy to note that I'm in my most powerful form now, Luna." Usagi said, smiling.

Luna sat back, absorbing the information. "I'm almost sorry I asked." She said.

Usagi, Clark and Chloe laughed at this.

"I restored Chloe's memory so that she knows who she is." Usagi told Luna. "And I gave Keiko the power to be the ambassador between planets."

As if waiting for the right moment, something unlocked in Luna's head that had been long stored away.

"I remember now." She said. "Aurora has the healing power of mother nature."

"That's exactly what Haruka said." Clark stated.

Luna continued. "And I remember Usagi's father. The queen erased it from my memory because it was too painful for her and she wanted everyone to forget."

Luna looked at Clark.

Clark looked back, wondering what the cat was doing.

Luna finished analyzing Clark and stepped back. "I apologize, my prince." She said.

Clark laughed aloud at this.

"Are you refusing my apology?" Luna asked.

"No, of course not." He said. "But I'm no prince. I'm just me. You can call me Clark."

"Okay, prince." Luna said.

Clark winced.

"Clark." She corrected.

"Why did you believe that we were siblings all of a sudden?" Clark asked.

Luna blushed. "I should've seen it before." She admitted. "You look exactly like the King."

"Yeah I get that a lot." Clark joked, remembering how he looked exactly like his father's picture.

"Well, Setsuna said I can visit. And that's a luxury I plan to make use of." Usagi said. "So maybe next time you can come with me, Luna."

Luna nodded.

Suddenly Martha walked out into the loft. "So this is where you were. Your father and I have been looking all over for you! Chloe, Gabe called. He said not to forget that your curfew is at eleven."

Chloe blushed.

Martha looked into the globe.

"Oh, hello Usagi!"

"Hi Martha." Usagi greeted.

"Clark, where'd you get this?"


"Ohh." Martha said.

Then she turned and headed back into the house, but not before leaving apple fritters on the couch for the two teens.

Luna watched as Clark ate a fritter.

"They look good, don't they?" Usagi asked. "Hey Clark, I wonder if your mom would mind sending some over this way."

"Only if you come and get them." Clark teased, biting into the fritter and chewing, as if to emphasize how good they were.

"If for nothing else, I'd go back for some of Martha's apple pie." Usagi admitted.

"Hey!" came a cry from Clark.

"I said if for nothing else!" Usagi said.

"No, Chloe just tried to steal the last fritter." Clark said. "Hey, come back here with that!"

Luna watched as he zipped out of view and back again, this time with half of the scrumptious apple treat in his hand, and Chloe yelling about thievery in the background.

Usagi burst into laughter while Luna looked on in amazement.

"Anyway, it's getting late. I think we should go." Clark said.

"Always a boy scout, huh Clark?" Usagi mocked. "Past your bed time?"

Clark gave a playful glare. "Of course not. I just thought it was past your bed time." He emphasized.

"You know, if I could hit you with a pillow I would."

"You'd have to catch me first." Clark teased.

"Hey, I'm just as fast as you are, buddy, if not faster."

Clark smirked. "Now that's something we didn't do – a race."

Usagi laughed. "Alright, I'm heading to bed. Take care of yourself, alright?"

"Will do. You too, ok? I don't want to hear that you've been splattered by some youma."

"And I don't want to hear that you've been beaten up by a meteor freak." Usagi said.

"Alright deal." Clark agreed. "I won't tell you if you don't tell me."

"That's not what I said and you know it!" Usagi exclaimed.

"Alright, this time we're going." Clark said.

"Okay, alright."

"Okay, night." Clark said.

"Night night onii-chan. Call me soon."

"I will, sis."

"You had better."

Clark gave her a look.

"Okay, bye." He said.

"Bye. Loves ya."

"Loves ya too sis."

With that the globe cut out.


Clark stood up to take Chloe home. It had become cold and he covered her in his flannel jacket. He packed up Chloe's laptop.

"You seem happy." Chloe said.

"I am."

"I'm glad. You deserve a little happiness."

Clark smiled at that.

"I guess my life just started to perk up." Clark said.

Chloe smiled.

With that, the two teens wrapped their arms around each other and walked down the loft steps.


Luna looked at Usagi, who looked back.

"This is big." She said.

Usagi nodded.

Luna jumped playfully on Usagi and licked her cheek.

"Anyway, Luna, I had an exhausting day, and I think I'm going to head to bed."

"But what about these things that Clark says you can do?" Luna asked.

"I'll tell you tomorrow." Usagi said, as she quickly shoved on her pajamas and jumped into bed, pulling the covers up to her chin.

Luna sighed. "Okay, then, tomorrow."

"You know, Luna. I have to say, I'm glad at all of this happened."


"Well, I'm glad because I met Clark, Chloe, and a lot of others, and because I was able to forgive Keiko. And I found out a lot of new things about myself, and even became Sailor Cosmos."

"It was a learning experience." Luna offered.

"Yeah, but it was so much more, you know? In the past week, I've grown so dependent on Clark. It's going to be difficult living without him."

"You'll do it, though. You're strong, Usagi. You've grown a lot. And you're not completely without him. He's going to call, and you say that you can visit."

"Yeah…" Usagi trailed off.

Luna crawled up under Usagi's left arm and snuggled.

"Goodnight, Luna."

"Goodnight Usagi."

The End…or maybe the beginning – of a new story!

Thanks to everyone who stood by this fic and all of the reviewers! I appreciate your comments greatly. Thanks for hanging on and never giving up even though I often updated irregularly. It was not only me, but you who helped make this story a success.

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