In the town of Luskan, on the famous Half-moon street, there lived a man, a man of incredible physical power. a man who could life two men high over his own head, which itself was over six and a half feet tall. this powerful man had become the talk of all of Luskan. from the lowliest of peasants, to the richest of lords, to even some of the strongest fighters. yet with such power he was only a bar bouncer, but a mighty one at that. every night he'd have to throw out the drunks, literally. they'd land nearly clear across the street from his mighty muscles. whether threw the door or a window,or even the wall itself. the man who defeated a less virtuous bouncer who called himself Tree Block Breaker with one mighty swing of his war hammer. who could be beaten by no man. the Cutlasses finest bouncer. Wulfgar, son of Bourengar. a barbarian from the north lands. and I shall never stop admiring him.

for he is my mentor. my hero. my...

"my... my..." came words from a little mouth, the mouth of a young girl the innocent age of ten, who lived across the street from the cutlass in the third story of a apartment housing. for she had the best seat in the world to view wulfgars splendor.

"my," said the little voice once again, "Champion."

Jutti Avron
Wulfgars secret admirer

Chapter one
And so i shall be.

"Jutti! time for breakfast." came a loud call from downstairs. and Jutti knew by the tone of her voice that she had missed her calling a few times already, for she had stayed up very late, as she does every night, to witness the amazing feats of strength that only Wulfgar could accomplish. and last night had been no disappointment. Wulfgar had as usual thrown a drunk out into the middle of the street, an amazing feat in itself if you had never witnessed the man before. but after the man had landed and drunkenly rolled over did Wulfgar rush out into the street after the man. the drunken man would never have been able to get out of the way in time, he never even noticed the horses and carriage coming, but Wulfgar, mighty Wulfgar, had seen in coming and jumped out infront of the buggy to halt the horses in they're tracks, with his bare hands he caught the horses, and with only a little staggering back from sheer force alone, Wulfgar had stopped the horses and carriage from trampling the poor man. Who had gotten up and started to walk off complaining about how his leg hurt when he landed in the street. It was certainly a sight to see.

"Jutti!" came a similar yet more forceful yell from her mother while Jutti put on her clothes, if you could call them clothes, and rushed downstairs. Her mother noticed instantly why it had taken her so long to get up, and why she was smiling when she came down stairs. Since she usually frowned when she smelled the breakfast her mother had cooked for her today.

"Take a seat honey, and hurry up, you'll need to help me a lot today." her mother said, spinning around with the broom in hand and setting it against the wall in Jutti's direct line of sight. That alone made Jutti frown even after witnessing such a magnificent display of power from Wulfgar.

"Mom, I don't wanna clean stuff today, I wanna go ouside and play!" she replied as her mother set down the broom.

"I'm sorry honey, but I need all the help I can get if I plan to get paid today." A low groan came from Jutti's nose as she finished her breakfast, noting to her self that she really didn't like it, and she went to pick up the broom. in only a few minutes Jutti, her mother, and her older sister Mary, had left to help their mom clean houses.

and so every day went the same for Jutti and her family, her her mom and her older sister Mary would go clean houses everyday, while her dad worked a farm somewhere out of town, he couldn't come and visit much, and only for one day each time, so he could give mom the money they'd need to live till he came back again. and so her mom tried to make more money, so they could live in one step higher than poverty, clean many houses around where they lived in Luskan. one every three days they'd have to walk down Half-moon street on the way to the next house, and this was the closest Jutti could ever come to seeing inside the Cutlass, but her mother would never let her stay and look inside, they'd hurry threw that area for there were many thieves around who'd steal more than just money.

every day for what seemed like forever she did this with her mom and Mary every day ended the same to, they'd all get home exhausted, eat what little they had for dinner, and go to bed. but Jutti would stay up, and her mother never heard her since Jutti was the only one with a room on the top floor. she'd lay down on her bed on her stomach, prop her head up on her arms, and watch as the night grew long for any sign of her hero, Wulfgar and his magnificent strength. then when either the bar closed up or she had seen something satisfying, she'd pray thanks to Pelor for granting her the energy to stay up and watch Wulfgar, and go to sleep. knowing she'd to the same thing the next day. and the next and the next.

"NO!" Jutti cried, though it had been into her arms so her mother would not hear. "It can not be!" so said again for the hundredth time. the mighty Wulfgar, invincible bouncer of the Cutlass, had been defeated, dragged out into the street after being ko'd by a punch to the face with a arm wrapped in chain. he pulled him self up as soon as he regained his bearings and marched off, never to be seen again in the Cutlass, in Half-moon street, or for all she cared for, threw her window. Jutti's champion had been defeated. in one simple brawl.

Jutti couldn't get her self out of bed the next day, she had cried all night for her lost Wulfgar, and didn't have the energy to get up and eat let alone help her mother clean that day. her mother decided to let her stay in bed, figuring she had fell ill, but her mom learned of Wulfgars defeat while she was cleaning that day, and found out exactly what Jutti had been crying about.

Jutti couldn't believe her ears when her sister ran up into her room and told her to grab her broom and meet her mom outside. she was standing right outside the Cutlass, waiting for Jutti to come. though Jutti couldn't read the sign cause of the tears in her eyes. the rest of that day Jutti had mixed emotions, she felt incredible joy for that she was finally in the Cutlass, albeit cleaning up the horrible mess left after the brawl last night, but she was also very sad, that she had finally made it into the Cutlass, and Wulfgar was not there, and though she was very thankful of her mother for granting her one of her dreams, she knew the other would never come to pass, she would never see again see Wulfgar.

"Well this will cost you a large chunk of your coin purse, ey Arumn?" said one man Jutti could overhear talking while she brushed a bunch of broken pieces of glass and such into a pile.

"Aye, both to fix it, and to get someone to take his place for a while, things will certainly be hectic for the first few weeks though as all things it will pass." said the other man.

A new bouncer? How could anyone hope to replace Wulfgar, or even be like him, there was no chance they'd get someone to take her Wulfgars spot. or so she thought, within a few hours, still cleaning the Cutlass, Jutti saw quite a few men apply for Wulfgars job. though the Arumn guy turned them down saying he needed time to reset his purse for the damages first, before he tried to hire anyone else. at the end of the day, nearly 20 men had tried to take the job, all getting the same answer form Arumn, Jutti laughed at them each time they tried, none of them could ever hope to match Wulfgar. and Jutti would continue to believe it until just before they were done cleaning another man walked in, he was quite tall and muscular, though not barely half the man as Wulfgar. And after a quick chat with Arumn had convinced him to say it.

"Sure, you can have the job, just don't go breaking windows every night ok? I'll be short for a while after this one."

Jutti couldn't believe it this tiny man had taken over her hero's job, the day after he lost it. Jutti felt as though the world had already forgotten her hero, why, she'd make a better bouncer than this puny man. That particular statement a falsery by many means but she found out what it was she wanted to do to fix this problem. she'd become a bouncer, the Cutlasses bouncer. And no man would ever take that away from her, unless of course Wulfgar returned.

"You wanna do what girly?" Arumn replied after Jutti's plea to be the Cutlasses new bouncer.

"I said I wanna be the new bouncer, and ye better let me!" Jutti yelled at the man.

"Listen girly, your too little to be a bouncer, heck your only 10 years old." Arumn argued.


"Either way, your just to small to be a bouncer little lady, though maybe in a few years i might have a job for you" Arumn offered, after taking a better look at the little girl, she was already quite tall for her age, and had apparently already started to get her bust line.

Jutti's eye flew open at that, he'd really give her the job! though not for a long while, she figured why he said not now, she couldn't hope to ever equal Wulfgar, but she could be like him. and she would.