Jutti Wulfgars admirer
Chapter 3

passing with flying colors

today, was a magnificent day, for so many reasons Jutti could hardly believe. firstly she finally got her tunic fixed from when it had torn saving her mom and sister Mary from some thieves. which it had grown smaller on her, or really in time she had grown into it a little better, she had a skirt also now. secondly it was her birthday, that had been one present, fixing her shirt properly, her mom had lightly patched it but it was a shoddy job, now it didn't even look like it was torn in the first place. and she was on her way to her sister cause she said she had her present at the Cutlass. oh how happy she'd be when she found out what it was, maybe Wulfgar had returned and she wanted to surprise her! no.. Wulfgar was not gonna come back, no defeated bouncer ever came back. still she managed to smile after thinking of the saddening statement, at 12 years old, it's still quite easy to change a kids emotion my mentioning a present on her birthday. and so she continued to run on to the Cutlass, making quite good time, she'd grown taller, and she was now taller then all the girls her age, and a large number of those older. heck she nearly caught up with her sister. and with such long legs, you can make really long strides, even if your half skipping while running.

"are you really sure you want me to have a look at her?" Arumn said, reminding Mary that wither or not Jutti was Cutlass material he wouldn't hire her, just didn't need it.

"yes, please, Jutti's wanted to work here with Wulfgar since she was little, at least knowing she'd of gotten the job would make her feel so glad." Mary said again, since Arumn had already fully agreed to test Jutti.

"still, for a twelve year old girl, she's got a lot of fight in her, if she really took down all you said she did, still i can't hire such a young lady, heck you barely met my age requirement."

"i know, but after you see her, maybe you'll change your mind."

"not likely."

Jutti had just turned the corner to get to Half-moon street, any really sensible person would stop running and take her time searching the alleys for any chances of being mugged. but Jutti was merely far to happy to care, and she ran on as fast as she could go, past anyone who was on the street, and anyone thinking to jump out from an alley. she even leaped clear over a sitting street urchin, when she had to squeeze between a wall and a large cart. it had rained earlier and had been just starting to let up, which is why she wasn't at the Cutlass already, her mom wouldn't let her go out in a thunder storm. even if it so rarely didn't snow and they actually had thunder storms in Luskan.

as Jutti closed in on the Cutlass, there where some people standing outside, apparently some drunk had been thrown out, not unusual, but there had been three guys taking everything the man had on him while he was far to drunk to stop them, Jutti had only a short time to think of what to do, if she should do anything at all, but she was already in full run, why waste it?
Mary was tending to another patron of the Cutlass when she looked through a window to the man who had been just tossed outside, already the street urchins had decided to rob him of all of his belongings, as if the man hadn't suffered enough, he had just lost his wife, she had left him for another wealthier man, and took all he had that wasn't too heavy to lift. Mary felt pity for him, as the many patrons who she tended to, they all seemed to have some horribly terrible story about there miserable lives. she hoped for a second that someone would stop the street urchins, just pause them from their attempts to steal the man's money.

"Arumn!" Mary called as she stood staring at the window, for when she finished her thoughts, Jutti had appeared, running at full strength, but before Mary could smile that Jutti was finally here, she jumped, and flew at the urchins, Mary was amazed at it, Jutti had jumped nearly her own height into the air and came down flying into one of the urchins with both feet ahead, and knocked the boy flying back, then Jutti flipped over in mid air, caught herself when she landed on hands and feet, and popped back up, ready to take on the other two. Mary didn't need to call to Arumn, he had been watching through the door and was just as surprised, but he wasn't watching her fight, he was thinking about how she had known that they where stealing from him, then again, she had used to watch the Cutlass every night, she might of even recognized the urchins, either way, she had a nice kick.

the other two urchins dropped what they picked up and got ready to fight, though they had no weapons. the closest urchin threw a blow from his left, but Jutti was no inexperienced fighter, she had her fist in his face before his fist came close. and as his fist finally made it to her, she twisted and it flew past. the second urchin, apparently a little more experienced in fighting kicked out with a large winding but low arc, Jutti had seen him coming though, and leaped over the leg, but as she came down, she caught his foot with hers and pressed his to the ground, throwing him off balance and causing him to tumble.

Jutti didn't waste a punch on the man who had just fallen to the ground, she pulled back and let fly at the only urchin standing, catching him clean in the middle of the chest, the sudden escape of air forced from her punch almost made him blow all the snot out of his nose, and the man not so gently fell to the ground.

the first urchin who had hit the ground stood up then, his face starting to swell but it still held a foot print shape it, he decided to knock this stupid whoever on his belly and beat the man senseless, or better yet, knock him into a wall. he side stepped a short distance, to put the man between him and the wall of the Cutlass, then charged, the man he had meant to attack turned to regard him at the last second, and he tried not to crash into the girl, but he tried to late and smashed into her, knocking her still young frame flying into the wall, back against it and her feet somehow still holding her up.

the man felt triumphant for a second then, also turning to see one of his friends regaining his feet, and standing up behind him, as he turned around to once again look at the girl, his face made a drastic change.

Arumn and Mary, as well as a few of the patrons of the Cutlass and a few of the people standing about outside, were quite amazed, to see the girl, she was taller then two of the three urchins she had been fighting, pull herself off of the wall and regard the man who dared to attack her from behind, she didn't charge, didn't even quickly step, she merely walked, in a obviously menacing path toward the man, the clouds that had been raining parted as she walked up to the man. beginning to fear her impressive build, for he had a second to get a better look at the girl, and found she may not have been taller than him, she had far more muscle mass, and she continued to stare him down, right in the eye, the man nearly fell at his knees, scared for his life to a point he wouldn't even move.

Arumn, Mary, and anyone else standing it that direction from Jutti couldn't believe what they saw next, the man who had attacked Jutti from behind, was sailing threw the air, and crashed into his buddy who had stood up and knocked them both to the ground, but Mary was amazed by the rainbow that had shown up right behind Jutti and the man as Jutti let the man have it, she made him sail with flying colors, but a distance Wulfgar usually threw people, she just hit him that hard in the face, her fist didn't move from where it had hit until a long moment after the man hit the ground.

the drunken man, not realizing any of this, got up and started for home.

Jutti turned around to see her sister and Arumn standing at the door to the Cutlass, Mary had her mouth agape, but Arumn gave a little smile and whispered to Mary, "I didn't even give her the test yet, and she already passed."

Jutti called out, in a tone that sounded like nothing had happened at all, "oh, hi sis!"