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What She Deserves
Written by GoldenVampyreGoddess

Chapter One – What Dreams May Come

Buffy Summers stood basking in the warm sunlight, her hazel eyes looking out over the horizon. The sky lit up like crystals as the radiant sun shown down all its life giving power. It was beautiful. The whole world was perfect down to the last flower. No pain, no demons, no loss and no horror. It was perfect...

"You know it's just a dream right luv?"

It was that haunting familiar voice that made the slayer turn away from it all. Of all people to intrude on this world of light, it had to be Spike. But even as he stood there, Buffy had no urge to voice her anger, all the pent up anger that had stayed with her since that night. Simply, there was no punishment in this world – if he was here, then she would have to hear him out.

"What are you doing?" she asked, the dream world around them not even wavering.

"What are you doing here? Doesn't all this tell you as much?" he sighed softly and ran a hand through his hair, which was shocking starting to become a dark brown at the roots. "Things have changed pet, big things. It seems that the Higher Powers have other things in mind"

"But how are you here? How could you be in this realm of light? I thought that was impossible for a vampire"

He graced her with a tired smile.

"I've changed. I know that you can never forgive me for what I've done to you – I don't even forgive myself, but I've changed. I – I went to make things rights. Still, in the end I was never sure how this would all turn out"

He looked at her and she was able to see into the depths of his icy orbs. They seemed to hold so many more secrets then the last time she had looked into them. It was easy to get lost now. But he was right; there was something different about him. Something about Spike had changed. Then she remembered an old saying 'the eyes are the window to one's soul...

"You have a soul" she gasped and reached for him, but he flinched away from her as if her touch had scalded him.

"No Buffy... I have much more then that. Don't you see, not even Angel, with his soul, could have come here. This place is pure and almost untainted. No... I think I'm alive again"

"What? But that can't be possible – this is just a dream!" she cried, not wanting to believe his words.

"Lots of things are possible in dreams luv" Spike replied. "Dreams, nightmares, they all have a way of coming true – especially in our jobs"

That was what made Buffy look him over more thoroughly.

"So... you're telling me that Spike – the real Spike is alive? As in human alive?"

She didn't dare ask more.


Then Spike turned from her and took to looking at the horizon as she had not too long before. His expression was one of pain and torment. It showed that there was still one more thing he had to say.

"..., but he's also dieing"

"What?" Buffy gapped dumbly and then grabbed him by the shoulder and whirled him around to face her.

"He's dieing slayer" Spike snapped, suddenly this world couldn't withhold his inner pain. "I'm dieing. He went and got this all for you – he knew it was the only way to ever make things right. After what he did – what we did to you, there was only one thing we could ever do to make that right. It was a wish, simple really; it was to give you what you deserve"

"But why is he dieing?"

"The trails... We had to go through these trials that nearly got us killed. Don't get mean wrong, all the pain was worth it. But part of that wish made him human, and now he's dieing from the injuries. Ironic, isn't it"

"What did I deserve?"

"So much"

Buffy burst into tears and before Spike could react, she had her arms wrapped firmly around him. Then he too was crying, and they were sharing the pain that they both felt. It was a position that neither wanted to ever leave.

"I'm sorry Spike" Buffy whispered into his shoulder, holding him tighter.

"But you have nothing to be sorry for!" he protested weakly.

"Yes I do, you even told me so. Things have changed. What happened that night, we were both to blame for that. All that time we were together – I was too afraid to admit to myself that I had actually found a soulless demon capable of real love. Tell me, who often does that sort of thing happen?"

"Almost never" Spike said and then shook his head, looking once again back to the sky. "Its time for us to wake up now Buffy"

"You don't believe me!"


Spike took Buffy by the shoulders and drew the slayer into his embrace, planting a kiss gently on her forehead.

"Never think that luv, I do believe you" he soothed. "But are time is up now. I don't know if I'll ever see you again, but just know that I truly, dearly love you"

And then he began to fade and Buffy cried out "No wait! Where are you?"

"Africa, Kenya to be exact. I have to go now luv"

"But I still have something left to tell you!"

"Save it for another time"

"No, this can't wait; you have to know now... I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant Spike, and it's yours"

Buffy Summers shot out of bed in a cold sweat. The sunlight of early morning Sunnydale, California was streaming threw her window and the alarm clock on her dresser screaming away. With a quick swish of her fist, she knew she was going be needing a new clock. That dream was still fresh in her mind, so many things that just couldn't be real.

Pregnant... her hand flew to her stomach. No, that couldn't be right. Then again she had been sick for the last two weeks since Giles had taken Willow to England. It had to be true; slayers don't get sick unless there is a pesky prophecy out and about. So slowly Buffy got out of bed.

When she looked into the mirror, she saw that her skin was ghastly pale and that she looked as though she hadn't eaten in ages – well that thought just caused her to get extremely hungry. Quickly she threw on some clean cloths, not even bothering to have a shower and rushed for the phone.

"Dawn! What's the number for the doctor?"

"Why?" Dawn's voice drifted down the stairs from the bathroom, her mouth full of toothpaste.

"Just because I say so" Buffy shouted back and growled with impatience.

Then a bedraggled Dawn appeared at the top of the stairs, toothbrush hanging from her mouth.

"It's on the fridge" she yawned. "But Buffy, why..."

"Thanks Dawn! I'll be back in a while!"

Her sister watched as she dashed for the kitchen, her new cell phone in hand and then out the door. She was halfway down the block by the time she started to dial up the doctor. First she would she how far along she was and then she would be phoning Giles – she needed to find Spike.

In a small village in Kenya, Spike winced as he opened his eyes. The scorching sun outside his tent was burning brightly and even the stray strands light that crossed over him felt like a world of peace. He had been here for two weeks, still suffering horribly from the wounds he had injured during the trials. He had survived that much and the people of the village tried to heal the best they could.

A vampire had become human. A vampire had survived the trials of the demon that gad killed so many in the cave that was just near their home. He deserved to live, that they knew. The divine powers had given him a second chance, but there was no way of knowing just how much longer this second chance was going to last.

"Buffy..." he whispered and it really wasn't even that, his own voice was begging to fail now.

That dream. Buffy was there and everything was perfect. At first he thought that he was finally being let go, that death had finally come to take him. He had apologized to the slayer and now he had the right to move on, but then Buffy had told him something that seemed to tare at his soul.

She was pregnant.

Every wish he had to die had vanished, and a will to live had replaced it. His child, she had told him that it was his child. He was going to be a father – well if he ever did live through this.

"Please..." he cried to the heavens, even though he knew they must not be listening. "Please let her find me. I have to be there for her – I have to give her what she deserves"

But the strain on his tired body was becoming too much and then before Spike knew it, held had slipped back into the darkness of sleep.

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