Epilogue – What She Deserves

Spike smiled as he watched his young son ran around the campus at UC Sunnydale in the summer sun. He had been given the job as the Mythology and Ancient Lore professor at the university, so everything seemed to be finally working out. He had been granted a wish and now he had it.

His son Toby was three years old now and he was the greatest gift that anyone could want. Tobias Marrick Fox Danin-Summers. It had been to Buffy constant yammering that had tied both their names when they married and she also wanted to use Marrick as Toby's middle name in honor of her first watcher – so as compensation, he chose Fox to be a second.

"Papa, papa!" Toby shouted and ran back to Spike laughing, a fat worm dangling from his tiny hand. "Look what I found!"

"Good find there little guy" he smiled and he watched as his son started to sneak up on an unsuspecting collage girl that was tanning peacefully in the sun.

Buffy kept saying that Toby was becoming more and more like him each day. It wasn't that the shared the same curly light brown hair, high cheekbones and delicately pointed ears (when they weren't hidden), but the boy's uniqueness for getting into trouble. It was that mischievous twinkle that came to his mismatched green and blue eyes that couldn't fool anyone. It always gave away his most ingenious plans... that and he used them so often, you always knew anyway.

Spike had to bite his lip so he could hold off from laughing out load when the toddler dropped the big fat worm right smack on the girl's face. She let out a squeal so shrill that could have heard it on the other side of town. Toby went into hysterical laughter as he rolled back and forth on the ground.

"Professor Danin-Summers!" she whined pitifully at him and glared disdainfully down at the boy. "That's the tenth time this week!"

"Sorry Janice. Tobias, get you little butt over here. Now"

Toby stopped laughing and pouted. Being called by his first name meant trouble. He got to his feet and trudged over to his father defeated, but was suddenly shocked when Spike grabbed him by the sides and proceeded in ticking the poor boy. They laughed together and everything seemed right again – well other then the glare that was still on Janice's face.

He smiled at her and then with Toby beside him, they headed for the car. Their extended family would be here soon to pick up on their now annual summer vacation. It was to be a vacation where Buffy would be free from her slaying duties and everyone could relax.

"Hey Spike! Wait for me!"

Spike turned to find Roho sprinting down the front steps of the university while trying to holding far too many books in his arms at one time. Roho Kamarhi, his praised student, friend, brother and adoptive son. But just as the boy got to them, he fell flat on his face, books flying everywhere.

"Are you okay Uncle Ro?" Toby gasped, bending down to inspect the dark young man with his child like way.

"Sure I am Toby" Roho grinned and messed up the little boy's already curly hair.


Spike just shock his head and opened the car door for the kids to get in. As soon as their vacation started, there would be no more real annoyances for two months.

"So where are we going this year?" Roho asked as they pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road. "Rome? Paris? Sydney?"

"No, not this time. Angel and I have been planning a big surprise. So don't even think that I'm going to tell you"

And so they traveled home to the sound of Toby belting out the Crazy song at the top of his lungs. It would have to be one really good vacation...

Buffy sighed as she rummaged through her overstuffed closet. She had absolutely no idea where they were all going this year since it was Spike and Angel choosing the location. They had decided to let everyone suffer while they had fun with their little secret.

But this was time for packing and not fretting about the little things. She was ever so thankful when Spike had agreed to take Toby with him to work today. Their pintsized terror was a hit with the collage girls from what she had heard from Roho of late (word was out that some frat boys were starting to come some of her three-year-old's antics). Still she had a breather. She only got those when she was slaying and even that wasn't all too great.

"Buffy! I need reinforcements!" Dawn yelled from down the hall.

"Hold your horses; I'll be done in ten minutes"

"But I need help now!"

"Then tell Connor to get up off his lazy butt and help you. I am busy!"

"But that's girly stuff" Connor's voice protested weakly. "I might die"

"Then you shouldn't have thought to get into a relationship with her then if you don't have the guts to do things that involve sorting through women's cloths"

"I've helped Cordy before, but that's was a nightmare"

There were the sound of footsteps coming down the hall and then Connor was at the bedroom door pouting with Dawn glaring furiously behind him, hands on her hips.

"I don't think that helping Cordelia counts when you're just holding onto Ciara and looking the other way" Dawn grossed and garbed him by the shoulder.

"But I love my little sister!"

"That's good to hear. Now come"

Buffy snickered at the oddball couple as Dawn dragged Connor protesting back down the hall to her bedroom. She turned back to her work and shuddered in disgust. There just didn't seem any point to packing any more (which was an official first for her). She had no idea where they were going and what she would have to bring. Sure she could bring a little of everything, but...

Then she heard the door bang open and the stomping of little feet. Spike and Toby were home.

"Hey mama, guess what? We brought Uncle Ro home with us!" Toby's little voice shrilled up the stairs. "And he's even going to watch Passions with me!"


All Buffy could do was giggle to herself as she listened to Roho trying futilely to escape the boy, but was eventfully in the end roped down in following him to his fate in from of the T.V.

"So luv, did you have a good day?"

She turned to find Spike smirking at her from the doorway as he dropped the basic spell guarding his true appearance to show off his glory.

"Oh, it was stupendous" she muttered sarcastically as he brushed a loose piece of hair out of her face and kissed gently on the cheek.

She hugged him tight to her and when he began to purr, all the stress she had accumulated all day just seemed to fade away.

"My big kitty"

"Kitty?" Spike snorted indignantly, and then kissed her again. When he finally looked over her shoulder, he nearly chocked on his own laughter. "Oh my god pet... you haven't even finished packing!"

"Well I didn't know what to bring" Buffy protested pushing him away.

"Bring a little of everything"

She started to open her mouth to reply and then snapped it shut in embarrassment. Only a few minutes ago she had just thought the same thing.

"So... is that a hint?" she asked hopefully and poked him in the side to prompt an answer.


"Oh come on and tell me where we are going"

"Sorry luv, Roho beat you to the punch and I didn't even tell him. So there"

Buffy pouted sadly and gave him the puppy dog eyes, but that only got her another kiss – although it want as if she didn't like that alternative.

"So how long until Angel, Cordy and the others get here?"

"Umm... about three hours"

"Then we have some spare time"

He smiled at her as she kicked the door shut and came back into his arms. They had all the time in the world.

So where do you think we are going?"

It was three hours later and Spike and Angel where standing up in front of the family. Angel was getting slightly annoyed at the fact that he couldn't stop Spike from staging a guessing game. The only good thing about it was that the kids liked it.

Toby and Ciara were bouncing up and down, and kept on asking it if it was Disney Land they were going to. Such a shame to disappoint such little kids, but still the where they were going all worth wild. Then there was Dawn. She wanted to go somewhere tropical or romantic just like all the other woman of the family. But Spike still had to ask.

"Umm... Brazil?" Fred started to ask, but when she saw the look on Spike's face when she that name, it certainly wasn't.

"Cairo?" Roho asked stretching out.

"I've had too much desert for my five time thanks, so nope. Next?" Spike smiled eagerly.

"Just get on with the bloody answer already!' Giles snapped from the kitchen as he poured himself another glass of brandy.

"Oh alright old man, I'll get on with it. We are going to vacation in another reality, dimension, a wonderful place that I figured everyone would love to go. And don't worry Fred, we wouldn't even think of going to Pylia"

"Well what is it then?" Dawn snapped impatiently.

"It is a series of dimensions know only as Halla, and not to be mistaken for the Norse haven of Valhalla. Peaches and I decided on that world for a special reason, but in order to find out what that reason is, you have to see for yourself"

There were protests from all over the room as everyone was just a little too fed up with all the secrets. It was put to an end that is when they were all told that the portal into that dimension had to be opened sooner or later. Dawn started to freak out saying that no one was going to use her blood to open it and ended up receiving a smack - it was a pure world that didn't need such harsh dealing as blood letting.

Simply all those that believed themselves worthy of the world would put their hands into the circle and chant the opening spell. It was agreed in the end that Willow would lead the chant. The poor Wicca fidgeted in her seat before getting up and placing her right hand out before her. With that everyone followed.

"Halla of the gentle Grace,

World of Forgiveness's Sight.

Open the Door of Time itself,

Let us pass beyond your Gates"

Then a bright white light that opened at their feet. A great wind rose up to spin the light around them and then the worried voice came.

"Spike... is this supposed to happen?"

"The pictures might brake"

"I have to go to the washroom"

"Sorry folks" Spike grinned. "We are going on a wild ride"

Then everyone screamed as the floor gave way and they were all rocketed down into the abyss of light.

When Buffy opened her eyes, she met a sight she hadn't seen for over four years. It was heaven... her heaven – the one that she had so prematurely left behind so long ago. It felt like all her dormant memories where scrubbed clean and shown to her with a radicance only a star could bare.

The fields around her were full of light and color, the air even tasted of vanilla and old spice. It was here dream world where the days stood still. Farther down were a golden beach and an ocean that glimmered like all the precious gems in the world. It was her heaven and she was back.

"So luv, what do you think?"

The slayer turned her gaze against the glaring light to see Spike standing behind her holding Toby in his arms. Their little boy looked awestruck with wonder at the world around him and the peacefulness that seemed to push away all the restlessness that the boy seemed to have stored away in himself like dynamite.

"Where is everyone?" Buffy asked suddenly as she noticed that none of her friends or family were with them.

"They're around somewhere" Spike smiled. "They have their own little paradises to fall in love with at the moment. You'll see them later"

"But how did you..."

"Find this?" he gestured to the world around them. "Halla was always a part of all of us. When you went through the portal, your body died in our world, but your soul was rescued and brought to Halla. So you thought it was heaven – and to you it really was heaven. Then you were yanked out so soon. Your friends hadn't given you the time to heal. The thing is, when you had healed, Halla would have sent you home to them..."

"I... I don't know what to say" Buffy sniffed as the tears started to run down her cheeks.

"Don't say anything then"

Spike put Toby down on the ground and gave the boy a gentle tape, signaling that he had his parent's permission to go make mischief. With a squeal of delight, Toby bolted for the fields, laughing all the way. Then only Buffy and Spike were left.

So... what about you heaven Spike, what is yours like?" she asked and wrapped her arms around him.

"I don't need one when I'm with you. You are my heaven"

So together they stood looking off into the light of that beautiful world, and never thought once of the horrors of their own. Here was a world of peace and a place to heal, a place where one's soul could rejuvenate. It was heaven, but more importantly it was their heaven.

"Hey Buffy, do you hear that" Spike whispered into her ear.

"What? I don't hear anything –" Buffy started, but then went silent. She was smiling like she had never smiled before. "It's our song"

"Yes, just for you"

This guy was meant for me

And I was meant for him

This guy was dreamt for me

And I was dreamt for him

This guy has danced for me

And I have danced for him

This guy has cried for me

And I have cried for him

Many miles many roads I have traveled

Fallen down on the way

Many hearts many years have unraveled

Leading up to today

This guy has prayed for me

And I have prayed for him

This guy was made for me

And I was made for him

Many miles many roads I have traveled

Fallen down on the way

Many hearts many years have unraveled

Leading up to today

I have no regrets

There's nothing to forget

All the pain

Was worth it

Not running from the past

I tried to do what's best

I know that I deserve it

Many miles many roads I have traveled

Fallen down on the way

Many hearts many years have unraveled

Leading up to today

"I love you" she whispered to her love. "Thank you so much"

"You're welcome. I always wanted to get you what you deserve; I guess in the end we just deserve each other"

"Yes, we deserve each other"

And then in her heart, that Buffy was healed. All light radiated around her and Spike in this one everlasting moment and it was then that finally she had what she truly deserved.

- Fins -

The What She Deserves Challenge

- Buffy/Spike
- The story must start with a dream shared by Buffy and Spike
- Buffy must find out that she's pregnant – Spike must be the father (also this pregnancy must not have anything to do with the events of Seeing Red)
- Spike must have a soul as well as he must be human
- Buffy must try and find some way of bringing Spike home

- Included Angel and Fang Gang
- Whither or not Spike will die in the end

Hey, so how was my ending? I hope it was alright. I knew I needed a song for this last chapter, so I had to choose Madonna's I Deserve It. But anyways, I'm so glad that you have all been supporting me all this way. In some way I will be sad to say good bye, but its all for the best.

I'd like to dedicate that epilogue and the story itself to all the members at the Chocolate Covered Strawberries Challenge Board, but an even bigger thanks to Sullen Lily who help me with the names for the two children. Thanks for being there for me. But I better get going and I hope some of you might read any story I write in the future. Later!