Little Fighter Two:
Julian's Return

The trees swayed slowly as Kyle and his brother, Mike, walked along the path by the small lake. "Kyle, I'm bored. There's gotta be something we can do for fun." Kyle looked at his younger brother and shook his head. "Julian and his minions have been gone for years, you and I both know that. Uncle Louis and the others defeated him long ago." Mike sighed and looked at the ground and kicked dirt clods as he walked. "Yeah, yeah, I know."
They walked on past the lake and to the nearby town of Taibli. A small town, Taibli was famous for the adventurers and warriors that passed through it long ago to battle Julian and other evils that lay in the mountains ahead. Louis and the others had stopped in this very town all those years ago on their way to fight the evil Julian. Since then, many, many adventurers came and went in search of fame and glory.
The town was busy with people going about their daily lives, buying supplies, chatting with close friends and the like. However, the peace was suddenly broken by the sound of a breaking window.