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Little Fighter Two:
Julian's Return

Chapter Three

"Mike! There you are!" Kyle was punching and kicking many bandits, all with blood red J's on their shirts. "Come join the party, Mike!" He punched a bandit through a wall. "Right behind ya bro!" Mike ran over and slashed one bandit's arm off. "Where'd you get that sword, Mike?" Kyle said as he flying roundhouse kicked one bandit into another. "Off a dead bandit. Julian's back, Kyle. I overheard two bandits talking about him. One killed the other and I took the dead one's sword." He slashed through three bandits by the time that sentence was over. "Holy shit. You're joking, right?" Kyle had found a sword and was slashing away at bandits. "I'm afraid not, Kyle. I heard he was going to give himself immortality, too." All of the bandits were now dead, strewn across the field of blood they had created. "Damn. We gotta go tell Uncle Louis about this. And I heard the other survivors of Julian's terror were living with him, too." "Good. We can ask them for help." "No, Mike they're in their fifties, remember?" "Oh, yeah. I forgot about that." "C'mon, let's go to Han Whei Village. That's where they live" "I'm coming. Let's get supplies from Shalgoa on the way, the store owner here was killed, and his shop was burned down." "Agreed" They walked off, leaving Taibli behind them with few survivors.


"Here are the ingredients you asked for, Julian." "What happened to the other bandits I sent with you?" "All dead sir. Two males in their twenties attacked and destroyed everyone except for me." "WHAT? HALF MY ENTIRE ARMY DEFEATED BY TWO PEOPLE?!" "I'm afraid so sir. I also have more bad news." "WHAT THE HELL IS IT, EXACTLY?" "They are descendants of the fighters that defea-, almost defeated you last time." "SHIT! RECRUIT SOME SOLDEIRS AND ATTACK THEM! My potion takes a week to make, so hold them off until then. Now get out of my sight."

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