Just What I Needed

By Sakura Uchiha

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance/Humor

Summary: You'd think transferring to a new high school would be relatively easy. But for Sakura Haruno, this is not so! Encounters with scary blonde fan girls, secret romances between teachers and students, a fan club dedicated to her, and meeting the love of her life will make Sakura's transfer to Konoha high the weirdest, and best one yet.

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Chapter One: The New Girl

Sakura nervously twirled a lock of pink hair around her finger. Around her were many students, smiling and talking, and just trying to enjoy the last warm days of fall. Will they like me? Will they accept me? She thought to herself, swallowing. Then, she sprinted up the front steps of Konoha High School, her new school.

"Omigawd omigawd, like, there's Sasuke Uchiha!!!" Screeched many teenage girls, who looked mostly alike.

"AHHHHH!!! FEMBOTS!!!!" Naruto, Sasuke's best friend, screamed. He took off in the general opposite direction of the girls, leaving a cloud of dust behind him.

"I have to get to class." Sasuke himself growled, turning around sharply and continuing on behind Naruto, although not at quite the same velocity. A few girls fainted, and the rest merely stood there, mesmerized by his dark hair, dark eyes, and very white teeth.

"Ahhh, I have been touched by an angel!" faint

"Ugh, useless women." Sasuke muttered, as he entered his advanced calculus classroom, glancing around before taking his usual seat next to a window.

Sakura swallowed for about the fifteenth time that day. She was seated in the very back, next to a window, in the midst of a group of obviously nerdy girls chatting about last night's episode of some science show. Sakura sank in her seat, and looked out the window at what she guessed was the soccer field.

"Finally, Uchiha. Let's be on time from now on!" Boomed a silver-haired man with an eye patch. Sakura shot up, and looked at the door, where the most gorgeous looking guy she had ever seen in her life stood, glaring at the teacher.

"…Fine." Replied the gorgeous guy. Sakura tried not to drool. She watched him walk across the room.

He's walking towards me… oh no… I hope my deodorant holds out… oh my gosh he's going to-

Sakura blinked.

He just sat down in front of me. In front of me. Gorgeous whatever his name is sat down. In front of me. Sakura Haruno. This must be the sign of love at first sight!!!

A couple of girls glared at Sakura, and then turned their attention to the sensei. Although his hair was silver, his face was very smooth and young looking, and his body completely wrinkle and flab free. He had an eye patch, but the one eye that was showing was dark, and his eyebrow was arched perfectly. Sakura had the feeling it always did that. He wore an overcoat, which at the moment hid his mouth and nose. He's not too bad, either… Sakura thought, blushing brightly. 

"All right, everyone, it seems that now that Uchiha is here, we may begin." He said. Sakura smiled. At her last school, the teachers all called them "children." Sakura shuddered, and looked back at the sensei. "It also seems that we have a new student with us." Her head jerked up, and she froze. The sensei was leaning against his desk, looking right at her. The class followed his eye to Sakura, and then everyone was looking at her. She blushed again. "Stand up and tell us your name, young student!" She slowly stood up.

"I-I'm… Sakura Haruno." She said quietly. The sensei smiled, or at least his dark eye seemed to smile.

"Welcome to Konoha High, Miss Haruno." He said, and she blushed and nodded, and sat down quickly. The gorgeous guy looked back at her over his shoulder.

"That's Kakashi Sensei." He whispered. Sakura could only stare.

"Are you willing to share this with the class, Uchiha?" Kakashi Sensei snapped.


"Then please turn your attention to me."


"Excuse me?"

"…Fine." Uchiha replied, leaning back in his seat and glaring at Kakashi. Kakashi rolled his eye.

"Right. Now, as you all know…"

Sakura rested her chin on her hand, and stared at Uchiha-Gorgeous Guy's back. He looked very good in the black blazer, white collared shirt, and dark blue tie that made up the school uniform. Sakura bet he made those ugly black pants look like Armani, too. She sighed. Was Uchiha his first name? It sounded nice. Uchiha…


Finally, class was over. Sakura slowly stood up, and gathered her many heavy textbooks and notebooks. She searched for her schedule.

"Hmm… my next class is…"

"Excuse me."

Sakura looked up to see a very pretty tall blonde standing before her, blazer thrown stylishly over her shoulder, wearing over-the-knee socks that almost reached her skirt, which was quite obviously too short.

"Eh?" She said weakly, struggling to hold all of her books. The blonde rolled her eyes.

"I'm Ino. Let's get one thing straight, since you're new around here. Sasuke Uchiha is mine."

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