It was a dark and stormy night. The wind howled wildly through the barren trees; the rain came down in curtains, (definitely not like the one's found in Grandma's sitting room) drowning everything in cold, merciless water; and the thunder and lightning flashed like dangerous fireworks. On top of the highest hill, on the highest mountain of a small, seaside town stood a lonely house. It was in pretty bad condition- everything was deteriorating: the window shutters were on their last hinges; the doors creaked hour unto hour; the floor rotted away to a green mildew; and an infestation of rats plagued the sagging wooden building. It was a sad place to live for most of its previous inhabitants, but for one person, it was the greatest place on Earth.

In the dingy living room, by the old stone fireplace, Bill Nye (the science guy) was roasting marshmallows and bacon on a wrought-iron poker, and sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. He grinned and sighed, his wrinkles stretching, "Ah… This is the life! Bacon, marshmallows and a delicious, non-alcoholic beverage! No more slime, dead bugs, fecal matter…basically no more work-" his splendid thoughts were rudely interrupted by the ringing of his ancient telephone.


Bill pouted sadly and dragged himself to the phone, smattering angrily like an elderly lady. "Hello? Bill Nye here." He was a little impatient; the caller didn't say anything right away. "I said, hello!" He was now angry. His right eye twitched; a vein grew on his temple.

"Seven days…" said the raspy voice on the other end.

"P-pardon?" Bill stuttered. Cold sweat ran slowly started to seep down his angular face. He heard this somewhere before…

"Seven days!" the raspy voice replied curtly. "Are you slow?"

The line went dead.

"Wha…- oh no! Please no! No, no, no, no, no!" Bill squealed like a terrified piglet. He knew what was upon him…he knew all right...he just wished it wouldn't have happened so soon into his retirement.

Seven days later, no one heard from Bill Nye again…