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Always Together, Eternally Apart
Chapter 1

Squall Leonhart walked happily down the halls of Balamb Garden with a rare smile on his face. Today he was going to ask Rinoa Heartlilly to be his wife. He felt the velvet box in his pocket, and his pace quickened. He has asked her to meet him in the ballroom, where they had first met. There was supposed to be a meteor shower tonight so the scene would be perfect.

As he came into the ballroom, Rinoa looked to see where the soft clicking of boots on the tile floor came from. She smiled her best smile when she saw who it was. She had worn the same short cream dress that she had the night of the inauguration. His blue gray eyes sparkled with delight. She knew he had something very grand up his sleeves.

When he reached her, she stretched to give him an affectionate kiss on the lips, and he gladly accepted. "How are you?" He asked her when their lips parted. "Great. You?" She replied. "Wonderful." This was a rare occurrence from Squall, and it surprised her, as well as excited her. "So come on! Don't keep me in suspense! What's the surprise?" She pursued. "Surprise? What surprise?" He asked playfully, and received a frolicsome punch in the shoulder for it. "Oh, oh, yes of course, that surprise." He motioned for her to sit down, and he sat too, although he could barely contain himself. "Rinoa, we've been together for three years now, and I love you more than words can say." Squall started. 'What is he getting at?' Rinoa thought, but she played along. "I love you too Squall. Forever and always." Squall's features brightened, and he kept going. " So," he got out of his chair and kneeled before her. She smiled from ear to ear when he did this, realizing what was happening, but she let him proceed. "Rinoa Heartilly," he opened the silken box to reveal a small ring with an azure blue diamond in the middle, resting on a delicate pillow. "Will you marry me?" Squall finished, still smiling. Tears were streaming down Rinoa's cheeks, this was the greatest surprise anyone could ever get! She managed to choke out, "Yes! Yes of course!"

Rinoa had showed every person she knew the gorgeous treasure on her finger. Selphie had exploded in the usual Selphie style. Quistis was so happy she started giggling uncontrollably. Seifer was Seifer and he basically said, "That's nice." And walked away. She expected that from him though. Zell and Irvine had hugged her so tight she could barely breathe. She saw Squall telling some of his friends about the news, and she rushed over to him. All in all, almost everyone she knew was being very supportive about the marriage. Everyone except one person…

A tall man with sandy colored hair and strijing emerald eyes watched these two with envy in his heart. 'Rinoa, you belong with me, not with that outcast Leonhart.' He thought viciously. He had loved this petite rose since the day he laid eyes on her. Her wonderful slim figure, her round peach cheeks with a little baby fat still there, her sparkling brown eyes, and perfect smile. All those things made her irresistible. He smiled when he saw her almost dance up to him. Her tiny feet barely made a sound on the tiled floor. "Look!" She stuck out her finger to him. "I'm going to be married!" His heart sank like a pile of stones. "That's great Rinoa. I'm really happy for you." He said with as much feeling as he could muster up at that point. "Thanks!" She said with that angelic smile of hers. She waved and ran off to another friend of hers. Inside him something hardened. Something turned cold and unfeeling. His eyes squinted into a glare and he made a vow right then and there. "Mark my words Squall Leonhart. I, Alexander Hanson will see to it that you and Rinoa shall never be happy together. Somehow, in some way, I will make it so you are always together, and eternally apart!"

Well that's the end of chapter 1! I know it's kind of short, but I'm trying to get chapter 2 up, and it will be a lot longer! Should I continue this? Trust me, I have it figured out in my head, and there will be plenty of bloodshed in the end, and it will have a lot of confusion. Well, tell me if I should continue this! SquallsAngel