Always Together, Eternally Apart

2 Years Later
Rinoa's Baby Shower

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"Oh Selphie, they're darling! Rinoa cried as she opened up a box with two tiny pink booties. "Thank you so much!" she said as she hugged her friend. "Now for Quistis's present…"

Back where the "Guys" are…

"So Squall, what are the names you have picked out?" Seifer asked his friend eagerly. "Well, we have 3 picked out now that we know it's going to be a girl." He paused, thinking for a moment before starting again. "Raine, Grace, and Rose." Each of the men nodded, showing their approval of the names. Laguna smiled happily at the mention of Squall's mother's name being passed on a generation.

"Oh Quistis, I love it!" Rinoa exclaimed as she examined the musical wheel that you put above a baby's crib. It had angels and lions going around it and it played "Waltz to the Moon" in a higher, sweeter melody. "Quistis, where did you ever find this? It's beautiful." Rinoa asked in wonder. "I had it custom made. The guy was an old pickle head, but it was worth it." "Thank you." Rinoa said as she embraced Quistis.

"Squall man, when did you… you know… and Rinoa?" Irvine stuttered. Squall rolled his eyes. Typical Irvine. 'Is that all he thinks about? Women and lust?' Squall thought, although he knew the answer all too well. But now the rest were curious too. Save Laguna and Cid. 'Thank Hyne. I'd rather not hear about that from them.' "Irvine, I think that's our business." Squall retorted. "Same goes for the rest of you. Can't we talk about something else?" Irvine grumbled, but did as he was told and changed the subject. "You know, I'm thinking about proposing to my Sefie one of these days." Seifer suddenly looked interested. "And as much as it might surprise you all… I'm thinking about proposing to Quistis sometime in the near future." At this all of the men dropped their teeth. (Not literally of course)

"Yeah, we don't have the kind of technology in Balamb to tell if it's a boy or a girl, so we had to go to Deling. We could hardly get an ultrasound in Balamb." Rinoa said, deep in conversation with her friends. "Have you picked out names yet?" Edea asked quietly. "Yeah. We have 3 narrowed down. Raine, Grace, and Rose. I like Rose a lot." Edea smiled at the familiar name of Squall's mother. He probably came up with that one. Selphie added her opinion. "I like the names Raine and Rose. They sound dignified." "Thanks Selph. I think I'll be fine with either of them. I just hope she won't grow up to fight. Maybe she'll be a Daddy's Girl, unlike me. I don't know. I want her to be able to defend herself, but I know how I felt when I had to fight. I don't want her to go through that." Rinoa reasoned with them. She only hoped her girl wouldn't have the personality of Squall.

2 Months Later
Deling Hospital

"Ah, ah, Rinoa, Rinoa, my hand, I… think… you're squeezing it a… little… too… tight!" Squall said, his face turning red with the pressure of the squeezing. She let out a yell of pain after he said it, only crushing his hand harder. "One more push honey, one more push!" the nurse informed her. She let out another scream, and noticed that the pain had eased slightly.

Rinoa felt another wave of pain deep inside her stomach, and she pressed Squall's hand as a warning. "Wait, there's another one!" the nurse cried. She struggled to get her breath and braced herself as the pain started over again…

The nurse got the baby halfway out, and called a man in black over to her. While Rinoa had her eyes closed, and Squall had his eyes closed, writhing in pain from the squeezing Rinoa was inflicting on his hand; she got the baby out and handed it to the man. She then let out a cry. "We lost him. I'm sorry." Rinoa let out a sob, and Squall just looked down in disappointment. She started to cry, and Squall hugged her softly. The nurse handed the girl to Rinoa. She looked down into her girl's eyes, and knew the perfect name. "Rose. Her name shall be Rose." She said through tears. "Yes. That seems like an excellent name." And despite their loss, Squall was thankful for their daughter, and he was going to raise her to be all she could be and more.