By: Silvain (

(Ash's point of view) (Ash's house)

Chapter 1 To Ohtohj!

"Kianna, get up! We have to catch the boat to Ohtohj!" I yelled, shaking my sleeping sister awake.

"So, Ash, you're up already?" Misty said, walking into Kianna's room.

"Oh. Y-yeah, I guess I am, aren't I? Heh," I said, nearly fainting.

"Nnn… Huh? Morning, Ash, morning, Misty, what was that about a boat?" Kianna said.

"Today's the day we leave for Ohtohj. In half an hour!" I said.

"Wow, Ash, she reminds me of you 4 years ago. And you've grown up. A lot," Misty said.

"Thanks," I said, blushing.

"OK, let's go!" Kianna said.

"Sure!" I said. "Oh, Misty, is Brock coming?"

"He's waiting for us at the dock," Misty replied.

"OK," I said.

(at the dock)

"Ash, hurry! The boat's about to leave!" Brock shouted.

I started running, along with Misty and Kianna. We rushed onto the boat.

"Kianna… next time… try to… wake up… on time… please," I said, trying to catch my breath.

(on the boat)

"Misty… umm… can we talk? Out on the deck, please?" I said.