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"Ah, this damned ritual…"

"I know, I know… but just imagine how much praise Lord Ganondorf will give you! Just think- you have the most important job out of all of the Gerudos!"

"For some reason I can't agree. This… this- monster- is giving me a hard time on purpose! I know it! He is the demon spawn of the two triforces… I could just kill him off so easily…"

Two Gerudo women stood defiantly against the wind of the brisk morning. They both had jobs to do, and one of the red haired Gerudos found complaining about her job, was much easier then actually physically doing it.

"Oh shut up!" Snapped another one of the Gerudos, overhearing them. She rolled her eyes, annoyance flashing in them. "I honestly don't know why Sheina gave you the most important job! All you do is bicker and complain! If I had the privilege to please Lord Ganon, then I would gladly do it."

"Yes, we all know what you would do," the Gerudo glanced at a fair haired baby before returning the woman's glare. With an after thought she muttered, "Whore."

"EXCUSE ME?" The red head yelled more then asked, obviously without partial hearing. Suddenly both bickering parties went deathly silent, seeing another red haired woman, clothed in white stride towards them.

"Naura, Kilai." She stopped in front of both of them. That was all they needed to protect their asses and return to post. Naura rushed towards the blond haired baby's side and Kilai returned to her guarding post. Satisfied, the woman was about to move on when she was confronted by another Gerudo, who was looking quite harried.

"Well?" She demanded the woman, who was shifting, trying to catch her breath.

"Sheina! They caught him. Link- the hero of-"

"I know what the hell he is!" Sheina snapped, a fire burning bright in her eyes. "Well?" She hissed again, urging the Gerudo to continue.

"They have him bound and they have twenty Shehkia posted by him. There is no way he could escape. Arelya assured me." The head Gerudos' ears perked up at the mention of that name.

"You spoke to the sorceress directly?" Sheina glared. The other Gerudo looked uncomfortable under her gaze.

"Yes, um, well… She let me see him, and she told me…"

"She let you see him? What condition was he in? What did Arelya tell you?"

"She is quite interested in the man. She commanded the Shekiah to tend to him. He was in bad shape…" She paused, asking if she could go on. Sheina tapped her foot impatiently, and the Gerudo spoke again without another pause.

"She has taken quite an interest in him. While we wait for the final piece of the puzzle, she says she will do what she wishes with him until he is needed in the ritual."

"Damned idiot." Sheina shook her head. "Lord Ganon will not be pleased at all with her."

"I don't think that matters to her…" She shrugged, and Sheina dismissed her. Casting a glare towards Naura and Kilai, who both looked down as if the ground were the most interesting thing they had ever seen.

Naura glared at the blond haired baby who grinned up at her reached his chubby hand up to grasp hers. All she could do was stare in utmost disgust. Soon, the baby's eyes started to fill up with tears- needing attention and love that he had gotten so frequently at his previous residence.

She slapped the beautiful boy's soft face- scolding him for- well… Just because she did not like him. She despised his likeness to them… The child wailed; his cheek stinging badly. He reaching up his arm again only to get another scolding, and sobbed harder. The heartbreaking sound was heard through out the village.

Link's head snapped up, his heart hurting. "Zelda…" He murmured. His blurry vision would not come into focus. For a brief second, Link questioned what he was doing- but was answered by a child's scream that brought back so many memories. He keeled over his head throbbing.

"Garret!" He shouted. Suddenly, he heard voices around him. Link panicked, not being able to see or sense anyone. All he could do was hear their voices mutter rapidly in an undertone. He felt a finger under his chin that forced his head upwards. He flinched, trying to pull away.

"-obviously the effects are still efficient," Link heard them, but his brain was having a bit of trouble comprehending the words in time.

"-handsome… be the Princess-" His world was spinning. His body was rejecting hearing any knowledge of where he was and why these people thought the Princess… was handsome? As he began to fathom it, a sharp pain in his head reminded him he was not allowed to contemplate.

"-share a resemblance… the eyes-" Link groaned, wishing they would stop so he could get his surroundings. The voices stopped, and left him. Link shut his eyes for a long while and opened them again, finding himself to be quite alone.

He shivered and felt hot at the same time. His senses were still not fully with him, and he wished desperately that he could introduce his limbs to his brain. He could barley feel his arms- almost wondering if he still had them.

Link looked up and saw chains that had bound him to the wall behind him. Both of his arms were directly above his head, meeting in the palms to become chained. All the blood was rushed out of them, and they were uncomfortably limp.

Looking down, he was sitting on a dirt surface, his legs- that now he thought of as lumps- were chained to the ground also. He was extremely uncomfortable, but he expected he was not there to have a lovely time at an exclusive resort. He grunted looking up.

"My knees aren't double jointed, you know." He glared, his voice sounding unfamiliar to his own ears. He sounded hoarse, and rough. He frowned and tried again. "I'm quite uncomfortable…" He was returned with silence, which he expected. He knew someone was there, however. He could feel their staring eyes.

Another cry from a child pierced the brisk morning's air. Garret… Link squinted trying to get more of his surroundings. He knew he was close to Zelda's baby boy. Oh… yes… He supposed the baby was Apal's too. He sighed, but refused to feel bad for himself. It was just as Navi said-

"Don't worry, Link. You'll meet someone. Just remember that proverb, 'Stop chasing love …'" Link answered the rest in a whisper.

"-'And love will come willingly.'" He glared at the dirt on the ground as in rolled about freely, mocking his immobile state.


Zelda was the only woman he wanted. The only woman he loved. He wanted to be happy for her. If she was happy, he could be happy. He loved her- wanted what was best for her. He knew she was not happy however. How could she be happy? Married to that pig- that hideous man who was a coward, and a liar, and anything but a gentleman…

Maybe… she went for that type? Link raised an eyebrow at his own question and knew that was the stupidest, most delirious thing he had ever heard.

Zelda told him she loved him. That was what hurt him the most. He shook his head. He had to remember that Zelda's marriage was arranged to keep the peace between the two parties. Apal came from a country that was a potential threat to Hyrule. To keep the peace and make alliences, the king assured Zelda it was the only way. She did not have to love him nor feel any attraction to him.

Satisfied with that answer he came up with- Link felt better suddenly. His senses seemed back with him, and it appeared his limbs had gotten back to their old relationship with his brain. He looked down and noticed for the first time how many bandages he had been wrapped in. His eyes widened and he suddenly felt many gazesupon him. One of these people must have been here to help mend and bandage him.

Link groaned, moaned, even whimpered. He had a plan. Heneeded attention from one of the pairs of eyes. He lurched over, his blond hair falling in front of his face. He looked up, his azure color eyes peaking through his hair. With one last moan- someone appeared around the corner. He smirked briefly. He should have been an actor.

He pretended not to notice them at first. He kept his head down, whimpering. A steel toed boot lifted his face up to feet an unkind glare.

"What a little feeble little boy." The tone was harsh and uncompassionate. Link pretended to not be able to focus on what she was saying. He moaned and looked around, not focusing.

More guards started to come in, and Link saw they were all male. The one who was looking at him intently was the only woman.

"And I had the impression the Hero of Time was strong," Scoffed one of the men. The woman only looked amused. Could she see through Link's act? He moaned once more- panicking. What if they saw through him?

One of the men grunted and shoved his booted foot into Link's stomach, resulting in a pain throbbing in his stomach.

"Shut up!" He growled. "You weakling!" He raised he steel toe shoe again, but the woman stepped in the way. She knelt down to be eye level with Link. His stomach hurt, but it was a small price to pay.

Link acted immediately. He took them by surprise and stood, arching his back. The chains restricted his movement for the most part. He could not stand, bust he could stretch his legs- he would just need to arch his back.

Twisting and thrashing, Link trapped two guards in his chains, who attacked him, only to have their necks snapped. They fell to the side, now to be used as body shields. Several unsheathed their swords and came charging, aiming for his vulnerable body. If only he could stay agile in his chains without becoming too exhausted. It was tiring to stay in a squatting position, arching your back, as people with sharp objects threw themselves at you.

A couple skilled guards- broke through his maneuvers, predicting his movements. He got cut many times, but he got lucky. When he was cut- his blood sprayed out, catching the man's sensitive eyes. Link smirked, and suddenly felt his arms become released. One of the guards had meant to cut his face when he ducked, and the guard's sharp blade hit the chains.

"What lovely defenses you have!" Link said in mock sweetness. He smirked. "Your chains aren't sword-proof? Honestly!" Though his hands were bound together, they were free from the wall. Link smiled.

No one appeared to be left. Link bent at his waist- groping for a sword to saw off his leg's binds. There was no one to stop him. Suddenly, Link came to a halt. The woman was gone- he hadn't seen her leave… she must have fled.

Link's confidence cost him. As soon as he had released himself from his bonds and taken his first step towards rescuing Zelda's son; a sharp pain silenced him in an instant and everything following after became black.

Quite far away- unaware of the peril that Link was in- an annoying excuse for a man complained of chaffing.


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