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Dear MJ,
     I found your letter. I was in class when I opened up my notebook and saw your familiar writing on it. I'm still not sure if you intended it to be found in that way, but it was.
     I felt like a jerk while reading it. Those were the very reasons why I didn't want us to be together. I know you knew this when you came to my doorway, but I feel the need to say it. Being Spider-Man has always and probably will always come first and Peter Parker and MJ would always come second.
     You don't deserve second place, Mary Jane. That is why I let you go, because anyone else could put you first. You deserve the world, MJ. I can save the world, but I can't give it to you.
     The hardest thing I have ever done was walk away from you that day in the cemetery. And with you standing at my door, I couldn't turn you away. I can't, even now that I've had a taste of what life with Mary Jane is like, and I can never turn my back on you with a clear conscious. I love you, Mary Jane. I love you with every fiber of my being. I look at you and I see my life, my reason. The reason why I fight crime, the reason why I want the world to be a better place, the reason why Peter Parker still exists. You're my life line.

     Ever since you moved in next door, I have always had feelings for you, but at the age of six, I hardly could understand them. As we grew older and you grew more beautiful by each passing day, inside and out, and you were the one that stood up for me when others didn't. Every time I saw you in the hall, however badly my day had been going, the smile that you always provided made my day brighter. Ever since we were six your smile has brightened my day. Those simpler times when you being Cinderella was the one thing that made me cry are memories I'll always cherish. In high school, we were part of separate groups, to say the least, and I want to make up for lost time.

     I want to spend every waking hour with you and every night with you. I want to wake up to your smile every morning and I want to fall asleep with you in my arms. But what I want isn't always what matters. I'll tell you now, the reason why I can't just turn my back on Spider-Man.
     Before my uncle Ben died, he said to me "With great power comes great responsibility." And I have the power to make the world a better place. I simply can not just turn my back on a world that needs someone to fight for the little guy. In the same way that I can not walk away from you, I can not walk away from New York City with a clear conscious either. Writing this out makes me think that life would be easier if I didn't have a conscious.
     As I said before, you are the reason why I, Peter Parker live. I live to see you smile, to hear you laugh, to feel your warmth. You are my everything. But I am also Spider-Man, my love. I think you do understand that I'm Spider-Man and what that entitles, but I can never reiterate it enough. Some days I wish it wasn't sure, but it will always be true. As long as I live, I will be Spider-Man. It is my gift. It is my curse.
     I love you, Mary Jane. I, Spider-Man, Peter Parker, love you. I want to give you the world, MJ, but all that I can give you is my love and the promise that I will always love you.

Thanks MJ,
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man,
Peter Parker