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Chapter 4

ChunLi groaned in pain as she hit the floor…again. Pain was starting to shoot up and down her back and she wished she could at least land a few hits. Double team wasn't her strong point at the moment, after running and fighting with Cammy, she was starting to feel the affects. She looked up and saw Cammy spit to the side of her, blood mixed with saliva hit the floor with an ugly splat noise.

"You should have just given up when you had the chance, love." Cammy smirked, a small amount of blood still apparent near the corner of her mouth and lower lip.

"Wh-where would the fun be in that?" ChunLi asked as she stood to her feet again. She watched as Cammy came closer to her.

With out any warning ChunLi jumped up and did a swift heel kick across Cammy's face once more, but this time she received a hit back, it was Bison. He had used his psyco glowing hand to punch into her back which made her start to fly a few feet to the side. But she back flipped and landed safely on her feet. And as soon as she did she saw Cammy's knee coming straight for her face. But before the British girl's knee connected to the InterPole agent's face she saw a hand clasping onto the knee, stopping it from going anywhere.

There stood the Spanish Ninja holding on to his former allies knee, he was glaring through his mask and the growled as he pushed the knee back and did a feet sweep kick and Cammy landed on her rear with a loud thud.

"Vega, how nice of you to join our little game. Have you decided to come back? Now seeing what a little wench your girl is." Bison asked as he glided over to them.

"Between the choice of the beautiful ChunLi and you, my choice is obvious." Vega spatted out with such hatered you could almost see his aura flaring.

"If that is your wish you shall die with her." Bison growled. "It's a pity really, you both would have made excellent dolls in my collection." And with a sudden flash he had disappeared, leaving Cammy to continue the fight.

"Now we'll see how you like it when there's no one to interrupt or fight." ChunLi growled as she stood up glaring.

Cammy immediately ran towards ChunLi but before anyone could react, Bison had reappeared behind ChunLi knocking to her side and Vega clawing at Cammy before she hit his ChunLi. The two girls hit the floor at the same time which causes Vega to see Bison and then glares at him.

Vega then lundges at him with all his force and lands a unclawed punch into Bison's chin and then follows his clawed hand across his chest, but finds that it doesn't connect. Bison smirks from behind Vega as he grabs a hold of the Spainard's braided hair and pulled him back so that Bison could knee his back.

ChunLi had gotten up again and Cammy had done the same. The two had been going at it for quite some time. ChunLi made the first move this time sending a kick straight for Cammy's left temple, but Cammy easily blocked that kick with her arm and was about to punch forward, but found ChunLi had beaten her to it and was punched in the nose. Cammy then fell back, but not before kicking ChunLi back in the gut, once again knocking the wind out of her.

Vega yelled in pain as he felt the monsters knee connect with his back, but before he jumped away he moved his clawed hand to his opposite side to drive the 9 inch metal claws into Bison's kneecap. Bison gave out a holler as Vega roughly dragged his metal claws out of him. Bison glared up at Vega, his blood starting to make a deeper red color as he stands there.

"You'll pay dearly for that one Vega." Bison growled at the Spanish Ninja.

Vega simply smirked behind his mask knowing that he at least wounded the savage beast. Bison growled and disappeared, Vega immedietly turned around to claw his opponent in the gut but found him not to be there. Instead he felt a sharp surge of Pysco power course through his body. It was now Vega's turn to yell with pain as he was sure the pain wouldn't stop.

ChunLi had managed to grab a hold of Cammy and then threw her into Bison, making him attack his own doll and let go of Vega. Vega, thankful from being released went to ChunLi's side. Cammy could feel the shock of the Psyco powers surging through her as well as Bison. They were both yelling in pain as it would seem that Bison could no longer control his Psyco power as it was surging into his clone.

Vega and ChunLi watched as they seemed like they were about ready to destroy each other. ChunLi then closed her eyes and began to concentrate all of her remaining chi. She stuck her hands out in front of her, she started to push her chi out and onto her palms. A small light of blue began to form in her hands. Vega watched in fascination as his ChunLi began to do this, she looked like a dream to him, all her features were concentrating to bring this attack out and while her most hated enemy stood in front of them.

Bison managed to push Cammy away and knock her onto the floor. Her unconscious body lay limp on the floor as Bison was breathing heavily, the use of his Psyco power was getting to him; the effects were starting to show. His fighting ability was knocked down by 50 percent. ChunLi opened her eyes as she felt the chi ball become a good size, it was about all of her chi she could muster out and then she put it to her side.

And with a fierce cry she shouted. "KIKOSHO!" She hurled the giant ball of energy towards the weakened Bison.

Bison stood there and watched in horror as he felt the ball of chii consume him and tear every fiber of his being in two. He gave off one last wicked yell and then was silenced forever. ChunLi stood there for a moment not moving, Vega at her side doing the same thing. ChunLi blinked and something then tugged at her lips, it was a smile. She was grinning from ear to ear. Her she couldn't even see or feel herself shaking and she didn't even try to stop as she felt like a huge bolder had been lifted from her shoulders.

Vega stood in shock as his former lord had been destroyed. He turned to look at ChunLi and found her shaking. He was about to touch her when he saw her start to smile and then he found her smile contagious as he too began to smile. He was finally free, free from all that could ever hurt him again. He could now watch over his ChunLi with out any worry of her being taken away.

ChunLi hadn't realized it but tears were falling down her cheeks, tears of happiness. She looked up to the sky and looked as if she could almost see her father smiling down at her. 'Father your memory can finally rest, Bison is dead and now you can rest in peace. I love you Papa…' ChunLi felt a bight light headed as she felt her legs give out and landed on her knees. The sky began to darken and then the darkness consumed her, but she still smiled as it did.