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Chapter 5

"But the displeasing taste will heal her troubled self." A cheerful and innocent voice called from behind the door of a dark room.

"Her minds not troubled…her body is." An annoyed voice called from behind the door of dark room.

"Then we should give her the treatment of medicine." The once cheerful voice stated, her voice holding a bit of worry.

ChunLi could only listen in and out of the conversation as she stirred from her sleep. She tried to move but found it quite difficult to do so, her body ached all over. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes as she recalled what could ever make her this sore and tired. And then it hit her, His death. The fact that she had defeated him, it brought a smile to her small lips. It was until she was pulled out of her thought of Bison's death did she realize she was crying. All her pain, all her nightmares, everything, it would all stop now. She could finally rest. And this made her cry tears of joy.

But what now? What will she do now that her revenge was complete? How was she supposed to live now? All the years she wasted trying to find her father's murder, all of it had been completed. She looked around the room, she saw it almost empty except for the few things that were actually considered her own. All the rest were just paper work. The boxes of Bison's movements underneath her bed, what was she to do with them now? She didn't want them anymore but somehow she couldn't get rid of them. He had planted himself into her very soul and made it so she wouldn't be able to forget about him. He would remain and haunt her, and he would never leave no matter how hard she will try. She wondered how many more people had he ruined, made their souls so much like her own. Hopefully they could find peace knowing that he had been put to rest.

There was a nock on her door and she could feel herself hold her breath. She didn't know why but she felt so afraid, afraid that he would walk through that door bearing that hideous grin that had tourmented her for so long. But her fears suddenly vanished at that thought. There was no way he could have survived the KikouSho. It wasn't possible. At the close range he was at there wasn't a chance in all of hell that he survived. The nock sounded again and she soon found her voice.

"Come in…" She said in a hoarse voice.

A tall figure walked in holding a tray. All she could really see is his soulliete, but she knew it had been him. Vega, if it wasn't for him she would have become a doll, a mindless puppet working and doing anything that sick bastard Bison wanted her to do for him.

"I'm turning on the light." He prewarned her and did as he said he would.

She squinted her eyes, trying to get used to the lighting. She looked up at him and saw him smiling down at her. He had bandages on his arm and around his back. But he was still as hot as ever.

"Good Morning beautiful girl. It's time for you to get up." Vega said as he set down beside her on the bed just before he set the tray down beside her. "I made you breakfast. Starfire wanted to help but I didn't want you to get food poisoning."

ChunLi giggled softly and smiled at Vega, her eyes already adjusted to the light. "Thank you." She said as she started to sit up, with the help of Vega.

Vega then set the tray on her lap and opened the tray to show her, her meal. She thanked him and ate some and then made him eat some of it with her. It was silent for the most part except for their constant munching.


"Hmm?" She looked up.

"I want you to know, that I'm here for you. Even if you don't want me to."

ChunLi remained silent and then she smiled warmly at him. Vega looked at her and smiled back. They locked their gazes and then she spoke. "Well then I guess Ill have to give you a key into my room."

"What makes you think I don't already have one?" He smirked and chuckled.

ChunLi smiled and then threw a grape at him. He soon followed with his own grape attack. And by the time the second round of grapes had been thrown there was food everywhere and laughter filled the room. And through out the constant flying and crashing of food, she realized that she had fallen for him. He had caught her off guard and he would go to the ends of the world for her. This unexpected love, a love she thought she could never feel had fallen onto her. And she knew that now, she had something to fill her room with, Vega. He would fill her empty heart and remove Bison from her dreams