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The Ruin to the Desert…Begin the Journey

"We're in Hellywood…it's really……Hellywood" "Hellywood? What kind of name is that?…and how do you know about this place?" The one who asked was JC, this grabbed the attention of Mika and Taikobou. Shu sighed as he began to tell them the story, they stayed in that room while Shuzou told them the entire story of what he did in the world where he fought the army of Hellywood and so on.

After Shuzou finished, there was complete silence. Then the entire structure began to shake. "What the heck is going on?" JC yelled out when the Hellywood finally stopped shaking. Shu began to give it some thought before his eyes widened suddenly.

"Hellywood landed in the ocean, and the top part was on land but that was it. The top part probably stayed on land but what may have happened is that, the rest of Hellywood may have been dragged away by the currents, and it may be ready to fall apart after being in the water for so long"

"Well, let's go then, you know how to get to the top right?" Bou was the one who asked, and when Shu nodded he then began to lead the group to look for the stairs.

Once they found the stairs, the structure shook again, and the sounds of creaks and water splashing. JC took a look around and asked out loud "Shu, what are the odds that the floors below us are completely flooded with water?" Shu took a look down and then picked up a stone before he threw it down. Seconds later, a splash was heard.

"Guess it really is flooded down there…this isn't good. From what I can remember, the room we were in just now, was near the center of Hellywood…so jumping from the top is probably a bad idea" Bou nodded and was about to say something when the structure shook again with more fierceness than ever before.

The creaking got louder and then there was a loud bang. The banging kept going, louder and louder, at intervals. JC then spoke, as the banging kept going "Shu?" "Yeah?" "I think running up those stairs right now…would be a good idea?"

At that moment, the banging was replaced by a sudden crash, followed by rushing water, "RUN!!"

Shu lead the way up the stairs followed closely by the others. Once they got up one floor, the one below them was completely flooded, the water level slowly began to rise after that. "Keep running! Don't look back!" Bou yelled with fierceness as he pushed Mika on.

The 4 kept running as fast as they could up the stairs. After a few trips and falls they finally made it to the farthest they could go. The stairs would keep going but they stopped suddenly and seemed ripped off.

In fact, the hallway they were on had ruptures and rips all over. The water kept rising. "This isn't good, this…Hellywood is about to sink, we have to swim over to land, I just hope it's not too far away" JC looked around, the water was still rising, but the level was still three levels below them but not for long.

Shu then began to run down the hallway, surprising the others until they began to run after Shu. "I hope I know where I'm going" "Oh that's reassuring Shu! I can trust Bou and Mika's life in your hands then, I'll go try to survive!"

Before JC could run away, Bou grabbed JC by the collar and dragged him. Shu finally stopped running and looke around again. There was a wall at the end of the hallway, not a strong wall but strong enough to keep them inside.

Shu, then ran into one of the rooms and yelled out "In here! Get ready to ju--WAAAHH!!!" "Shu!"

The three ran in to see a room with a few beds, a few of them toppled over, and then an empty space that used to be a wall. JC ran over to it and carefully looked over, he saw Shu using his Kendo stick to stay hanging. His Kendo stick was right on top of two pipes, and the water level below him seemed to be coming closer and closer. And in fact, Hellywood was sinking at a fast rate.

"We better get ready to jump, land is not too far off…look over there!" JC looked over to the spot where Shu was pointing. He saw a large lump of metallic objects, a large stretch of land, and a group of people on the edge of the land.

"What about those people!?" JC yelled seeing that Shu was about ready to jump, "Don't worry about them, let's just go!" And with that Shu let go with a yell and a splash.

JC looked over at Bou and Mika. They both shook their heads with a nervous smile. "I better see you two jump right after me, or else this thing will drag us down……Geronimoooooo!!" Bou and Mika looked over to see JC take a brave jump and then hit a pipe before he finally hit the water. Bou thought he heard a distinct 'ow' before JC hit the water.

Bou looked over at Mika who seemed to be walking away slowly. Taikobou took a deep breath and grabbed Mika's hand. Before she could say anything, Taikobou threw her out of the hole in the wall, and he soon followed her down, yelling.

After a long while of swimming, the entire group made it to the shore. All of them were tired and soaked. So tired were they, that they didn't notice that the group of people watching the spectacle of the sinking Hellywood, were now looking at the 4 newcomers that jumped out of Hellywood.

A few of them had rifles out, but one of them yelled for them to be lowered and ran down to meet with the newcomers. Well, one of them anyways. "Shu! Hey Shu!" Shu looked up to see a kid only 10 years old smiling at him. Shu's eyes widened with recognition, "Nataku!" The dark skinned, black haired boy grinned and nodded. "How are you Nataku?" "I should ask you, you're the one that jumped out of Hellywood"

"That's gonna take a little while to explain" Shu then looked over at the rest of the people, some of them were coming down the hill. They also knew Shu from the final stand that Hellywood held before it fell completely.

After a while of talking, there were introductions between the three newcomers, and the natives. Nataku was a kid that was being taken care of by Sis before she died, then Sara took over as the care taker of the children.

From what Nataku said, Sara was happy and gave birth to a healthy boy named Trent. A new Zaribars was made and villages from all over the world were now at peace with each other, and trading was made at a constant rate. Nataku was with this group in order to learn the basics in trading. There were still monsters and bandits all around, which was the reason for armed guards all around the group.

This group was here to get metallic parts from the top part of the Hellywood structure that stayed on the land. It wasn't long before Nataku asked if Shu and his friends would come to New Zaribars with the trading caravan.

"Well, it's not like we actually know where we need to go, and we are pretty lucky that these guys were here, I'd say we should use our luck" "I agree, after all Shu, you can vouch for these guys, and they do seem like very friendly people"

"Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's head to New Zaribars, then we can find out just what we're going to do" Nataku decided to come into the conversation at that moment with "Yipee! It'll be a 3 day trek to New Zaribars, so I hope you like to walk!"

JC sighed at the young one's enthusiasm "I still can't understand where this kids get so much energy, it seems impossible to me" Shu laughed and followed the people towards the caravan. A few creatures that looked like horses, they did pull a few wagons however, and the wagons carried the metals and the children. Everyone else walked, and so the journey towards New Zaribars began, the 4 newcomers have yet to understand what their reason for being in this strange world is, but when they do, their lives will change. For the better or for the worse? Who knows? But we shall see…


To drag along the desert known only as the "Scorcher of Living Things" can be painful and very tiring. The 4 newcomers begin to understand the burden of the heat and hope for its end. They come across bandits when their so close to New Zaribars. How can they survive and hope to return to their own world when they are about to die, minutes away from the only safety that they know of, in this new world.

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