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Joey's Nightmare

" Hey sis! I'm home." Said Joey. He had just gotten back from another of Mr. Mouto's training sessions. "Sis?" He asked while knocking on the door to her room. He opened it and saw Serenity standing in front of her mirror. Her hair was up in a bun with a few strands out, framing her face. She was wearing a knee length red dress. " Why are you so dressed up?" he asked

" I have a date." Said Serenity.

" You made a date without telling me?" Joey asked, sounding angry.

" Onii-chan, I know you're worried about me, but I can take care of myself." Said Serenity. Joey sighed.

" Ok, well who is it?" asked Joey.


" That should be him." Said Serenity. She went to the door and opened it. Joey's mouth fell open at who was standing there, then he started shaking with rage.

" Kaiba!? What are YOU doing here?!" He demanded. Kaiba snorted at him.

" Calm down puppy, I'm just here to pick up my girlfriend for our date." He said. Then turned to Serenity.

" You look beautiful Koishi." He said. Serenity blushed slightly.

" Thank you Seto-chan." Kaiba bent down and kissed her. Serenity wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. Joey started twitching.

" KAIBA!" He yelled. The couple broke the kiss.

" We'll be back later puppy dog." Said Kaiba. Then, with Serenity hanging on his arm, they left.


" Serenity what's that?" Joey asked pointing at his little Sister's hand. She blushed.

" It's an engagement ring, Seto-chan asked me to marry him." She said. Joey almost choked on the Ramen he was eating.

" You agreed?!"

" Yes, I love him." Kaiba walked in and slipped an arm around Serenity's shoulders.

" Hello, my future brother in law." He said with a smirk. The wedding was a couple months later. Kaiba's flunkies had to restrain Tristan, who hated Kaiba for taking Serenity, and Joey who just hated Kaiba. When it was time to throw the bouquet, Tea caught it. She her eyes wandered then locked with Yami's, both of them blushed. As the newly weds were about to leave on their honeymoon, Joey yelled out.

" Kaiba! You better not touch my sister!" Kaiba replied with his trademark smirk.

Some time after the Honey Moon

" Big Brother?' Serenity asked. She and her new Husband were visiting Joey.

" Yeah what?" Serninty took a deep breath.

" I'm pregnant." She said. For a few seconds, Joey just stared into space.

" WHAT?!"

" You're going to be uncle." Said Serninty.

Some time later

" Puppy Dog!" yelled three little kids happily. They all jumped on their uncle.

" Don't call me that." he said.

" You look like a puppy dog to me." Said Kaiba. Joey looked down and saw he was wearing the dog costume Duke made him wear.

' Where'd this come from?' He thought.

" Time to take the dog for a walk." Said Kaiba. A leash appeared around Joey's neck and the three children began tugging on it.

' This can't be happening!' Joey thought.

" Big Brother! Big Brother get up!" Joey sat up sharply and saw he was lying on a conch with Serennity standing next to him. " You fell asleep after school." She said after seeing the confusion on his face.

" I got go now." She said.

" Where?"

" To Tea's place. She and Mai are going to help me get ready for my date."

" Who is it?" Serninty blushed.

" Seto." Joey fainted.

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