Choose wisely he who would take this burden from you. You are the last of our lineage and it falls to you to find the new line who will keep it safe. There will always be those who will seek its power, and it will forever fall to the Guardian to safeguard this manuscript.

The words of the head of his clan rang though his thoughts as he made his way through the shadows. Choose wisely

He knew there were none of his kind who could be trusted with such a duty, not as it had been for as long as the text had existed. The clan wars had rent all he had known to pieces and the few who had survived cared nothing but for themselves. He was now truly the last of his line. Refusing to mourn his lost brethren, he neared the place he sought.

As every night, she was there, gathering herbs in the moonlight. On silent feet he approached. It was not he, but she whose line would bear this responsibility.

That night, The Book of Shadows would forever pass into the hands of mortals.