Chapter 1: He's Here.

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"...": Speech

'...': Thoughts

Scenario Change is listed in the bold italics.

(Somewhere in the east wing of the Hyuga estate)

This day was just like any other day in June, it was warm, the sun was shining ever so finely to the people living under it. Most importantly, all the civilians in Konoha were enjoying this day. Hyuga Hinata, a young girl with short navy blue hair with lavender eyes, the unique thing about them was they had no pupils. As mentioned before, currently she was sitting by her window sill watching the civilians do their daily routines whether it was work or morning exercises. The girl was told that most of the civilians weren't worthy of her noble Hyuga clan who held the strongest ninja bloodline in Konoha. Despite her powerful bloodline, she never felt she was any better than the regular people, she believed that if anyone had the decision of choosing their paths, they would want to have a life like hers, one with a powerful advanced bloodline ability and the social stability.

Another reason why she never looked down on people was the fact that she wasn't that strong as a ninja herself. Unfortunately, she was considered a reject in her clan because she was so weak. In a noble clan, being weak was something intolerable. When she stood in a position of being so fragile, who was she to judge others? That was what she kept telling herself. She never considered herself as one who had the potential, she looked down on herself so often that her closer relatives were beginning to worry. Her father and her older cousin Hyuga Neji could see that hidden potential, yet she was always so unconfident of herself.

Her ability the Byakugan that was passed down by the Hyuga bloodline, allowed her to see the enemy's chakra system, tekensu, chakra flow and a nearly 360 degree angle of vision. If the user was more advanced, they could use those eyes to read other people's thoughts by simple actions. She hated her eyes. The Byakugan focuses chakra to the eyes causing your veins to be filled with energy. The blood vessels lump out visibly and her eyes turn into something that was as clear as a mirror, it looked absolutely horrifying. Hinata went over to her mirror, which she did everyday, and looked at her lavender eyes. She hated them, she thought, they looked so much different from the other peoples' eyes. Her father kept telling her that her eyes and the entire Hyuga clan's eyes are unique but the heiress never believed any of those words. It wasn't uniqueness, it was something that made people fear even more. There were so many times that she wanted to blind herself than to have these objects of vision, after she was blind, she wouldn't have to see these damnable eyes again. However, she could never do it, something always held her back. The reason was the two pictures on her shelf.

Hinata walked to her bookshelf and took a look at the two most treasured pictures she had. One of them was a class picture when she was five and the other one was taken on a school trip on the same year. The second one, she was in the picture with a certain blonde hair boy. The expression she showed on the picture was much different than the look she carried now. Hinata, now twelve turning thirteen in a several months frequently looked at these two pictures when she needed reassurance in life. The class photo consisted of the entire class but there were eight people that she knew the best.

Haruno Sakura: A girl with long pink hair and emerald green eyes. Very attractive nowadays for a twelve year old and surprisingly, she had a Sakura fan club at the academy. The members obviously were guys no matter they were good looking or not. She always rivaled with her former best friend Yamanaka Ino for the love and attention from the number 1 rookie in class, Uchiha Sasuke. She was a girl with high intelligence, it was no surprise when she got one of the top grades in the class.

Yamanaka Ino: A blond hair girl that had even longer hair than Sakura. She has light blue eyes and was equally or even more attractive than Sakura. Sakura's former best friend now a rival and a Sasuke fan girl. Those two compete about everything, it was a scary scene to watch. Her grades in school were definitely considerable. In terms of ninja skills, she even excelled Sakura. However, Ino always had a tendency to overdo things.

Uchiha Sasuke: The best looking guy and the best rookie in class, which caught all the girls' attention within the academy. He had raven hair and onyx eyes. Even the younger and older kids adore him. He had a fan club against his own will, Hinata really pitied him for this kind of suffering. He was very strong in all aspects in the academy from book smarts to ninja techniques. Pretty cold to many people, probably the reason that his cooperation skills was nearly at the end of the food chain. Reason of his coldness was directed to his fan club that he didn't want to have in the first place, but he was kind to Hinata since she was the only person who never bothered him.

Nara Shikamaru: A average looking guy with a ponytail and black hair. He complained about almost everything in life, which somewhat bugged Hinata when she heard him speak that way. He was very lazy and didn't get the greatest marks in class since he believed it was too troublesome to even move a pencil. He only got motivated if he really had to which was real troublesome to him. When it came to grades, oh goodness, he showed no skill whatsoever in any aspect. What surprised Hinata was how he still managed to pass every year, she knew his potential was locked elsewhere.

Inuzuka Kiba: Hinata's friend who was a natural beast master. He was brash, loud, and most importantly cocky. But he was always there for Hinata and his other friends whenever they needed him. More of a troublemaker than a student, his mischievous behaviours were really starting to rub off on Shikamaru and Hinata.

Aburame Shino: Hinata's cool and silent friend. He never talked much and you will only hear him speak unless he has to. He wore a pair of sunglasses and a long green coat. Hinata knew that he was a very nice person to be with, she just had to open up to him a bit more.

Akimichi Chouji: A chubby boy who loved to eat all the time. Hinata never used the word fat in front of him, or even that word to describe him since he could get very emotional when he heard that. He was Shikamaru's close friend. If people see a Chouji without food, anyone would assume someone transformed into him. Who would want to do that though?

Uzumaki Naruto: A blond hair boy who wore bright orange clothes and pants. Personally, Hinata thought that wearing such clothing as a shinobi was basically telling the enemies that he wanted to be shot down first. Naruto was the number one dropout of the class. He may be a dropout but somehow he was Hinata's support and comforter and best friend who she had affection for. An energetic boy who had always been there for her and never gave up at anything, he was one with much determination. Not knowing why, Hinata noticed that everyone hated him including some of the kids in the academy. He always made trouble at the academy just to get some attention. She knew underneath that troublemaker was a caring young boy.

"Naruto-kun..." she whispered to herself as a few tears came from her eyes. It has been seven years, nearly eight since that day Uzumaki Naruto left the village of Konoha. She has never seen him since and she missed him so much. She started to cry without knowing. The two pictures had something in common, both pictures had her and Naruto in it, that was the reason she kept it.

She loved him ever since the day he became his friend, he was her first true friend and she still loved him now. Hinata was broken ever since seven years ago when she heard her best friend had left the village with a mysterious man. Iruka-sensei was the one who told her specifically after Naruto has been missing school after four days consecutively. She thought it was a lie, Naruto would never have left like that. She was in denial but she knew it was true when the boy didn't show up after two weeks straight. She would do anything to see him again. Instead of dwelling in her own self pity and misery, the Hyuga heiress decided to head outside to take a breath of fresh air.

"Hey, where are going?" asked a voice as Hinata was putting on her sandals. The voice belonged to Hinata's younger sister, Hanabi.

"Oh, I was just going out for a walk," said Hinata giving her sister the best smile she could make. The little Hyuga knew better, she hated her sister's fake smiles. It wasn't that Hanabi disliked her, no, she respected her but those smiles made her look so depressed as if she was trying to hide something.

"Really? Okay just don't come back too late, father wouldn't like that."

"I know, I'll be going now."

"Later. Oh yeah, the genin exam is tomorrow, don't forget that!" called Hanabi as Hinata continued to walk closer to the main gates. As the older Hyuga girl walked out of the Hyuga estate, her smile turned into an immediate frown. Genin exam, how much she didn't want to take it. The exam was tomorrow and she had no confidence to take it. She was afraid of failure. In addition, she didn't want to be a disgrace to her family anymore than she already had. This genin exam would just be another scar to her reputation and status in her family. She sighed sadly as didn't even bother to care for where she was heading to, and ignoring everyone who walked passed her. Did anyone make any greetings? They might've but Hinata was in no mood to and too depressed to care about anything.

She somehow found herself at a park and looked around with her damnable eyes. She sighed again and made her way to a park bench and sat there alone. On her left, she saw a playground where some of the village children were playing without worries, not needing to care about anything painful in this world. How she envied them.

"Oh, Naruto-kun..." she murmured to herself. "What would you do at a time like this? I am so lost without you..." Tears formed in her eyes again and she began to cry once more. However, little did she know that the one she loved was not as far away from her than she had imagined, at that moment, the 3rd Hokage was ready to meet with him at the West Gate of Konoha.

(Meanwhile at the Hokage's office)

"So, it's already that day..." said the Third Hokage of Konoha to himself as he looked at the calendar that was sitting on his desk. He then opened a drawer and searched for a letter from inside. As he opened it, a smile came across his face as he remembered what kind of news it contained. It has been nearly 8 years since that tragic incident, he deeply hoped that the victim that survived it was okay. The last time he saw him gave him so much regret and pain. He just hoped that boy would be able to see light once more in his eyes.

(At the West Gate of Konoha)

The 3rd Hokage was waiting patiently at the west gate for his student to return. It has been almost eight years since the boy left with his student Jiraiya. He just hoped that the boy was able to accept this place once again. He was excited to a certain extent when he heard sounds from the other side demanding entrance to the village. The old man Hokage recognized the voice immediately, it was Jiraiya, he had finally returned. In a matter of seconds, the gate opened just to reveal Jiraiya outside waiting for the gate to allow him passage.

"Jiraiya," greeted the 3rd giving a hug to his former student. "I'm so glad to see you again."

"Likewise, Sarutobi-sensei." said Jiraiya with a chuckle. "Looks like you have really aged, old man."

"Can't you refer to this as potential?"


"Yes, since I am still taking on this job even though I am old."

"You never cease to surprise me, Sarutobi-sensei." stated Jiraiya with a soft laugh.

"Yes, where's the boy? Where is Naruto?"

"Strange, he was just behind me just now... don't worry, I'll call him. Naruto, get your butt over here!" Suddenly a dark figure appeared right beside Jiraiya at that split second. Not only his appearance, but his speed amazed the Third. His impression of the boy had certainly increased.

"You called?" asked Naruto to his sensei not very brightly in cheerfulness. The 3rd was shocked at the boy in front of him. Obviously, he had grown much after these seven years. He was now wearing black jeans, with a black vest and a dark coloured jacket with bandages that wrapped around his right hand to his right arm. He didn't wear sandals, he wore boots of another dark colour, mostly black. Now for his physical appearance, he no longer had peach like skin, it looked a little lifeless but still looked human to a certain extent. The peach colour had dulled. What shocked the Hokage the most was definitely his hair, it wasn't blond, it was pure silver. He had no idea how this happened but it really looked familiar. To catch more of the 3rd's attention, he eyed the weapon that Naruto was carrying, it was a mystical runeblade. His eyes narrowed immediately at the aura that was giving out seemed dark and demonic, he could feel it in the bottom of his veins. As the boy sheath back his deadly blade, the Hokage could feel an enormous amount of power coming from Naruto. It was incredible. "Jiraiya-sensei, what is it that you called me for?"

"That was fast, Naruto." said the 3rd kindly.

"Thanks for the compliment." replied Naruto politely. If the Hokage knew Naruto well, he would know the boy was not saying this sincerely. It was rather a sense of habit that he developed.

"Naruto," said Jiraiya introducing the old man before the boy. "This is the 3rd Hokage."

"So you're Hokage-sama, sensei has been talking a lot about you for as long as I can remember."

'At least this boy has a lot of manners. Jiraiya, you have taught him very well.' thought the Third proudly. Naruto broke into a smirk when he heard the Hokage's thoughts on complimenting Jiraiya, he obviously could hear his thoughts as clear as day.

"I think you are giving my sensei too much credit, Hokage-sama," said Naruto which caught the two old men's attention. "Sensei taught me no manners, I 'developed' them myself when Jiraiya got caught by the women at the hot spring baths. I, being the student, always had the use the most correct words to save his sorry..." The boy didn't even finish since Jiraiya clapped his mouth halting him in an instant. With his hands crushing his nose, Naruto soon began to flail his arms violently.

"Jiraiya..." began the Third with a fake cough. "You didn't contaminate his mind, did you?"

"Of course not, Sarutobi-sensei," replied Jiraiya nervously. "I would never ever do such a thing..." Naruto then freed himself from that hold and gave a hoarse cough.

"Whatever..." said the silver hair boy emotionlessly. "I'm here to take the genin exam, I have no time for games."

"Of course, Naruto. The exam will take place at 9:30 at the ninja academy. You still remember where it is, right?" Naruto silently nodded. "Just don't be late or Iruka wouldn't like it."

"Iruka-sensei is still teaching there?"

"Yes, and he has become quite a popular teacher there. Are you excited to see him again?"

"Not as much as I thought." answered Naruto bluntly. (AN: He hasn't seen Iruka for many years, of course they never developed any kind of strong friendship. In this story, he could really care less about how Iruka thinks of him. To Naruto, Iruka is just like an aquaintance.) "Well, thanks anyway. I'm going to scout around the village to familiarize myself to this place again."

"Can't you do it later?" asked the Hokage kindly but the boy avoided his eyes deliberately.

"Why later?" questioned Naruto with suspicious eyes.

"I was thinking that we could have a time to catch up."

"No need to do something that pointless, there is nothing worthy to catch up." Jiraiya and the Hokage were taken quite aback at that statement. Knowing the boy's changed personality a little, the Third found no reason to even trying to make a conversation.

"Well, if you say so..."

"Jiraiya-sensei, mind if I leave?" asked Naruto quite annoyed.

"Sure thing." replied Jiraiya with a nod. The young teen just smiled and disappeared in a flash.

"Jiraiya, I would like to talk to you," said the Third no longer detecting Naruto's presence nearby. "What kind of technique did he just use?"

"A teleporting technique called Blink that allows him to warp a distance up to 500 metres. It's a cunning technique that was taught by his sempai, Uchiha Itachi."

"So, how has Itachi been doing?"

"He's doing fine, I've heard from him that Orochimaru has left the Akatsuki organization. The Akatsuki doesn't suspect a thing that Kisame and Itachi are spies sent from Konoha."

"Either way, let's discuss this at my office." With a nod, he two old men then left for the Third's office for some further discussion.

(In the streets of the village)

Naruto walked around the streets of Konoha just to familiarize himself from his seven-year absence. He expected the cold stares from the villagers once again but luckily for him, most people didn't even recognize him. It didn't matter if they did, he knew he was much more stronger than them, he was stronger than anyone could ever imagine. It has been six years since his demon master Kyubi granted him power to him, the power was the demon's chakra. The boy gladly accepted the offer and absorbed all the chakra willingly. His chakra was now demonic and deathly green. The demon's effect had no drawbacks, it strengthened his body by a demonic corruption, making him reducing chances of internal bleeding and injuries and giving him much more physical strength. Not only that, Naruto contained both demonic blood and demonic chakra in his internal system. The deadly evil chakra had changed his appearance greatly. His body is at least two years more mature than it should be, he looked very manly both mentally and physically. His silver hair was a sign of what he has become, he became one of the fallen champions of the Uzumaki clan, a Death Knight.

In the Uzumaki clan, there were people who were Paladins or traitorous Death Knights. Paladins were better known as demon hunters who hunted down evil spirits or demons. To be more precise, they were a clan who had the ability to manipulate demons by sealing these diabolical beings within themselves or into other humans. Having this ability, the controller of the demon could control and wield the demon's powers in battles or learn the abilities the demon once knew. Powerful warriors of the light have the strength of two beings, a normal person clearly had a hard time to take these men out if they possessed no additional advantage of their own. These champions were once praised people of Konoha and they still would be if there were any left. To be accurate, the Uzumaki clan was a reckless clan who wanted more power from demons. Not everyone had the potential to wield a demon. They had the ability but they don't have the spirit potential to handle it. The demon's influence might have been too great and they took over their minds. That was how Death Knights came to be.

Death Knights were the evil counterpart of the human Paladin. Their demon master granted them power and what they expect back was loyalty. After being corrupted, they followed the demon's every command, from running away from their family to killing a rival clan. Unfortunately, many of the Uzumakis didn't have the potential to control the beasts within, they had become Death Knights who fled from Konoha and became potentially dangerous missing-nins. These dark warriors used powerful vampuric runeblades to do their bidding, a gift that their demon master willingly offered. Their source of strength came from the darkness and hatred towards the light. In other words, Paladins were champions of the light while these treacherous Death Knights were lieutenants of the darkness.

In order to fight against a demon, Paladins were sent out to hunt down these Death Knights since no one else had the capabilities to overcome them. As the Paladins fought on their counterparts, they were overpowered by the new abilities that the demons possessed. Undoubtedly, this was passed on to their apprentices. The Uzumakis fought against one another while Konoha and its allies hoped for the good news. Tragic news was sent for most of their holy warriors had been ruthlessly slaughtered, all the villages grieved for their lost. With no one to stop these demonic controlled beings, they lived a life their masters ordered them to; razing village after village, killing and consuming souls from the innocent and many other despicable events. As these nightmare riders began their onslaught on the Hidden Villages itself, it took nearly the entire population to take one Death Knight down. After many sacrifices and ruthless combat, all of these evil Paladin counterparts were killed and finally wiped out. Konoha hated every corrupted Uzumaki, at that time only one person in that legendary clan survived, the Yondaime, the 4th Hokage.

The 4th was a true champion of the light, one who had a powerful evil demon himself, but now tamed and control all because of the 4th's kindness. The Uzumaki bloodline not only allowed them to capture demons, it also granted an ability to see them called the Unholy Sight or the Sight of Dedication. If anyone believed that detecting demons was the only ability this technique possessed, they were only scratching the surface. Unholy Sight could read thoughts of anyone the user desired, read chakra levels around them and also a clear vision through objects. This clear vision just allows you to see through limited things, the Byakugan's ability in vision was much efficient beyond expected standards.

Naruto was a Death Knight, one who had one the most powerful demons inside of him, he wielded powers beyond anything within your imagination. He wasn't a genius, he worked hard to achieve the strength he had but of course with his master aiding him all the way. He walked past the villager with a deadly smirk on his face, these villagers would pay for what they did to him. He had sworn revenge after that incident, he won't back down from those words for suffer and torment was all Konoha rightfully deserved.

(Time passes)

The last Death Knight in this world, Uzumaki Naruto, was currently looking for his apartment. He had the keys in his jacket pocket but somehow he couldn't exactly remember where it was. 'Damn, am I having a case of memory loss already?' he scolded himself mentally. He soon came across from a familiar park, he frowned as he arrived. Memories came to his mind, he remembered he came to this park when he was a kid. He had fun most of the time, but he usually found parents taking their kids away from him as he arrived leaving him all alone again.

He clutched his hands turning into a fist of anger, he will have his long hated vengeance. Somehow, at the back of his mind, he had memory of a girl with beautiful lavender eyes. What was so special about them was that she had no pupils, however, that suited her perfectly. The words she used to describe them puzzled him, he sincerely believed those eyes made her look beautiful. When he thought about it with more consideration, undoubtedly he had to admit that she was gorgeous.

Not really remembering the identity of this girl, he somehow knew she was his only true friend. Oh, how badly he wanted to remember her name. He mentally cursed himself even more for not remembering such a person who showed him kindness. The silver hair boy shook that thought of guilt of his mind as he observed his surroundings. The park hadn't changed much, the trees had certainly grown, the playground seemed to have rusted up a little but everything else appeared the same. Instead of wasting time doing pointless sightseeing, he ventured deeper into the park hoping to reach the destination, his old home. However, that was when he saw a navy blue hair girl sitting on the bench with her hands clasped on her face, she was obviously crying. Naruto shook his head slightly and decided to walk past her pretending he didn't see her at all. Unknowingly, he stopped after a several meters and glanced back.

'What am I doing?' he asked himself in his mind. 'Why should I even care? I don't know her, and she doesn't know me. I'm not going to bother.' Even though his mind told him that, his body didn't respond the same way. The silver hair boy went back to her and decided to sit next to her while mentally yelling at himself for doing so.

"Miss, are you okay?" asked Naruto kindly. No response came from the girl. "Is there something that you want to tell anyone?" The girl gave no sign of recognition. Naruto could see she was really down. "I don't know what is upsetting you but if you want to cry it out, do so." The girl stopped sobbing for a sec and one of her eyes caught his appearance, she could tell it was familiar but she couldn't recall who it was. "Crying out would be a lot better," he continued. "If you want to cry on me, you are more than welcome to do so, 'WHY DID YOU SAY THAT, BAKA?! You know you always have no idea what to do when a girl cries!' hiding things within your-... oof!" The girl launched herself at him immediately and cried into his chest. Naruto really didn't know what to do, he did what he felt best for her and took her into his arms. He embraced her gently as she continued to cry louder. Now he was curious about why she was so upset, he activated his bloodline ability trying to read her thoughts, however, he found nothing, her mind was filled with mixed emotions. He sighed as he stroked her back hoping she would feel better.

"Hey, it's okay," comforted Naruto with the best of his ability which didn't seem to cut it. "It'll be fine."

"No, it won't..." she said while she sobbed not looking at him.

"What is actually wrong?" he asked with a little concern. "I ain't gonna force you to tell me, but if you tell me I can promise you it would be safe with me. Trust me on this one. My name is Uzumaki Naruto, what's yours?" That name perked her ears, did he just say Uzumaki Naruto? She immediately pulled herself together and broke the warm embrace. She looked at him carefully and firm, the dark shinobi blushed slightly when he saw her beautiful face, he couldn't feel anything but awkwardness.

"Naruto-kun?" she asked trying to confirm if this was a dream. The boy in front of her certainly looked like him. His clothing may be different from before but the whisker marks on his face were still there but only much fainter and his eyes were the same ocean blue colour she always loved. His hair was silver, his skin was a paler colour that suited his hair perfectly. Her eyes filled with tears once again.

"You... you are..." Naruto recognized her eyes immediately. His eyes widened a bit, it was the same eyes as the girl she remembered, lavender and no pupils. Her haircut was the same too, then her name suddenly popped into his head like magic. "You are Hyuga Hinata..."

"Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed as she projected herself at him unable to control her emotions.

"Hi-Hinata-chan, wait! OOF!" He stood up but she approached him hard. He fell backwards to the grass with a girl on top of him hugging him passionately not ever wanting to let go. She was crying again but this time it was tears of happiness and joy. He hugged her back wrapping his hands around her waist, she was warm and it felt right. The two were in that position for a several minutes before the Death Knight realized what kind of inelegant position they were in. If someone saw them, they would think the two teens were madly making out. Naruto sat back up into a sitting position but Hinata was still embracing him and groaned when she felt his arms leaving her. When she reluctantly broke the hug, she refused to remove her hand off of his arm. Naruto knew she didn't want to let go at all but he had to make her let go sooner or later. When Naruto tried to remove his hand, she shook her head giving him the sign to allow her to continue what she was doing. The Death Knight sighed in defeat.

"I can't feel my arm, Hinata-chan" stated Naruto slowly. She loosened the grip hesitantly and her face showed disappointment. To make her feel better, he held her hand softly which made her blush like a tomato. Naruto smiled at the sight, Hinata always blushed, it was like her trademark. Suddenly, she hugged him tightly and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Without Hinata knowing, Naruto blushed a bit. He couldn't believe she just kissed him. 'She's just too happy.' He thought not considering anything else.

"Naruto-kun... I missed you so much..." said Hinata sincerely. Her voice made him melt.

"You missed me?" he asked wondering why.

"Of course I did... you are my best friend... of course I would miss you!"

"I missed you too..."

"Why did you leave?" she asked suddenly breaking the embrace. Her voice was serious.

"What?" That was all Naruto could muster at the sudden change of emotion.

"You heard me," she continued with more force. "Why did you leave? Why?"

"I... I can't say..." he replied sadly.

"Why? Why Naruto-kun, why can't you tell me?" She was now angry, he had never seen her like this before. "You left... and you didn't tell me that you were leaving! You made me wait for you for so long... Did you think about those who you would leave behind? Those who care about you?"

"There is no one who cares about me, Hinata-chan." retorted Naruto bitterly. "What is there for me to care about?"

"What about me?" asked Hinata timidly and sadly at the same time.


"Answer me, Naruto-kun... did you think about me?"


"Did you even care about me?"

"I... I did feel guilty for leaving you..." he answered truthfully. "But you won't understand why I left."

"Yes, I would!" she said rather loudly. "You can tell me!"

"It's forbidden to let anyone know, it's a direct order from Hokage-sama."

"Please tell me... you have my word that I won't tell a single soul." She was persistent, the Death Knight couldn't blame her though, he has been missing for nearly eight years. She was the only person who truly cared for him. Pain showed in her eyes, he knew he was hurting her by not telling her. Hinata cared deeply for him.

"I can't do that, Hinata-chan... Even though you say you would understand, I know you wouldn't."

"Try me." she stated clearly. Her eyes were surprisingly demanding, it was a side of her that he never remembered. The Hinata he knew long ago was a shy little girl who thought of others more than she thought of herself. As his eyes observed her, he could sense the true intentions behind it.

"Fine," said the Death Knight finally with a sigh. She brightened up, it was an immediate response. "Hokage-sama didn't say anything about me telling anyone. However, before I start I want you to prepare what I am telling you." She nodded and gave all her attention to him. "Okay, it all started two weeks after the trip with Iruka-sensei..."

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