Epilogue and Chapter 19: Depart of Affliction

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Naruto was still at the Hyuga estate during the morning, Hinata begged him to remain since she wanted to stay close to him at all times. Knowing that he won't be seeing her for a while, he wanted to cherish every part of it. He tugged her closer to him feeling her warmth as she placed her head on his chest sighing pleasantly. No words needed to be said, their silence and company did the task just fine. Naruto kissed her forehead gently while she radiated like a strawberry adorably after. Naruto smiled a sincere smile, deep in his mind he knew he wouldn't be able to witness this charming face for a certain time.

Later that morning, the Death Knight could tell it was the right moment to make his departure. The Hyuga girl wanted him to stay for obvious reasons but he made an excuse of saying he needed to find clothes that suited the funeral. He already knew he wasn't going to go since he needed to leave Konoha as soon as possible, the only reason he needed to return home was to pack up his money and supplies for his journey.

"Naruto-kun, do you have to leave so soon?" Hinata asked while holding his hand softly with her own. It was clear that she wanted him to remain just a bit longer. He simply smiled back.

"Yeah, I've got some preparations to deal with," lied Naruto skillfully.

"Will you pick me up later for the ceremony?"

"Sure thing," He then leaned down to kiss the gorgeous girl in front of him on the cheek. She blushed cutely at his touch and it was noticed by the dark warrior. He smiled at that display, blushing suited her so perfectly. With a farewell, Naruto left the gates and disappeared with a Blink.

"Oh, Naruto-kun..." Hinata murmured lovingly to the winds as he departed. Hanabi watched her from behind the hallway, she smiled genuinely at her sister's male guardian. The little girl couldn't help but to feel happy for her but at the same time, a sense of enviousness awakened as well. The little Hyuga wanted someone like Naruto to appreciate her as well, it was just human nature.

(At Naruto's apartment)

"Gaara-san, what are you doing here?" asked Naruto as he landed at his front door.

"Just to visit you since we all knew that you were the most injured one amongst all the genins," explained Gaara with a bit of emotion instead of a monotone. "I went to the hospital but you weren't there."

"I was being treated at the Hyuga mansion," answered Naruto taking his keys that accessed to his apartment. "Hey, you want to come in? I could use your help, my friend."

"What do you need me to help on?"


"What, you're going to live in another country?" asked Gaara in a real hurry. "C'mon man, just because Konoha has a lot of bad people doesn't mean you should leave. You have a lot of friends here and they need you..." He was interrupted when the Death Knight made a grip on his shoulder telling him to calm down.

"I'm just leaving for a mission, Gaara-san," said Naruto chuckling. "I just want you to accompany me before I make my departure."

"When are you leaving?" asked the Sand boy as he closed the door behind him locking it.

"Nearly immediately."

"That soon?"

"Yeah. I know it's a bit sudden."

"Don't tell me Jiraiya-sama sent you on the search and retrieve the 5th Hokage mission."

"What do you know about it?" asked the dark shinobi raising an eyebrow and offering a cup of tea.

"They said they needed a 5th Hokage as soon as possible, I suppose they would need someone to look for one. That's the only logical thing I could think of." Gaara then took a sip of it.

"I wanted you or some other people here to come along with me so I wouldn't be too alone. I heard that you volunteered your services here to protect Konoha."

"Yeah, I did. This places defenses are too low for the time being, Rin-san and I would be working on these tasks while other medics and shinobis do their jobs as well."

"The invasion must've did some wonders didn't it?" asked Naruto sarcastically as he took out a soldier type backpack and took clothing along with weapons from his room.

"It did more than most people imagined. What surprised me was that it did so much damage and the operation was unprepared."

"It's a good thing you didn't help them, Gaara-san."

"I just couldn't," answered Gaara with a grin. "That would make me sink lower than a demon."

"Don't start with such a depressing subject," advised Naruto as he placed two kunais in his weapon holster on his right thigh. "You said you would be working with Rin?"

"Yeah, that's what I said," stated the red head with his eyes narrowing a bit. "What are you getting at?"

"She's a nice person, I bet she would like a person like you,"

"You know her?"

"She's my sister." responded Naruto while putting clothes in his pack.

"I met her once before, she looks nothing like you!"

"She isn't my biological sister, we're just extremely close friends. Anyway, please take care of her for me. Sometimes she could get a bit reckless because she wants to complete her tasks too badly at times."

"Don't worry, I will. Hey, what else do you need packed?"

"Other than clothing, money, water, weapons, passport, mission info, compass, maps, medicine, sleeping gear, food, I suppose nothing else is really needed. The last I need is to bring too much stuff."


"Protect Konoha well for me, okay?" asked Naruto as he patted his friend while in a friendship hug.

"No problem, Naruto." With that, Naruto exited the apartment with Gaara. After making final checks, the Death Knight leaped high to the air and Blinked to the West Gate's direction while Gaara made his way back to the temporary residence that he was living with his siblings. Gaara grinned knowing his friend was going to be safe and sound. 'Good luck, Naruto,' thought the Sand genin before he turned his head back towards his own destination.

(Meanwhile, somewhere in the training areas near the hospital)

"I can't believe you mastered it already, Sasuke-kun!" exclaimed Sakura hugging her now lover tightly in a delightful embrace. The Uchiha was shocked at the girl's impulse and blushed. (AN: Sasuke wasn't that injured, that's why he could still train, okay? But it was wise to return to the hospital afterwards)

"Yeah... but I can't breathe..."

"I'm sorry!" she said quickly softening her grip. She then kissed him on the cheek as a token of congratulations. The raven hair boy couldn't help but smile and the jounin a few feet away from them was coughing trying to get their attention.

"I really can't believe Sasuke-kun has mastered the Chidori in such a short amount of time. I was hoping that Sakura could learn it but who would've thought that you, Sasuke, beat her to it." said the masked jounin.

"With the Sharingan, this became a lot more simpler that it seemed," said the Uchiha breathing a bit tiredly. "Even so... I don't think I could use it too often..."

"You're right, this move does require a lot of chakra to perform, based on what I can see here you could only do this technique twice a day (AN: Why can't it be if he has enough chakra? If Sasuke used it two times in one hour, after like 10 hours of rest, don't you think he has enough chakra to use it again?), or three times at absolute maximum. I could use this only 5 times a day myself."

"Only 3 times for Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura. "Is that enough?"

"It's still incredible for a person at his age to be able to use this jutsu, Sakura," reminded Kakashi. "Well, looks like Sasuke here really put himself at his limits this morning. Go home and have some rest, you don't want to be completely wasted when the ceremony begins this afternoon." Suddenly, the jounin's visible eye glanced at a particular direction, his face suddenly darkened and the genins noticed this unexpected change.

"Is something wrong, Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sasuke in a low voice.

"You seem like you've seen a ghost," added Sakura.

"It's nothing," replied Kakashi putting a fake smile as he took out a familiar novel. "Sorry to worry you, I have a small report to make so I'll see you guys later." With that, the masked man disappeared in a flash.

"Does he always come in and out like that?" asked the Uchiha to his girlfriend.

"Not usually..." answered Sakura with her eyes twitching as she remembered the new volume of Icha Icha Paradise Kakashi was reading before he left.

"Looks like we're alone."

"Where do you want to go?"

"Anywhere with you, my Sakura."

"How about we go and have another breakfast? I'm starved from this training."

"Sounds like a plan," said the Uchiha taking her hand gently and kissing her smoothly on the lips. She flushed slightly at this. "C'mon let's go." Together, Sasuke and Sakura went to the central district of Konoha to where the real good food was. They wanted to cherish their moments just like how Naruto would want to with Hinata.

(At the West Gate of Konoha)

The Death Knight made his way to the large gates minutes later due to his speed, he was surprised that he found no one guarding the area. There was one but he seemed to be sleeping. Naruto raised his eyebrow in a questioning way, he couldn't believe there were such slacks in Konoha. As he walked to the guard, he realized this person was a person he met before.

"Gekkou Hayate?" Naruto said in disbelief. Then he looked at the not so promising in health jounin and felt his pulse. Luckily, he had a pulse so Naruto could tell he was alive. 'His health must've really gotten to him,' thought Naruto as he grinned in an entertaining way. Somehow, he felt a slight uneasiness about Hayate's unconsciousness. He quickly activated his eyes and leered with amusement. He sensed traces of chakra behind, it must've been a genjutsu. However, when he sensed the chakra once again he figured who had done this.

'Itachi-sempai must be here,' thought Naruto glancing back to the village scanning with his eyes. 'I could tell this was one of his work, I wonder what he's doing here though. If he came to look for me, I'm sure he would find me sooner or later. Well, meeting him in Konoha wouldn't be the wisest thing to do due his reputation here. At the same time, I shouldn't delay this mission by returning to find him. No matter, I'm sure it would be safer if he found me in the outskirts of Konoha.'

The dark shinobi then read the notice that was nailed to the command post, it said IMPORTANT (AN: In Japanese of course) in big words. He decided to read it.

"To all Konoha civilians," Naruto read out loud. "When you leave this place, make sure you register with the guard that is on duty to ensure you have access back in. People with no proof or evidence that they belong to Konoha will not be able to enter without any excuse or reasoning. This rule applies to ninjas as well. If shinobis bring back a foreign person from another location, make sure to show your mission briefings so the guards know you were on a mission. Not only that, the foreigner must be the same person in the briefings. Tourists and visitors may not enter here for the time being unless from direct order from the Kages or mission. Please make sure you sign your name before you leave or we wouldn't hesitate to put anyone in the missing-nin category. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, this is for the safety of Konoha."

Naruto sighed as he took a pen from Hayate and snatched the clipboard next to him that said Entry List. He signed his name on it and placed the clipboard back at the command post. The next minute, he vanished as he melded into the shadows.

(At the exact same moment, at the side of the Konoha River)

"Why are you even here?" asked Kakashi with a dangerous aura developing. "There is no way that we could just allow you, Uchiha Itachi, to leave this place unnoticed."

"You are S-class missing nins," Kurenai stated firmly. "We are obligated to take you back, we won't just hesitate just because you said you want to avoid trouble."

"You have a lot of guts showing up here, Uchiha Itachi," snarled Asuma readying himself for combat. "You really don't value yourself after what you did to the Uchiha clan."

"Kakashi-san, Asuma-san, Kurenai-san," said Itachi calmly with no slight hint of fear. "I wish not to fight any of you, please let us go by in peace."

"Think again," growled Kakashi. "You could demand that in your dreams."

"Hey, Itachi-san," said Kisame in a bored voice. "Can I deal with these people?"

"No, your moves stand out too much."

"We're not letting you pass," Kurenai declared cautiously. "That's final."

"Is that your final answer?"

"Looks like it is," said Kisame smirking.

"We're sticking with it," said Asuma.

"Fine, you made me do this..." It was then when the Uchiha activated the Sharingan in the highest level. Kakashi immediately revealed his Sharingan knowing what kind of technique Itachi was planning to do. Kakashi's eyes widened in both fear and alert, this wasn't good at all.

"You two, close your eyes immediately!" ordered Kakashi as he glared into Itachi's eyes with his own Sharingan. Kurenai and Asuma promptly shut their eyes and waited for further orders. As Kakashi continued to stare deeply, a sense of amusement was striking the Uchiha.

'It's useless...' thought Itachi coldly while smiling in a sinister manner. The next second, a tortured scream could be heard a mile away.

(That current early afternoon after the Hokage's Funeral)

"Hi, Hinata-san," called Sakura to her teammate with Sasuke tagging along.

"Hi, Sakura-san," replied Hinata with disappointment in her voice. Sasuke raised an eyebrow by a little at her voice. "How are you?"

"I'm fine thanks and Sasuke-kun is fine too. What about you?"

"A little bit down..."

"Are you still upset about the Third's death?" asked Sasuke in a friendly concerned tone.

"He died a proud man, he doesn't want us to feel that way." Sakura kindly reminded.

"No, it's not about that," said Hinata shaking her head. "It's just that Naruto-kun didn't show up at the ceremony... he promised that he'll be here with me."

"That's strange..." mumbled the Uchiha observing the crowd. "There's no way Naruto would miss out on an important event such as this one. Have you guys found something else funny?"

"What could that be, Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura curiously.

"Kakashi-sensei, Gai-sensei, Kurenai-sensei and Asuma-sensei weren't here either..."

"Why weren't they here?"

"I have no idea... but I got a feeling that this is no coinsidence."

"Do you think the 4 jounins that are missing have something to do with Naruto-kun?" asked Hinata.

"I can't safely assume that just yet, Hinata-san, but I think we should check on what happened to the jounins first."

"Why not Naruto-ni-chan?" suggested Sakura.

"That guy isn't a person who you could just find because you want to, you have know how he thinks and I'm sure that not even Hinata-san knows completely." Hinata playfully punched the Uchiha in the shoulder making a cute pout. "Okay, sorry... but we all know he ain't your average guy."

"Agreed," said the Hyuga heiress. "Let's look for Kakashi-sensei." The other two nodded and searched Konoha for the jounins. Things were strange, first Naruto and now the jounins.

(Meanwhile at the outskirts of Konoha)

"The Demon Hunter is certainly quick," said the first cloaked man. "He already left the village to a fair distance in a short amount of time. He's lot faster than the last time we met him, eh, Itachi-san?"

"Agreed," said the second cloaked man with the pair of Sharingan eyes. "That boy is really full of surprises, I don't know how he does it."

"Nonetheless, we have to find him soon and tell him about the mission we just received."

"I really don't know how to break it to him, Kisame," said Itachi sighing. "This mission could cost us our identities as undercover spies which we can't afford. At the same time, we can't just complete it..."

"We have to discuss it with him then," said Kisame seriously.

"For the first time, I'm out of ideas..."

"I'm sure that he sensed our chakras while we were in Konoha, I wonder why he didn't meet up with us then? It's certainly a lot easier that way."

"That may be true but the easy way isn't the safe way," corrected the older Uchiha. "I'm sure the boy led us out here so we could encounter him in a secure way. You do know Konoha is hunting me."

"Maybe we shouldn't have fought those jounins back there," suggested Kisame with a grin.

"I needed to have a bit of fun," said Itachi grinning as well.

"And back there you said you wished to be left alone..." Kisame then shook his head in an amused way.

"I'm a man with a second story, no one believes my first." The Mist-nin chuckled a bit at his humor.

"Enough silliness, Itachi-san, we need to get going."

"Agreed." With that the two missing-nins quickly leaped from their high spot to the forests following the trail that the Demon Hunter they were searching for.

(At the same moment)

Naruto found himself at a loud town about 2 hours' worth of travel. It was about eight to fifteen kilometers away from Konoha. It seemed there was a huge social event took place, normally a person would consider themselves lucky but the Death Knight didn't. The last he wanted was loudness and yelling because people were happy. To him, this kind of rowdiness wasn't necessary, it was pure annoying to the core. (AN: In real life, I hate people yelling because they are happy for minor things. It's purely irritating) Regardless, this town would be a good place to rest but there was just one problem. He didn't need to stop yet, he found that his body was still quite refreshed. Just when he thought that he would go past this town and keep going, something clicked into his head.


"If you want to search for a specific person," explained Jiraiya to Rin and Naruto when they were 10. "Always go into a town and ask people at places that a lot people go to. The chances of getting the information there is surprisingly higher. There are a lot of gossips and rumors in towns that may be prove useful, this kind of opportunity should never be discarded." The two then nodded promptly with a smile.

(End Flashback)

With that thought reminded, Naruto decided to stay in this place for a while. He opened the map and read a small detail about this town. All he needed was the population and he could estimate the size of this place. By the looks of it, it may take him about a day to venture the main locations carefully. He entered the town without trouble since it wasn't a hidden village and decided to make way to a bar since he knew Tsunade loved to drink. He never liked bars knowing what kind of people could be there. He allowed a breath of air escape, at times there were just things on missions that no one could avoid.

(Currently in Konoha)

"What the hell did you say?" asked Sasuke holding Gai by the collar with his Sharingan activated with maximum rage. The jounins sighed at Gai's arrogance except for Kakashi who was unconscious.

"Can you please let go of me?" Gai asked nervously.


"Sasuke-kun, let go of Gai-sensei!" pleaded Sakura trying to pry his arms off the collar.

"Calm down, Sasuke-kun..." said Hinata. "Killing Gai-sensei now won't do you any good..."

"How do you expect me to calm down when I hear the name Uchiha Itachi?" questioned the Uchiha in a snarl. He then released the jounin hastily. "Why are you so calm anyway, Hinata-san? Didn't you hear what he said just now? Itachi is after Naruto!" Hinata's face suddenly was drained of colour, a sense of worry suddenly came across her expression.

"What are we going to do?" screamed Hinata shocking the jounins in an instant. "What would Uchiha Itachi do to Naruto-kun?"

"How would I know?" Sasuke growled angrily since the girl was shaking him.

"We won't know if we keep standing here," said Sakura breaking the two apart.

"I'm going to find Naruto-kun," said the heiress rushing out of the room filled with worry. "I'm going with or without you."

"What are you talking about, I'm coming alright!" Sasuke and Sakura both dashed off in a flash. Kurenai and Asuma flashed Gai a glare immediately as the genins left, the Konoha green beast couldn't help but avoid their gaze awkwardly. He knew he messed up big time.

"Why must things turn out like this?" asked Kurenai sighing deeply in annoyance.

"Should we catch up with them?" asked Asuma carefully not wanting to tick the female jounin off anymore than she already was.

"I don't know..." she replied as she glanced at Kakashi. "This is really bad... First the Third... now Kakashi is like this. I'm so lost..."

"We all are," said Asuma comforting his friend. "Let's hope Kakashi wakes up soon."


"Hey kid, you're not allowed in here," called the bartender as Naruto entered. Naruto mentally cursed himself for forgetting to make a henge before entering. Even though he was 5 feet and 4 inches, his looks didn't make him look like at least a very mature teen.

"Sorry, I just want to ask you something," said Naruto showing signs he wasn't here to drink. "I'll leave afterwards."

"What do you need then?" asked the bartender signaling him to come closer.

"I want to ask you if you have seen this person," The Death Knight then took out a picture of Tsunade from the one of his folders. "It would be really helpful if you tell me." The man looked at the picture carefully for an exceptionally long time. The dark shinobi could tell that bartender was attracted by her beauty. 'I could tell this man is a pervert...' Naruto told himself mentally in a dark expression.

"Sorry kiddo," said the man in an apologetic tone about a minute later. "I don't think I could help you." Naruto frowned a bit but remained his smile nonetheless.

"Thanks for saying so." He then asked a few other people but still achieved no result that showed satisfaction. He sighed in defeat and hoped he would have better luck on the next bar.

(About an hour to 3 hours later after going to another 3 to 5 bars)

'This place is a lot bigger than I imagined it to be...' thought the Death Knight feeling a bit hot from the sun. It wouldn't have been such a big deal but he was wearing black clothing. 'Who knows where Tsunade could've went to in this town. I'm sure she was here at some point, I'm not going to rest until I at least have an idea as of where to look next.' He then wiped a sweat from his forehead. 'Damn, carrying this pack around with me isn't too wise... I do intend to spend the day here, I might as well find a place to stay so I could drop this stuff off.' He then found an appealing motel and registered there. He went to his room that was room 223 and dropped off his stuff. The Death Knight then lied down on the bed with a sad look.

'It sure feels different without Hinata-chan hugging me all night...' thought Naruto as he allowed his eyes to drift to the ceiling staring at it trying to imagine Hinata smiling. 'Should I have left so suddenly? I know Hina-chan wouldn't be pleased at this. I'll just say I was under orders and it couldn't be helped... I can't believe I miss her already. I'm sure she would feel the same way.' Naruto then got off his bed and opened the soldier type backpack to look for some instant ramen, it had been a few hours since he left. It was around the mid afternoon at that time.

As he poured hot water into the cup of noodles, he heard knocking on the door. He activated his eyes immediately knowing that no one would be looking for him. As he noticed the two extremely high chakra levels outside, he grinned as an immediate result. He opened the door just to see two figures in black cloaks somewhat towering over him. The Death Knight simply smirked at the visitors, especially the one with the red eyes with no emotion of passion whatsoever.

"It has been a while, hasn't it Demon Hunter?" asked Itachi coolly. Kisame smirked at his friend's attitude, it was something that was traditional between the two.

"Indeed, Itachi-sempai," Naruto returned with the same attitude with a grin. Then he turned to Kisame with a delightful smile. "Kisame-sempai, I missed you as well."

"Looks like you've grown up nicely, Naruto," said Kisame ruffling the boy's hair. "You sure have grown a lot taller than before." Naruto simply allowed his sempai to do that, it was something he always did when he was still a boy.

"Your cold attitude sure hasn't changed," said Itachi with amusement. "How are you supposed to get girls like that? It works for a while but later on... it's gonna be a turn off."

"I'm like this not because of girls, Itachi-sempai," said Naruto not thinking that joke was funny in anyway. "You can thank those bastards in Konoha for this."

"I was just teasing you, Demon Hunter," said Itachi backing a bit. "Don't take it so personally."

"Sorry, sempai..." said Naruto. "It's just that I don't like my attitude to be mocked."

"I should be the one sorry, Naruto," Itachi then bent down to his level. "You want your sempai to make it up to you?"

"I wasn't a child like that a long time ago, sempai," stated the Death Knight with a smile. "There's no need for you to do that."

"C'mon, you always liked that before."

"I've grown out of it..."

"I noticed."

"Itachi-san, we aren't here to have a reunion," reminded Kisame. "We need to tell him 'that'." At this point, the dark shinobi suddenly was alerted. He met the Mist-nin's eyes with his own demanding the info.

"What do you need to tell me, Kisame-sempai?" asked Naruto calmly but a bit anxious to know what this gathering was all about.

"It's about a mission we received two days ago," explained Kisame. "You are involved in it."

"Does that organization want me to complete some task for them? I have nothing to do with the Akatsuki."

"It's not that," said Itachi trying to use the best words he could gather.

"Then what is it?"

"The organization wants you," finished Kisame rather bluntly which earned a glare from Itachi. "That's what they want. They want us to take you back to them." Naruto smiled darkly.

"They just want Kyubi's power don't they?" asked Naruto already knowing the answer. "What a bunch of greedy cowards..." The two older shinobis breathed in frustration. "What are your plans? Are you going to take me back to them? Are you going to follow your task or not?"

"Of course we don't want to, Naruto," said Itachi in an irritated voice but not at the boy.

"But how long can you two make up excuses?"

"We could for a long time, they know that you're extremely powerful because of your Death Knight abilities and your ability to hunt down demons," Kisame noted.

"However, after a certain amount of time, the organization would expect results." Itachi reminded which Naruto was inclined to agree.

"I'll destroy that Akatsuki..." growled Naruto angrily.

"Don't even think about doing something that stupid," said Kisame holding the boy on the left shoulder with one hand calming him down. "Even though you're strong, you don't stand a chance against the leaders. Itachi-san and I have been in that organization for some years now, we know we aren't considered a challenge."

"Are the main leaders that powerful?" asked Naruto in quite of a disbelief tone.

"They are, trust me. What are you doing out here anyway?"

"I've got a classified mission to deal with." Naruto stated dully.

"What is it about?"

"Finding the 5th Hokage... my big sister..." Kisame's face paled, he remembered that woman, she had to be one of the most 'unique' person he and Itachi had ever met. She might be very attractive (AN: Mostly because of her massive cleavage), but her temper made the two realize why she was still single.

They looked at Itachi who had been quiet for some time now. His eyes changed emotions, the remaining two knew something was up. Naruto then sensed a raging aura nearby, Itachi must've noticed this before him, the older Uchiha wasn't his sempai for nothing.

"It has been a while..." Itachi spoke in a cold tone. "Sasuke."

"Uchiha... Itachi..." Sasuke announced his name in a threatening tone with his Sharingan activated. Naruto narrowed his eyes in annoyance, why did he have to show up? This was unnecessary. However, he nearly jerked back when he saw Hinata and Sakura behind him. This was definitely not called for.

'Why is Hinata-chan here? Sakura-chan as well... what in the hell is going on here?'

"The Sharingan," said Kisame amused. "This is the second person that I've seen that has them. Hey, Itachi-san, he looks kind of like you, who is he anyway?"

"My little brother." Itachi stated with his back turned to the younger Uchiha. Sakura and Hinata's eyes widened at that fact. They were shocked to hear another Uchiha was alive but now they nearly gasped in fear knowing this was Sasuke's brother. They knew someone committed the Uchiha massacre years ago but they never figured out who it was. A sudden sense of realization hit the two girls, the reason why Sasuke was showing such a forceful sense of hostility that he never appealed to anyone else before, this man must be the person Sasuke longed to exterminate from existence.

"Uchiha Itachi, I'm going to kill you..." Sasuke said in a much more dangerous tone. Hinata and Sakura slowly took a step back giving the raven hair boy some space. It was then when Sasuke gathered much chakra into his left hand that it began to radiate. "For many years I have hated you... I have lived a pitiful and low life just like you said..." It was then when his hand was filled with enraging chakra. "And I have survived!"

'Chidori?' thought Itachi with hidden signs of proud feeling for his brother.

'What kind of jutsu is that?' thought Naruto as he sensed the Chidori's strength was extremely high. It wasn't your normal jutsus that anyone could just learn. 'It's as strong as my Rasengan...' It was then when Sasuke angrily plowed the Chidori on the side wall making a deep dent and charged towards the three aiming at Itachi.

"Sasuke-kun, no!" shouted Sakura. However, the Uchiha just kept his dash and increased his movement with a loud battle cry.

"Die!" Sasuke reached out his fully charged arm ready to sink into Itachi's flesh. However, the older Uchiha simply grabbed Sasuke's arm and held it in a tight firm grip halting the Chidori completely. As Itachi stopped it, the Chidori struck the wall creating a powerful explosion causing a large hole. Sasuke winced in anger when he still found himself too weak to kill Itachi.

'When will you know the real truth...' thought Itachi sadly when he saw the pain in his brother's eyes. He wanted to tell him the incident wasn't like how it seemed. He wanted to clear things up but it was classified information until the time was right to reveal it. 'Little brother... you've become strong, I want you to remain strong and seek your true purpose in life.'

"Knock him out..." whispered Naruto in a very silent voice to his Uchiha sempai. It was obvious he wasn't making eye contact. "I don't want any of them to know anymore details of the mission I have."

"What about the girls?" asked Kisame just as quietly.

"Deal with Sasuke first but don't use those eyes of yours..." Naruto commanded with a flash of his own deadly eyes that rivaled the Sharingan's. "Don't hurt Hinata-chan or Sakura-chan, got it?" Itachi then forcefully lifted the younger Uchiha in the position they were at before and glared into each other's eyes. One cold, one enraged.

"You still have a long way to go, little brother..." Itachi declared coldly as he punched Sasuke heavily in the gut making him vomit. Sakura gasped just like how Hinata did, at that instant Itachi launched a power kick at the boy's ribs sending him off crashing to the wall behind Hinata and Sakura. As Sasuke slid and hit the ground powerlessly, the girls could tell he was unconscious.

"Naruto-kun!" shouted Hinata angrily. "What are you doing standing with those guys that hurt Sasuke-kun? Attack them! Are you on their side too?"

"Naruto-ni-chan, do something would you?" urged Sakura in a desperate voice.

"There's no need for me to do that." Naruto replied coolly.

"What are you doing out here anyway?" Hinata demanded for an answer.

"What I'm doing right now is none of your concern, Hinata!" snapped the Death Knight stepping forward. The Hyuga girl was shocked that he didn't add that suffix in her name, Naruto never did that. It was then when she saw his eyes shining with cold rage. "Get out of here, now!"

"I'm not leaving without you!"

"Ni-chan, why have you betrayed us?" asked Sakura holding Sasuke in the verge of tears.

"I haven't betrayed anyone," Naruto declared in a solemn voice. "Take Sasuke back to the hospital, I'll explain everything later, I'll keep my word."

"Come back with us, Naruto-kun," pleaded Hinata wanting to cry. "Please... you don't have to stay here."

"Get going!" Naruto demanded harshly. Deep down he hated to yell at her and Sakura but he knew he had to, not only that the truth of Itachi and Kisame couldn't be revealed here, Naruto's mission wasn't something that he could tell to the open. Hinata aided Sakura in lifting the unconscious Uchiha but gave Naruto a very saddened look before she left. The Death Knight avoided her look trying real hard to keep a straight face.

"Naruto-ni-chan..." Sakura was now crying. "I can't believe you!" She then turned away with a crushed expression. Naruto grimaced and averted her face deliberately.

"Please come back to me soon... Naruto-kun..." whispered the heiress before disappearing within the three's vision along with Sakura. 'I will come back, Hinata-chan...' thought the Death Knight painfully. 'I promise...'

"You okay, Naruto?" asked Kisame breaking the silence a minute later with a bit of concern. The boy wiped a bit of tears that were in his eyes before giving his sempai a forced smile.

"I'll be okay..." replied the dark warrior obviously in emotional pain.

"Those people mean a lot to you don't they?" asked Itachi knowingly. Naruto simply nodded.

"You love that Hyuga, don't you?" Kisame asked him understandingly. Naruto nodded once again.

"Take care of Sasuke for me, okay?" Naruto nodded slowly with a smile.

"Itachi-sempai, Kisame-sempai... I don't think I could stay here for much longer after this commotion," said Naruto sadly. "It'll be best if I continue my search now."

"If you are looking for Tsunade-chan," said Itachi reaching something in his black cloak. "I think this would help you a bit." He then handed the Death Knight a piece of paper.

"What is this, sempai?" Naruto asked as he received it.

"Information about a city," elaborated Kisame pointing to a spot on the map. "This is a place where gambling often takes place. You could say that at parts of that town is a 24 hour casino and night clubs."

"I really don't want to go there..." 'Night clubs for 24 hours? What kind of infested town is that? I'd bet Jiraiya would love to go there...'

"We've heard something from a gambler about the Legendary Sucker showing up there," said Itachi knowing his apprentice mind. "It's only rational to seek info there. If any luck, she could still be there." Naruto slid the map into his pocket with a smile of gratitude, his sempais already made the task that much easier.

"Are there any key monuments that I could tell that is the town I am looking for?" asked the boy. Itachi and Kisame were impressed at his readiness and sharp judgement.

"There is a large gray castle there at a higher hill," Kisame stated. "It should be quite easy to spot." Naruto then made a satisfied grin. This was just perfect.

"Will you be accompanying me on this thing?"

"I don't think so, Demon Hunter," said Itachi a bit apologetically. "We aren't people who should show our faces at a place such as that. Looks like you have to do it alone."

"No problem," said Naruto reassuringly. "Your info was all I need." He then took his backpack from his room and bid a short farewell. "It was great seeing you two again, I hope next time it wouldn't be that troublesome."

"Same here," Kisame stated as he ruffled the boy's hair one last time.

"Good luck, Naruto." Itachi simply said but the dark warrior didn't mind.

"I'll see you later." Naruto made a goodbye signal. With a hand seal formed, all three of them disappeared in a flash leaving the hotel in the same condition it was at.

As the Death Knight reached outside, he immediately dashed his way out of this town and ventured further down in the west knowing Tsunade was out there somewhere. He needed to accomplish this quickly knowing his loving girlfriend was waiting for him. Not only that he needed to finish this task for himself, the future of Konoha rested on his shoulders, there was no way that he could fail for failure wasn't an option. As he thought of an image of Hinata, Sakura and the others, he knew he had no time to waste. He soon leaped high into the sky and vanished in the thin air leaving no traces behind.

Volume 1 End.

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