Love, Luck and Light

Chapter 1: Love

Yami hugged the pillow against his chest, his heart beating against his rib cage. Tears formed in the corners of his crimson eyes, the clear liquid seeming like blood against his eyes. He breathed deeply through his pillow, trying to calm himself and quell the tears in his eyes. He swore that no tears of his would ever touch the ground, he wouldn't be weak like he was. The tears stay in his eyes, warm and comfortingly painful. He brushed at the aggravated with their presence. It hurt so. He bit into his pillow, stuffing his mouth full of the clothe before pulling it out, mouth dry and parched with the moisture it had lost to the pillow. He threw the pillow from his sight against his wall to stay lying on his back, gazing brokenly at his roof. He turned his head to the side, facing the wall. He traced all the dimples and the paint strokes with his eyes and fingers critically, wanting to do something but uncertain of what he wanted to do. He rolled of his bed tensely, he needed something, anything to distract him from the painful existence of his heart. With his motion of rolling he had landed in the direct line of sunlight, He growled and got to his feet, eyes stinging from the sunlight that had flared into them as he had rolled. He opened his door and walk into the hallway, not knowing what to do with himself, his mind and soul reminded him of an empty cavern, his heat beat the water droplets crashing to the ground to sting him with eerie sound.

"Yami? Where are you going?" his mother said as he headed to the door, coat in hand. He had hardly realised he had grabbed it and was intending to go out. He stopped momentarily, not looking over to his mother, but remaining eyes forward and gazing through matter.

"Out, I'll be back later." He said, voice shallow empty and cold. Void of all emotion void of anything at all. He walked to the door with empty steps. Everything was empty.

He pulled the door open slowly and calmly, he stepped out into the sunshine and closed the door behind him. He walked down the stairs and into the streets. His eyes were hollow and sleepless, his very essence and aura seemed dimmed. The confidence, superiority and pride were dimmed low and flickering in the passing breeze. His frame and stance no longer strong but tired. His smoulderingly warm eyes were coal cold, dark dimmed. No one noticed him, no one acknowledged his existence and passed around him.

How had he fallen into this? What reason did he have? No reason, no reason at all but for love. The sharp jagged blade of love, he had once danced along it gleaming steel surface, never faltering, never falling into the blade of love. He had encouraged others to leap into that blade on which he danced. They would dive down to it, and roll along it's edge over to one side, the happy side. But he himself denied the leap into love, never feeling it never trusting the blade he walked. Others took the leap to the blade and rolled along it's surface, some would be cut before rolling to the happy side others would not. Others would fall to the other side of the blade, the one dark bleak and jagged. The wounds would drip blood into the blade staining it red, and sometimes, people from the blades other side or people on it would extend a hand to the darkness, the blood stained people, balancing them on the blade until the stopped bleeding and danced again. Yami had leapt, leapt and failed.

Tears rose to his eyes again but stayed in his eyes, before dissolving back into his system and creating another empty sound in his empty cavern. His eyes remained focused on the ground, not daring to look up. He moved slowly, cautiously through the crowds, not caring when someone dumped him, not caring for their ranting voices. His shoulders were hunched, hands jammed into his pockets. He looked up to see where his feet had wandered him to. He was in the park, a common meeting place for lovers or the forgotten, the high and the low, the innocent and the evil. He gazed over at a couple, recognising their faces. That was Bakura and in his arms with the shy Ryou.

Yami analysed them as he sat against a tree trunk buried deep within the shadows he loved so well. Bakura smiled as Ryou strained his neck to whisper something in his ear. The two had never existed well together before now. Bakura had been a thug, a ruthless thief and a murderer. He took pleasure in cries of pain, in the taste of blood on his lips. It seemed he loved something on his lips apart from blood and had chosen it over the blood. The faint cupid lips of Ryou. Ryou the shy British boy, he wanted nothing more than to be left alone as opposed to being teased and ridiculed. He lived in a world of books, a world that Bakura had reached through to find him. Bakura was harsh to everyone but Ryou, his Ryou. Ryou's eyes closed and a soft smile graced his lips, as the two remained embraced in the sunlight. Yami turned his head to view the other occupants of the park analysing them each. A man sleeping beneath the sheets of newspaper he made his bed beneath, how did he think? What did he appreciate of his life? Did he want to just lie there until he died?

Seto Kaiba sat on a park bench, gazing at his laptop screen with an emotionless and uncaring expression on his face. He looked up every now and again to look at his young brother Mokuba playing on the monkey Bars. Seto Kaiba the cold CEO of Kaiba corp. was always caring of his brother, he was the only thing that mattered to him but for the young blond playing on the monkey bars with his brother. Joey was there as well, smiling and playing with the younger Kaiba and looking over at the CEO through his hair every now and again. It was amazing how the puppy had discovered his master to be more kind then appearances and that he cared for the one he had oh so angrily dubbed the puppy. Yami's eyes wandered around the park finding it fairly empty. But for the children, carefree and young. Playing innocently, teasing each other jokingly, and screaming playfully as they chased each other around the park. Yami shut his eyes dismayingly, rising to his feet again.

He walked through to the other side of the park, heading towards the sea, the salty spray of the foaming sea. He shut his eyes against gathering tears as he remembers the pain in his heart. What had caused it? You may ask. Eyes, amethyst eyes, soft warm skin, an innocent smile, a loving glance and one little boy had reeled Yami all the way in. He was like a shark caught by a skilled hunter, he had followed the scent the flash of glimmering eyes and fallen pray to the young boys spell. Yami was drawn to the sway of his hips when he walked, walking his own small dance, drawn to the serenade buried deep within his beautiful words, a never ending song. The sweet smelling youth had caught Yami hard, Yami believed in True love but true love it seemed did not believe in him. Did not believe in him enough to place this gem, this treasured jewel in his hands but instead had let him gaze into its surface and snatched it away, tearing the foreskin from his heart and leaving it bare and begging. Begging desperately for shelter from the harsh shards of icy glass pain. Why was he denied of his affections? He denied them from himself, he wasn't worthy of the one he held so dear to his heart. His eyes clenched shut in pain, and a voice mocked him quietly in his mind. 'What are you crying about? Why are you being so weak?' It cooed in his ear. Yami shook his head to free himself of the voice and the pain, settling along the sandy shores.

He remembered clearly gazing out up this same water at this same time with his loves friend Tea. She had been polite and was far into friendship, not afraid to show the world how truly childish and odd she was. Friendship? Love? She saw it everywhere, and was confident in everything she said and did. It was through her he had gotten to know his young infatuation. His presence was intoxicatingly innocent and beautiful, his face cherubic and young. He was so filled with heart, so filled with compassion. Yami sighed in remembrance of him. He had felt so cold when he had heard, that his love loved another. He had become so dark since then, so cold. Before he had heard the news he had become good friends with the young boy, keeping to his side and always listening out for him, looking out for him in a crowd. When Yami returned from his wanderings each day and checked his messages he would receive a volley of calls each one of them from Yuugi, trying to contact his friend, wondering what was wrong with him, not knowing he was the cause of Yami's sorrow. Not knowing that his voice spun pain around Yami in dizzying circles, when once they had inspired him and spun golden wings to his back. No his wings were gone now and his was lying face flat to the ground. He watched the sun setting, crimson blood staining the sky. He loved sunsets, the colours washing over the sky around him. His eyes never left the sun as it sunk lower, bathing his skin in its dieing rays. The beach was abandoned but from one other solitary figure creeping behind the captured man.

Yami couldn't care for nothing now then the sun and the waves. The waves lapped eagerly at the shore, and would sweetly snap you in two if it had the mind to, it's powerful thrusts against the stones of the cove, wearing them slowly away.

"Yami?" said a soft voice. Yami's ears pricked. A song. His head swivelled around so his eyes could fix on the figure behind him. Captured once again in blameless eyes. Yami's mouth dried instantly, and he had to turn his head away from the direction of his loves. He heard the sand move as gentle feet moved along them. A dance.

"Yami? What's wrong" the song continued, taunting Yami and almost driving the tears from his eyes. 'What do I say? Yuugi I Love you but you don't love me, you love someone else, I'm heart broken and torn. My heart has been ripped from my body and thrown into the sunset which is why it is so red?' Yami's mouth opened and he muttered a weak "nothing". Yuugi sat down next to Yami, wanting to comfort his friend. Yami's eyes were bloodshot and cold, pain stinging the edges with an icy glow. Yami turned his face away so that he could not see the eyes, the glimmering and soft eyes. So he couldn't be trapped so he wouldn't cry.

"Yami? Won't you tell me what's wrong? We're best friends right? So you can tell me anything." He cooed softly, trying to persuade the other. 'How can I?' he thought. He couldn't stand the pain, slowly growing worse in his heart.

"Did I do something wrong?" the angelic voice enquired. Yami shook his head slowly.


"Then, please, tell me what's wrong" he pleaded sorrowfully. Yami almost caved, giving way to pleading voice. He answered slowly witch an accurate definition of what he saw as the truth.

"The one I love, doesn't love me. They love someone else." He whispered through husky layers for pain. He could hear a shuffling of clothe and felt an arm around his shoulder, a whispered "I'm sorry." Swept into his ear. Yami lent into the touch, looking for something he craved, comfort and support, something to make him feel brave. Something apart from the darkness that filled his world all around.

"If it makes you feel better, love isn't everything." The voice came. Yami choked in shock, Yuugi embodiment in love didn't really believe in it.

"What?" he said voice thick with disbelief.

"Love isn't everything. You've still got plenty without the love of the person you love, right?" he said almost hopefully, as if more than anything he was trying to convince himself. Yami thought the words through carefully, taking it all in. The song was trying to sing to him and make his pain fade away. But it wouldn't his Gem, his Jewel wasn't his so how could he go on without feeling cheated. A stone fell from his ears to the bottom of his empty heart ringing painfully. Yami felt propelled to ask the young boy why he is so innocent.

"I suppose so… but…. How do you know?" Yami enquired slowly recovering from his stupor.

"I feel the same way" Yuugi replied slowly gazing off into the sunset.

"Can I ask who?" Yami asked, voice soft and kind.

"Of course you can," Yuugi smiled, tears shining in his eyes. His voice barely above a whisper as he said "I love you." Yami's tears flowed freely now running down his face. He felt the promise he made would be broken. His tears approaching the ground, but they didn't touch them. They were caught on gentle hands as Yami whispered back "I have always loved you." There lips met in a warm embraced, and Yami felt his wounds start to heal, and the layer of pain began to peel away. The tears still came but he smiled now instead. Yuugi moved away and kissed the tears from Yami's face. He said softly and sweetly to his love, words that made Yami smile.

"No tears of yours shall ever touch the ground. For I'll always be here to catch them."

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