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Love Luck and Light

Chapter 3: Light

Platinum gold streaked into the room on to the face of my little love. He had fallen asleep during the movie, eyes slowly getting tired. I had watched him fall into his slumber and smiled. He was very cute so sleepy looking. Watching the sunlight playing along his face, I smiled a little more. Slowly I could feel a small shadow of doubt begin to grow blanketing the light I saw in my loves face. It was all too good to be true. His beautiful shimmering glow, his cherubic face, his sunlight streaked hair. Some part of me was waiting for something bad to happen and almost craved it just to know it was real, it was all to surreal it was almost disorientating. What if he is lying, what if he doesn't really love me and is only saying that to hurt me? I look once more down at his face, although light baths it he emits his own glow, his light purer then the filtered sun shining on him. No he couldn't do that, I know he loves me, but a part of me is begging for it to be true for some reason. It's all too unreal. I feel like the side of the blade I'm on isn't real, it's all too beautiful, the sun is too cheery in its morning glow, the song of the birds too cliché and beautiful to truly exist, the pillows too soft and the air too sweet to swallow. I try to find faults to bring me crawling onto the side I know is real. The side of pain, distrust and disloyalty. But no matter how I try I can find no faults it's all so perfect, this little home and shelter my love ahs made for me, with the walls of his heart keeping me warm. Maybe I could live like this, but I can't tell if it is real. It's too good something's got to go wrong soon, he has got to use me or abuse me sometime soon.

His eyes flutter open and gaze straight into mine, how could I have ever thought that he'd do something bad to me? The glimmer in his eyes tells me so. He'd never lie to me, he'd never cheat on me, and he'd never ever do anything bad to me. He yawns cutely, sleepy eyes smiling at me and twinkling in the light. I smile at him affectionately and he smiles back. I stand up and he continues to smile up at me and all I can do is smile back at him. His smile grew wider still as he gets up and says,

"You're smiling a lot more now."

It's true, I am smiling a lot more now, but who could resist with this charming, little, light bulb bright, smile flashing my way and catching me with its infectiousness. I was smiling so much now that I was sure my cheeks would begin to hurt any time soon. That thought caused me to chuckle lightly and made my precious little light tilt his head in confusion.

"I'm smiling so much that my cheeks will hurt soon." I told him, and I could feel the laughter in my voice. He broke of into a stream of laughter, the sound filling the air sweetly as it streamed past his cupid red lips. I laughed a little more, caught once more in his infectious cheery mood. This was all too great, but I realised that I had best get home and I could tell by the clouds in his eyes that he was still tired, his eyes usually spark bright had died down to tired embers and I know mine looked the same. I could feel the lack of sleep I had received whilst watching my little light fill the room with his luminous glow. I told him I had to go, and that I'd be back later on for I didn't want him home alone during the night. I could see how happy that made him as he rested his head on his pillows and with a peaceful face feel asleep again. I smiled leaving the room and the house. I made sure the door was locked on the front door before making my way down the busy street. Everything seemed so beautiful and the technicolour cars driving past were catching the bright rays of the sun, flinging them out to me. The light did hurt my eyes at first but they slowly adjusted, I guess that's all I had to do. I just have to get used to this beautiful light in my life that had once seemed so foreign. I've noticed I've been calling Yuugi my little light, but he is. Without him I'd still be drowning on the other side of the vicious blade, trapped in a painful darkness as it slowly enveloped my soul in its icy embrace, but no. He brought light into my life and pulled me to the other side of the blade. The one with flowers, cotton candy clouds and soft warm summer breezes. Everything was perfect, everything was so light, so airy.

I walked past the park, no longer envious of the magical glow that each of the couples had around them but rather proud of my own little light. I could feel it resonating from my skin happily, and soaking in the sun's soft glow, leaving me warm and satisfied with everything. I smiled fondly as the warm breeze tingled along my exposed skin. Sooner than I thought I would, I reached home. I opened the door and said an uncharacteristically, bright good morning to my mother who was, at the time, cooking breakfast. I next excused myself to my room, heart singing in joy. I collapsed onto my sheets thankfully and I know that I was smiling as I feel to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of cars rushing past and the sound of the TV on downstairs. I opened my bleary eye to the world outside and realised it was dim. I frantically looked over to my clock and realised how long I had slept. I flew downstairs hurriedly telling my mother where I'd be. I rushed out the door and jogged half way there. When I realised that I would make it on time I slowed down to a gentler walk, feeling the dieing rays of light on my back as I walked. The cars had their headlights on in the dim light and I felt it flash along my face, glaring at me angrily for being so cheery, or so I believed. Who wouldn't be jealous, I had everything I could ever want and nothing at all seemed dim. I thought of my little light, of his dancers walk, his harmonious voice, and his glimmering eyes, everything that made him so incredibly perfect, so incredibly pure and light. I loved everything about him, his infectious smile, and his emotion filled eyes. They were so intense. My thoughts turned to his lips and I could almost taste their sweetness as my mind returned to the thought of them, I could almost feel the ghostly warmth that was left on my lips when they parted from his. My skin grew warm as these thoughts brushed through my mind. A soft, sweet breeze rushed to greet me, gliding along my skin in a welcome cold. I sighed happily and shut my eyes, enjoying the smell of jasmine that hung in the air as it rushed past. A horrific screeched filled the air and my eyes snapped. I couldn't see. Bright light flashed in my vision. I heard a scream. I couldn't see. Too bright.

They say he was drunk, the man driving the truck. He was drunk and swerved onto the wrong side of the road, a car had swerved to avoid him, the car had swerved into me. The screeching I had heard, was the screeching of tires not moving whilst the ground beneath them kept going, the scream I had heard, had been my own. I was lying on cold pavement, faces all around me, all of them dark and foggy through my blurred vision. Someone was holding my hand, rubbing it rough and telling me to stay awake, asking me questions. I heard them ask me for my name but the voice I heard answer was not my own. It was that of Bakura's, and I could have smiled at the concern in his voice. Concern that I may be badly injured, injured enough to die, even after he tried to kill me all those times. He told them my name, and where I lived. I was lifted then, into the back of the van they call an ambulance, bright lights shining above my head as they injected needles into my skin and probed my bones with their fingers, feeling for brakes beneath my skin. They had a mask over my mouth and nose, that I had to breathe through, and it numbed my pain but I was in such great pain that I felt numb anyway.

I wondered how my little light would take this, and how much I wished he was here. I wished he was the one holding my hand when my eyes began to close, as I feel into drugged slumber. To think I was going to hospital just because some guy was drunk.

When I woke up I recognised the skin, I recognised the dampness on my hand, and I recognised him. My hand was resting in his, his milky soft skin caressing mine, and warm soft tears spilled from his eyes onto our joined hands. My little light was crying and I could feel his hand shaking.

"Yuugi…" I mumbled, words hard to form in my mouth. He looked up suddenly, head snapping to a halt as he looked at me. My eyes were half lidded, as that's all I could manage. I lifted my hand just a little hating to see his pain, I lightly and quite slowly brushed away his tears and told him gently through my croaky voice not to cry. I heard him sniffle loudly and he wiped his nose elegantly on his sleeve. He told me what had happened, how he'd received a call from Ryou, telling him what had happened. He had arrived at the hospital and asked where I was and what was wrong. It was here his voice faltered, quivering slightly on its edge. The doctors told him I might not make it, that my body might die, but there was a chance I might make it. I almost could have cried at the sight of my little love, his light no longer a honey glow, no, it was a blue light. Sad and depressing. He was hurting so bad and I could do nothing to stop his pain. Nothing at all. I couldn't get up and hug him, I could barely reach out to touch him, I could barely even speak to him, and that hurt me more then the injuries that I bore. I could do nothing at all to help him, when his pain was so predominate in his eyes. I felt the edges of my vision grey, as my body tired quickly. I shut my eyes and fell into dream.

I was standing alone in a dark hallway. At one end of the hall was a light as very cliché as it seems. I suppose that something's can't help it but there it was. A light, bright and white, shining at the other end of the hall. Many describe it as a beautiful light, but I wouldn't. It was too bright and harsh at its edges, I'll admit to it being welcoming and I could feel it drawing me near, but the light itself, was cold. The pathway to this light was clean and uncluttered, plane and carpeted black. I look over my shoulder to the other end of the hall. There was a light at the end of this one as well. It was the light my love gave off, that soft warming glow. The light was becoming slowly frailer and weak us I took one step closer to the other light. The light my love gave off was warm and soft around its edges, easy on my eyes. The path back to my light was littered with glass and my feet were bare. I took one step towards my loves light, and the glass cut deep into my foot, raising tears of pain to my eyes. I would try to avoid the glass but I cannot see through the tears in my eyes, damn them! I take another step and almost cry out in pain, the glass is so sharp and jagged, this is worse then that accursed blade. My step falters slightly as I lift my first foot from the ground, coppery liquid drips onto the glass and catches the light, I look behind me on the path I have tread and the glass is gone. It's easy to go to the harsher light, but the closer I get to it the harder it is to go back. I lift my foot and plunge it onto the glass, feeling my skin tear and blood weep from my wounds. I lift my foot and my wounds heal, but my skin is red and raw, I place it once more on the glass and fresh wounds open, hurting much more then wounds I had received just before. I continue my journey, throbbing feet screaming at me to turn around. I turn my head and look but at the clear hallway behind me, the soft carpet would bring relief to my sore and bleeding feet but no. I keep moving closer to the brighter growing light, the soft and warm glow that draws me closer. My loves pull is stronger, more tantalising and sweet. I place my foot on the glass again and hear it creak and break, a piece snaps off into my skin, wriggling around inside. I yell out briefly in new pain before continuing on.

You see my love is worth it, my light is worth returning to. I want to hear his voice, and as I get closer I can hear it louder and louder. He is singing and I can hear it, a soft, sad, melody. A song about a lover who he has lost at sea, how he'd never give up hope that his love would return to him, and how much he loves him. I know this song is meant for me, that he is singing it for my ears, telling me how needs me to come back. I listen to him, and my heart begins to ache I can hear the pain in his voice as he sings, and I can almost feel the tears running down his face. I struggle through the glass, I can't leave him here alone. I reach the light and walk into it, feeling it consume my frame, and I feel, in reality I have opened my eyes.

The first thing I see is light, my light, he is still singing so sweetly his song. I murmur his name out and I see his eyes light up. Light. That's right. He's my light, the other end of that carpeted hallway is nothing compared to this.

I would go through the pain again just to see his face smiling at me, but hopefully, with luck, I wouldn't have to. I look back on it now, and think I'm fortunate I wasn't hit by that truck instead of the car. I sigh in contentment as my little light's body rests on mine. We're sitting in the park now, the sun warming us rather nicely. I've got him in my arms right now, and I couldn't be happier. It's wonderful how snugly he fits against my chest, like we were built together, to always be together. Without my light I'd be lost, far gone to the other end of that hall, but I'm not. I'm almost thankful for that drunken truck driver and the car that hit me, because you don't know how precious that light at the end of the glass littered hall is, until it's almost gone.



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