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Draco Malfoy lounged in the backseat of his family's spacious car and watched the beautiful mountain scenery fly past the tinted windows. He tried to focus on the dark evergreens and vibrant blue sky, but the cramp in his back was rather distracting. He had been in the back seat of the car for hours now, alternating between sleeping and reading, and was becoming steadily more and more anxious to finally reach the mysterious mountain resort they were to be lodging at for the next three weeks.

He sighed, rolling his neck to work out a cramp, and looked over to see his sister, Pansy, busily brushing her ridiculously long blond hair. Oh, good, thought Draco, we must be nearly there . And right he was, for as the car progressed it's way around the curving mountain drive, a large yet quaint hotel loomed in the distance. Before the grand estate lay large grassy fields, speckled with gazebos and driving ranges, graveled trails and a calm, peaceful lake stretching far upon the horizon.

Turning around with a satisfied smile upon her painted lips, Narcissa Malfoy, addressed her two children, "Welcome to Hogwarts!"

Chapter One

Hogwarts, Draco soon learned, was a mountain resort for families, owned and run by one Cornelius Fudge, a patient of his father. They were to be staying as his special guests at the expansive resort, and were to be treated in due manner.

"Such lovely children you have, Lucius! Why, Draco is a spitting image of you! And Pansy, my dear, such a beauty," raved the elderly man. "And Narcissa! You are looking just as ravishing as ever," he went on, placing a smiling kiss upon Narcissa's readily offered hand.

"Yes, thank you, Fudge. And how is that blood pressure doing?" replied Lucius with a smile of his own that just barely stretched his elegant mug.

"Draco, Pansy," said Mr.Fudge, looking them each in the eye; "I want you to know, that were it not for your father," he paused dramatically for effect, "I would be standing here dead." He broke out in a boisterous laugh then, as Lucius bowed his slightly in thanks of the praise.

Draco observed this all with an indifferent face, smiling the obligatory Malfoy smile as Mr. Fudge thanked his father. He was used to situations such as this. After all, his father was a highly respected physician of impeccable class, and his children were expected to behave accordingly. They were to exude the same charm and grace as their parents, while maintaining the cool air that defined a Malfoy.

As Draco watched his father and Mr. Fudge converse, he took in his surroundings. He didn't quite know what to expect of Hogwarts. The Malfoy's were a close family. They all loved and respected each other, and valued each other's company, but that's not to say they enjoyed gallivanting around together and acting like happy fools, as many of the families Draco saw were doing. No, a 'Family Night' in the Malfoy household usually consisted of Narcissa and Pansy doing each other's nails and hair, while Draco and Lucius sat by the fire, reading. Taking that in to consideration, Draco couldn't quite rationalize why exactly his parents had chosen Hogwarts, of all places, to vacation to. Fudge probably gave father a good deal , thought Draco, reasoning that this could be the only motive for his father to drive six hours in a car to the middle of nowhere just to spend time with his family. Either that or Narcissa thought it was the posh thing to do.

Draco decided he didn't care. He was here, no use in wondering why; he might as well try to find a way to make this vacation tolerable. At least , thought Draco despairingly, I brought all of my summer homework . This notion, however, did nothing to improve his mood, for he simply could not believe that despite the fact that he had just graduated high school, at the top of his class no less, that he still had summer homework to do! It hadn't even started, and already Draco was beginning to despise college.

"Ron! Ron, get the Malfoy's bags!" barked Fudge, effectively breaking Draco out of his reverie. A tall ginger haired man that looked to be around his own age walked towards Draco, giving him a broad smile, as he opened the trunk of the Malfoy car and started retrieving the bags. As Draco began to help, lifting his father's bag with care, Ron joked with him.

"Hey, you looking for a job," he said with another bright smile. Draco returned it shyly, not used to being talked to in such a casual manner. Actually, Draco realized, he wasn't used to being talked to at all. While in school, he had kept mostly to himself, immersed in his studies. The consequences of failing, and subsequently not being accepted to the top medical school in the nation, greatly outweighed the benefits of any sort of social life. Draco didn't even want to ponder what would happen to him if he didn't meet Lucius's strict standards.

"Oh, Mother! Look at that boy!" cooed Pansy as a handsome boy with black hair swept past. "Oh, Mother! I knew I should have brought those coral shoes!" she wailed, looking distraught. Draco couldn't help but tease her.

"Oh p-poor P-Pansy! How are you ever going to get laid with only ten pairs of shoes! Such a tragedy!" taunted Draco in a low voice so that only his sister could hear. Pansy glared and smacked him with her purse in return.

"Children!" said Lucius in an icy voice, staring at them with cold gray eyes. Nothing more was needed to chastise the two teens.

"Well now, if you will just follow me," said Fudge tentatively, breaking the tension in the air, "and I'll show you to your cabin. I saved the best room for my special guests!" he said, his smile back in place. And with that, they began the short hike to their cabin, Draco trudging sullenly along behind the others.

Later that evening found Draco in a crowd of happy families, his face once again indifferent, with his arms wrapped around Lavender Brown's waist. She was the granddaughter of Mr.Fudge, and had practically been pushed into his arms after a lavish dinner. Not that she minded of course. Draco certainly wasn't stunning or gorgeous, but he had a unique beauty to him that as of yet nobody could define. Lavender didn't care about defining Draco, anyway; no, she just cared about bedding him. So, she had led him out to the dance floor quite energetically, despite his claims that he could not dance. At all. Lavender insisted, however, and a stern look on his father's face told him not to argue.

Draco tried to move his body to the rhythm. He tried to mimic the other dancers on the floor. He tried to emulate the stiff movements of their legs as they moved in steady circles around the wooden floor. He tried to follow the slight lead that Lavender was giving him, even though it was he who should be leading her. Nevertheless, he just couldn't do it. He couldn't find the rhythm, no matter how hard he tried, and couldn't help but feel shame at the fact that he couldn't even do the fox trot.

He thanked whoever decided that Lavender should be the one in charge of tonight's entertainment, as she quickly excused herself, leaving Draco alone, standing awkwardly on the dance floor. Weaving his way out of the sea of bodies, he excused himself as well, deciding that what he needed was a quick walk around the grounds.

As the cool night air caressed his pale face, his mind couldn't help but returning to a scene from earlier tonight. He had been exploring the main house after everything had been settled in the cabin, and was wandering around the main terrace when he heard Mr. Fudge addressing the waiters.

"You all are college boys. I went to Yale, Harvard, and Princeton…all the top colleges in the nations to find you. And why is that?" he asked the idle group of waiters, all dressed in crisp white jackets and matching pants. "I shouldn't have to remind you!" he gesticulated wildly. "This is a family place! Families come here to have fun! And it's your job to show the daughters a good time! Even the dogs!" he said, with a meaningful look to them all. "Take 'em out to the terrace, gaze at the stars! Romance them any way you want!" he said enthusiastically. Draco couldn't help but be disgusted at Fudge's use of the term 'dogs' and made a mental note to warn Pansy of what 'family entertaining' really meant at Hogwarts.

Just then, a group of rowdy men all dressed in plain white t-shirts with 'Hogwarts' emblazoned across the chest came in, carrying microphones and amps and various other equipment. They were led by a tall man with shaggy black hair, and the most vibrant green eyes Draco had ever seen. He smiled lazily and addressed the waiters. "Ya hear that, boys!" he said before he was cut off by Fudge.

"Well if it isn't the entertainment staff. You have your own rules!" he said accusingly towards the black haired man. "They pay you for dance lessons! Anything dance they want! But nothing else! You hear me?" the pudgy Fudge growled. The man merely rolled his eyes and continued on his way. He was stopped, however, when the man Pansy had been admiring earlier addressed him.

" You got that Harry? Think you can remember what you can and can't touch?" he asked with blatant disrespect. Draco could see Harry's jaw clench with anger, but he didn't rise to the bait.

"You just put your pickle on everybody's plate, and leave the hard stuff to me, college boy," was his own flippant remark, as he wound his way through the tables, Blaise (as Draco would later learn), glaring steadily at his back.

Draco didn't know why but he was very intrigued by Harry. He had never seen somebody move so fluidly, so carelessly, yet still in such a demanding manner. He had such a powerful presence, that you couldn't help but stare at him. Very much like Father , thought Draco. Yet, it was somehow different. His father's presence was frightening, it demanding respect. But it was a respect that came from fear. Harry's presence was entrancing. The respect Draco had felt for Harry, if it could even qualify as that, was more earned then demanding.

He was so caught in his own mind that Draco didn't even notice that he had wandered into the staff quarters, or that Ron was walking towards him carrying three huge watermelons, until he literally walked into him.

"Oh excuse me! I'm sorry," mumbled Draco, embarrassed at his fault. "Let me help you with those," he offered and took one of the melons as Ron juggled the other two.

"No, really, that's okay! You aren't even supposed to be here! Go on back to the Main House. I saw you dancing with Lavender," he teased as he made lewd gestures with the melons. Draco scowled, and and handed the melon back to Ron. As he began to walk away, he heard a call behind him. He turned slowly, he gaze cool and steady.

"Can you keep a secret?" asked Ron meekly, glancing around nervously, the muscles in his arms straining under the weight of the watermelons. Draco waited a moment, letting Ron suffer just the smallest bit, before he walked forward and took one of the offending melons. Ron's trademark bright smile returned as he joked and laughed, "Your parents would kill you! Hell, Old Fudge'd kill me!"

Draco chuckled quietly, thinking that yes, his father certainly would kill him for coercing with staff members . He could even hear the disgust in his father's voice as he imagined his reaction. He followed Ron up to a large set of double doors from which he could hear music blaring, and when Ron threw himself against them, he couldn't suppress the gasp of surprise at the sight that greeted his eyes.


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