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Chapter Three

Draco awoke the next morning feeling content and well rested, with fleeting glimpses of a quickly blurring dream in the back of his mind. He paid it no mind and began to groggily prepare for the day, his mind lingering back to the previous night. He still had trouble believing that it had really happened, that it hadn't all been a dream. But he knew that it must have been real, for never in his wildest dreams could he ever imagine something such as the throbbing sea of dry sex that he had encountered the night before.

As Draco heard his parents, and presumably Pansy for her bed was already made, in the next room he felt a stab of guilt surge through him. He knew his parents would never approve of his involvement with the staff, much less his participation in that dark and crowded room. He felt as though he was betraying his family simply by thinking about it.

But, he thought, am I not allowed to enjoy myself? Despite what they think and expect of me, I'm a teenager for God's sake! Should I not be allowed to have fun? He couldn't help but feel the slight amount of anger that he did towards his parents for the tight leash on which he was kept. It went only as far as the classroom and the operating room, and no further. While he knew that a large part of the reason behind his introverted ways was his deep commitment to his studies and his own need to succeed, his parents were also largely to blame. They had always been very judgmental of the friends he kept and nobody seemed to meet their standards. This had led to Draco bringing home fewer and fewer friends, until his world finally revolved solely around his studies and his family. And quite frankly, he was sick of it.

He wanted to do the things that regular children did. He wanted to go out on a Friday night, or to go to the school dance. During the summer he wanted to go to the beach and simply hang out, maybe even get a tan (Hell! I'd settle for a sunburn!). Instead he stayed home weekends reading and studying, and going to cotillons with family friends. He spent his summers in France, visiting museums and impressing his father's colleagues. His life thus far had been anything but that of a normal teenager. Come to think of it, I've never even been on a real date!

Draco's anger had grown throughout his internal turmoil, and he yet again felt traitorous for it. No matter how infuriated he became with his parents, he truly did love them and respect the people they were. He realized that they only wanted the best for him and the family; he just wished that his parents would take the time to actually look at him as a person, and want what was best for him as an individual, not a Malfoy.

Throughout the duration of breakfast Draco had been unable to look at his parents and had been even more quiet than usual, ridiculously afraid that somehow they would know about last night. They hadn't even noticed. He had been avoiding them all day (Damn family loyalty), and now was on his way to fetch Pansy and see if she wanted to perhaps go swimming in the lake. That sounds like a normal, teenage activity! Draco thought with a smile.

He found her at a long table covered in various wigs of all styles, sizes, and color. There were many ladies surrounding the table all giggling and trying on the wigs, making faces in the mirrors and in Draco's opinion, making fools of themselves. He spotted Pansy at the far end of the table, fruitlessly trying to fit all of her hair into a short black wig. Draco rolled his eyes. Quietly walking up behind her, he lightly pinched her sides and chuckled when she squealed.

"Settle down Pans, it's only me!" he said, trying to suppress his smile as she glared up at him. "What are you doing, anyway?" he said, raising one delicate eyebrow and looking dubiously around the table.

"Oh nothing, just seeing what I would look like without blonde hair," she said distractedly, still trying to stuff her hair into the tiny wig. Before he could make a snide comment about the head lice she was surely catching, he felt eyes on him and quickly looked up and scanned the area. Standing not five feet away from where he stood were Harry and Ginny, chatting quietly. He felt his pulse increase beneath his pale skin, and lowered his eyes. He couldn't resist his desire to look out of the corner of his eye at the pair, and felt his chest constrict painfully as Harry leant down and gently kissed Ginny on her freckled cheek. Maybe Ron was wrong…

"Draco? Are you okay? Are you…are you blushing?" laughed Pansy loudly, attracting the attention of all around the table, and much to Draco's horror, Harry's and Ginny's as well. "Look, you are! You're getting even redder now! What is up with you?" she queried as her laughter died down. Draco desperately willed her to shut up, but it was too late. They were both surreptitiously looking at him strangely. Stupid Pansy.

"Nothing is wrong Pansy. Stop laughing, you sound like an undignified ape," scowled Draco, determinedly not looking at the pair at the end of the table.

"No need to be so snippety!" replied an indignant Pansy.

"Whatever," mumbled Draco, as he chanced a look at the pair, only to find Harry gazing at him with the same smirk from last night, and Ginny shaking her head in quiet laughter. With a hurried goodbye he quickly walked away, the lake completely forgotten, with the familiar sensation of being watched tingling the back of his neck.

"Harry! That was an awful thing to say!" chortled Ginny as she shook her head.

"Well it's true," he said, not even looking at her, his gaze trained on the blonde a few feet away.

"It's not his fault he doesn't know how to dance," she defended.

"Yes, well, I could always teach him how" he suggested with a devilish look. "That is unless you want to," he added, giving her a sly look. She shrugged her shoulders loosely before replying,

"Eh, he's too…innocent for my taste. Besides, I don't want my date to look prettier than I do," she joked.

"Not that that's hard to do," returned Harry, who was quickly hit with a spare wig. "Come on Gin, you know I'm just joking!"

"Yeah, I know…not that your opinion means anything,'" she said, giving him a pointed look.

"Not to you anyway," he chuckled. Then, his face darkened and contorted with concern, "Hey, are you going to be able to work tonight?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, Harry, don't worry," she said, "I'll be fine. Now aren't you late for a lesson?" she asked, not so subtlety changing the subject.

"Shit, you're right. Okay, I'll see you tonight. But if you don't feel well-"

"I won't dance, don't worry! Now go!" she ushered, gently pushing him in the direction of the dance studio.

"Yes ma'am," he said with a wink, then was off. Ginny watched him as he bounded off with a frown on her face, silently wishing Harry to just be careful.

Draco stood silently against the banister of the large gazebo, gazing out at the dancing couples. The now familiar twinge of guilt was strong in his chest, as he felt his father's strong grip on his shoulder while he tried not to stare at Harry as he danced gracefully with an older woman. He watched with hooded eyes as the woman swayed her hips sensuously and traced a filed and painted nail down the side of Harry's face, who in turn pulled the woman closer to him with a sexy grin.

He noticed Lavender enter the gazebo, glancing around with narrowed eyes. She purposefully strode towards Harry and not so gently pulled him aside, with a tight apology to his partner. Lavender furiously began to ask Harry something, though all Draco could make out was 'Ginny', and from Harry's angered response he got 'resting'. Lavender made a quick response, then walked away, once again searching the area, this time with a hopeful look in her large brown eyes.

Draco averted his gaze, hoping that she wouldn't notice him, but sadly she did. He smiled brilliantly, albeit shallowly, at her as she approached.

"Hey there, would you care to go for a walk?" she asked coyly, taking his hand in hers and slowly leading him off the dance floor. Draco looked helplessly to his father, who merely gave a slight nod then returned to his conversation with Mr. Fudge. Draco's shoulder's sagged in defeat. Lavender was too busy grinning to notice.

They walked for a few minutes in quiet, Draco thinking of excuses to escape, Lavender sighing and occasionally mentioning how romantic the night sky was. She had looped her arm though his and now used this advantage to drag him along a small pier, where she proceeded to sigh and lay her head on his chest.

"What a beautiful night…don't you think so Draco?" she asked, gazing up at him with doe eyes and pouted lips. Draco supposed she was a very lovely girl, and certainly easy on the eyes with a nice body as well, but he just didn't feel anything towards her. He found her annoying and the way she treated the staff only vexed him further.

"Yes, I suppose it is," he responded stoically, gazing out over the water. He could feel Lavender's eyes on him, but didn't look. When he felt soft lips gently kissing the base of his neck, he froze, feeling the heat rising in his cheeks.

"La-lavender…wh-what are you doing?" he stuttered, trying to stay as still as humanly possible, as to not give her any ideas.

"What is it, Drake? Don't you like it?" she pouted. Draco winced at the use of 'Drake'. She probably thinks it cute. Typical.

"I'm hungry. Yes, that's it. Why don't we go get something to eat?" suggested Draco desperately. Luckily Lavender caught his drift and they began to make their way towards the Main House. Once inside the large kitchen, full of stainless steel appliances, Lavender began to root through the large refrigerator.

"Let's see, what would you like? We have brownies, salad, lasagna, brownies…" she listed, hunched over inside the huge fridge.

Suddenly, Draco heard faint, sporadic crying. Inconspicuously, he searched the kitchen, and then in a dark corner, wrapped within herself, hair tousled and make-up running, was a sobbing and disheveled Ginny.


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