Advanced by Snape – Second Chapter

"What might you be doing?" He asked silvery and took a step towards her, Hermione backed a step away on instinct.

"Professor Dumbledore asked me to get some lavender for the anti-drunkenness potions," she explained, feeling a light tremble rush over her body.

"Did he now?" Snape took another step towards her and Hermione took another step back, skimming the room quickly. Safest place would be going into his office, but she did not have her wand with her so she could not keep him out.

"Yes, yes he did," she answered stifled.

"And you do always what you're asked to do," Snape asked again silvery, Hermione's breathing become slightly heavy. Snape slid quietly towards her and Hermione backed quietly, but ended at a wall. She swallowed hard, was he going to kill her or what?

"How rude if now," she answered, without taking her eyes away from his. Snape stopped right in front of her and looked into her eyes.

"Shouldn't you be upstairs, celebrating instead of running errands?"

"I decided to..."

"Leave," he finished her sentence and Hermione took a deep breath. "Because you, like I, am not into such foolish parties. Much rather spend our time on sensible things, am I right?" Their heads were now inches away.

"Y-yes," she responded nervously before following the wall away from him. He followed.

"What is it now, Hermione? Am I scaring you?" He let out a smirk.

"Yes, you're... drunk..." She explained anxiously.

"I haven't drunk any alcohol today, so that would be I'm sober..."

"Which makes things much worse..." she gasped as he stopped her tracks by putting a hand on the wall in front of her. She dragged her gaze to level his.

"What things?" He questioned politely and moved slightly closer. "You are aware that you're dress is wet?" He pointed out.

"Neville spilled some of his drink over me, I was going to get this and then leave for my room," she explained rapidly. His long ebony fingers slid down her naked arm in a light caress, which sent an uncomfortable shiver down her entire body.

"He's such a stupid boy," Snape spoke quietly and dragged his gaze away from Hermione's chocolate pools, and down to her pink lips. Hermione tried to press herself into the wall, but without much luck.

"I should go..." Hermione broke off his intense gaze upon her lips and moved away a bit, but was caught up. She was standing in the doorway to his office, without realising it she backed in there as Snape followed her, only inches away. They once again stopped as Hermione was backed into a shelf.

"Why is that?" An unnatural glitter glimmered in his eyes.

"Because I'm not feeling comfortable," she explained.

"You've wanted this for so long," he whispered. He had moved his head next to hers, cheek against cheek and was speaking softly into her ear. Hermione's eyes widened. He knew of her fantasies.

"But... But they were silly girl's fantasies!" Hermione gasped slightly horrified. It had never been anything she had expected would happen for real, or hoped for!

"But it's a dream and some dreams come true," he whispered again.

"Stop," Hermione asked, though it came out slightly hoarse.

"Stop?" He asked silkily and let a long finger touch her lower lip, before sliding it down her chest, between the silky covered cleavage and then back to her arm.

"Yes," she said truthfully. "Leave me alone," it was still hoarse and Hermione felt the urge to scream.

"But you want me, and I want you, Hermione," his voice danced into her ear. His soft lips touched her natural pink lips.

"You should know better than to act on imaginations!" Hermione pushed him away and made her way towards the exit. She turned to see him a last time, wondering madly what he was playing at.

"You'll be back," he just spoke casually and knowingly, Hermione turned on her heel and left.

Hermione ran up the staircase from the dungeons and into the Great Hall. She considered telling Professor Dumbledore about it, but she just couldn't do it. Surely he was under influence of alcohol, wasn't he? She gave the ingredient to McGonagall and asked her to pass it on, then she made her way towards the exit.

"Mione, where've you been?" Harry and Ron stopped her, as she was about to climb the grand staircase to the upper levels of Hogwarts. Hermione turned, tears building in her eyes.

"You're not going back to read, are you?" Ron questioned slightly drunk. She buried her face into his chest.

"Snape advanced on me!" She sobbed, Ron pulled away from her. For a moment he looked at her oddly, then began laughing,

"Funny, Mione. Snape would never advance a student and, sorry to say, not you of all people. You're too boring. Look you're already on your way to leave!" Ron shook his head while Hermione was looking dumbfounded at her friends.

"How dare you call me boring!" She gasped taken a back. A loud 'smack' and Hermione's hand was planted securely on his cheek. He stumbled back slightly, looking confused. Six long strides and Hermione was in front of the door to the dungeons. "Go back to the party," she demanded and disappeared into the dungeons.

They always come back he says.

A/N: disgusting, right? Nevre imagined Severus to be like that, but I really had to write it down. The day Severus Snape decides to act on his senses and feelings instead of being rational. 'Shooks my head, horrible, but I do hope I've steamed up all your little girl fantasies about being taken roughly up a dungeon wall in the Potions room... Or is it just me? ;-)

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