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Misao crouched on her knees by the side of her unfortunate victim. She was probably around the age of about 25, with shoulder length brown hair veiling her face. Gently using her fingers Misao pushed the strands out the way, cringing at the expression of utmost terror upon the girl's pretty face. Looking down at the girl, Misao felt waves of guilt pound mercilessly at her temples. The girls eyes were so wide, the whites shone all round, rapidly being covered by a misty film. Stifling a sob, Misao covered the accusing eyes with her palm and drew it down, closing the lids forever. Struggling to balance in her crouched position, Misao gazed down at the fatal wounds she had inflicted, making sure she hadn't have left any incriminating evidence. Trailing her eyes down, Misao choked at the mass of torn flesh that was once the woman's torso. The large unnatural hole glistened in the moonlight and oozed slowly with blood, to eventually join the black puddle surrounding her.

"I'm sorry..." Misao whispered to the girl, as she gently caressed her tear streaked cheek, her own tears dripping from her chin.

Rising quickly, Misao stepped out of the alley and began to lithely run as fast as she could. She wanted out run the pain and guilt that stalked her, she wanted to forget the night, forget who she was, and what she was. But no matter how hard she pushed, Misao could never stop it from catching up; she never won no matter how hard she tried. Gliding past the harbour, Misao shuddered at the abandoned piers and huge company boats, which rested in the dark waters. The large loading cranes above towered down, casting long shadows over the ships and already black water. Pausing for a moment, she stopped in front of a homeless person's fire, raging in an empty steel canister, and shed her knee length coat, that was covered in the majority of the girl's blood. Rolling the material into a tight ball, she threw it into the raging depths, watching the hot colours swirl until it caught a light.

As she ran, a woman in the window caught her attention, bringing her to an instant stop in front of her. The woman's glowing orbs reflected her pain, shining through the incriminating ruby liquid, which covered her delicate pixie face. Why did I have to become such a monster, what did I do to disserve this life?

Suddenly a car streaked past, jolting Misao back to reality, what am I doing standing here? I'm so stupid, anyone can be watching me. Cussing her carelessness, she returned back to the glass, but the spell was broken, and only revealed the mess she was in. Sadly, even with the protection of her coat, her powder blue turtleneck was streaked with blood, and her jeans were no better, the once blue hems, turned a dark black. Misao sighed and pulled off her wool turtleneck, using it as a towel in an effort to remove the blood staining face.

When Misao thought she looked presentable, she tucked her turtleneck under her arm, and walked into the lobby of her apartment building. Striding into the elevator, she pushed the 23rd floor button and felt the elevator move up with a jolt. As the steel doors opened, she jogged to her apartment and slipped the key into the lock. Turning the key anti-clockwise, her sensitive hearing heard the definite 'click', indicating it was open.

Slamming the door closed, she sighed in relief as the façade - that had stopped her from crying - slipped away, causing her horrible guilt to wash over her, like a tsunami. This is the third this month and the fourteenth this year, why is the number increasing? I used to only need two a year plus animals, but it seems as much as I try to resort to animals, I only want humans. Oh god what am I going to do? Misao thought, banging her head on the wall, instantly regretting it as it increased her budding headache. Messaging her temples with her fingers, she walked to her bathroom, fighting the nausea that threatened to cripple her over a toilet. I've been doing this for years, yet I never get used to it.

Swirling the crystal taps on her shower, she stripped off, throwing her clothes into a black plastic bag prepared for these events. Stepping into the shower, she stood under the hot water, letting it wash the caked blood from her skin.

Turning the crystal tap, she increased the heat so that very soon the bathroom was full of steam, clinging to the mirrors and tiles. But that didn't stop Misao from raising the heat again, till it was at its maximum, burning her skin as the rivulets went down her body. Grabbing her sponge, she squirted nearly half the bottle onto it and proceeded to violently scrub at her flesh

So much blood...must remove it, even when all the blood was gone, she kept scrubbing, despite her skin becoming red and sore. Turning the shower off, she collapsed onto the floor, cradling her face as fatigue rolled over her. Standing up, Misao swayed dangerously, as she tried to control her sobs. Wrapping a fluffy towel around her body, she shuffled though the connecting door to her bedroom, securing her towel under her elbow, as she riffled in her draws. Slipping on some underwear and a jade green camisole, she slid into her bed, curling into a tight ball as she drew the sheets up to her ears. Misao whimpered as she thought of the girl, lying dead and cold in that alley. Squeezing her eyes shut she forced herself not to think about it as sleep claimed her.

A alone figure silhouetted against the silver moon, his inky bangs blowing across his terrifyingly beautiful face.

Where are you Misao? I've been searching for years, yet I am still unsuccessful.

I've hurt you so much, his eyes clouding over, but this time I'll make everything right, I'll earn your love again.

And this time I won't hesitate to make you one of us. Because of my reluctance to bring you into the night world I lost you... his hands balling into tight fists, and I'll kill any one who dares to get in my way, he vowed, his fangs elongating, as he jumped off the cliff, gliding towards the city.

- Lady Isis

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