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Chapter One: Is Life Bliss?

Hermione jumped out of her bed on September 1st at 9am. It was her 7th and final year at Hogwarts. Life for Hermione was bliss. She was made Headgirl and her parents finally understood her undying love for the magical world in which she belonged. Hermione also had a steady boyfriend, the one and only Harry Potter. They had been together since halfway through sixth year. The both of them had liked each other for a while but were to shy to say something. It was Ron who finally pushed them into a relationship.

Hermione grabbed a pair of jeans and a blue tank top, along with under clothes and her towel and headed for the bathroom down the hall from her room. She quickly showered and dressed. She than looked in her mirror critically, something she had only started doing when she began dating Harry. Her hair had tamed itself during the 6th year after Hermione had it layered. It now sat in ringlets just reaching her shoulders.
"Hermione, breakfast!" came her mother Jo's voice.
"Be there in a second mum," yelled Hermione as she applied some tanish coloured eye shadow.

Ten minutes later Hermione entered the kitchen smiling at her mum.
"Morning sweetie. Excited to be going back to Hogwarts today?" asked her mum placing warm waffles onto her daughters' plate.
"Yes. Not only is it my final year at Hogwarts but I'm also Headgirl. I hope Harry is Headboy though," said Hermione buttering her waffles.
"I'm sure he will be sweetie. He sounds like a decent young man."
Hermione smiled than grinned at her father Barry entering their small kitchen and dining room.
"Good morning dad," said Hermione.
"Morning pumpkin. Morning love," replied Barry kissing his wife on the cheek.

Yes life was bliss for Hermione. The perfect family, perfect boyfriend, Headgirl, top of her year. Things couldn't be better for Hermione Granger.

For the rest of the morning Hermione chatted to her parents about her plans after she completed Hogwarts. At 10am she ran to her room to check if her belongings were packed. When she entered her bedroom she found her cat Crookshanks curled up in an orange ball on her bed. Smiling at him she walked to her trunk and opened it.
Clothes were folded and piled neatly, her homework which she completed in one week was rolled up and tied was placed in the corner next two her brand new textbooks. Everything she needed was there.
Now to pack her bag to take onto the train with her. She walked to her wooden closet and pulled out a denim bag. Hermione carefully placed her uniform in it and placed some light reading books in there as well.
"Crookshanks," called Hermione, "Come on boy, time to put you in your cage. We have to leave soon."
Crookshanks looked up at his owner than at the cage he had to get into.
"Come on Shankie. It's only till we get onto the train. Than I can let you out to roam and annoy the Slytherins."
Crookshanks reluctantly got up and jumped off the comfortable bed and toddled into the cat cage.
Hermione knelt down smiling at her orange, squashed face cat. She shut the door and stood back up.
Glancing at her watch she saw it was now twenty past ten. Time to get going.
Picking up her bag and pulling that onto her back, Hermione grabbed the handle of her trunk and picked up Crookshanks cage and headed to the main hall, which led to the front door.

In the kitchen she could hear her parents hushed angry voices.
"We can't keep acting like this! We have to find a way to tell Hermione!" came her mother's angry voice.
"And how do you prepose we tell her? She's only 17 years old!" came her father's equally angry voice.
Hermione entered the kitchen a slight frown on her face, "Tell me what?"
Her parents looked up at her startled.
"Oh it's nothing," smiled her mother, "All packed?"
"Hang on. What you need to tell me sounded important... what is it?" said Hermione firmly.
"Oh... it's.... your father may be getting a promotion at work," said her mother in a fake cheery voice, "Isn't that right Barry dear?"
Hermione's fathers face looked strained for a moment before he broke into his smile that lit up a whole room, "Yes it is."
"Right," said Hermione uncertainly, "Well I'm ready to leave."
"Already?" cried her mother looking at her watch, "Oh well I suppose by the time we get there it will be quarter too."
Hermione nodded and with help from her parents they lugged her gear to their car.

The trip to Kingscross Station was tense. This wasn't a normal thing for Hermione. Normally the three of them would be chatting mindlessly. But the tension was so thick Hermione was sure she could slice her wand through it.

By the time they reached the station Hermione was glad to be out of the car.
Her parents walked her too Platform Nine, the barrier to her world she loved so dearly.
"Well, we'll see you at Christmas," said her mother smiling.
"Take care pumpkin, and please stay out of trouble," added her father.
"Dad I always do!" grinned Hermione hugging her father.
"Of course she does Barry," laughed her mother when Hermione hugged her.

Hermione grabbed her trolley and with one final wave Hermione ran through the barrier to Platform 9 and ¾.
The sound of the whistle on the Hogwarts express brought a smile to Hermione's lips. The smell made her feel warm and content, the tension from the trip to Kingscross washing away.
Hermione pushed her trolley through the chattering students to the luggage carriage saying hi to anyone she knew.
Once at the luggage carriage Hermione lifted her trunk off.
"I need to pack less books," thought Hermione as she pulled it onto the carriage.
"Well, well, well," came a cold and drawling voice that was very familiar to Hermione, "If it isn't Mudblood Granger."
Hermione turned on her boot heel to face the smirking Prince of Slytherins, "And if it isn't the Great Bouncing Ferret himself."
Draco's eyes widened when he noticed the gold badge pinned to Hermione's top, "No way... you can't be."
"Headgirl? Well that's what the badge says," snapped Hermione walking past him.
She jumped off the carriage and returned to her trolley to a restless Crookshanks.
"Don't worry boy. I'll have you out of there in no time flat," said Hermione picking up his cage and her bag.

Draco jumped off the carriage to see his father laughing at something Gregory Goyle Senior had said, obviously something stupid. Draco didn't get it. What did they see so thrilling about working for a foul creature by the name of Lord Voldemort? He just didn't get it. All the students in his house saw it as a honour, a privilege. Draco found it wrong. His father had brought him up to not serve others, yet his father was serving someone. That basically made him a hypocrite. And Draco had decided when Voldemort's return was well known by all that he was not going to serve that foul creature. His only hope was that Potter would kill Voldemort before the end of this year.
With a sigh Draco walked over to his father, completely aware of the girls ogling him as he walked past.
"Father, my things are packed," said Draco.
Lucius nodded at his son, "Excuse me for a moment Greg,"
Gregory nodded and Lucius turned to his son.
"Do you know who the Headgirl is?"
Draco sighed and nodded, "Hermione Granger. Harry Potters bestfriend and girlfriend."
"That low mudblood? Despicable, trust Dumbledore to make a choice like that."
Draco merely nodded.
"Have nothing to do with her other than Head duties, you understand me?"
"Yes father."
"Good. I shall see you this summer."
"Bye father," said Draco before heading to the Hogwarts Express.
Yes, thought Draco, I am not becoming a lowly Deatheater.

Hermione walked past all the compartments looking for any sign of her boyfriend and bestfriend.
Crookshanks was becoming more restless as the seconds passed.
"Soon Crookshanks," said Hermione as she heard a familiar voice in a compartment next to her. She than heard a soft giggle.
Maybe it was Ron talking to his new girlfriend he'd told her about in his last letter.
Without knocking Hermione opened the compartment door. Instantly she felt Crookshanks cage drop and felt as if the wind had been knocked out of her stomach.
Hermione backed away from the door tears building up, threatening to fall.
The boy and girl looked at Hermione in surprise.
"How... how could you?" hissed Hermione.
"Hermione!" came the boys pleading voice.
Hermione grabbed Crookshanks cage and ran down the corridor blinded by tears.
Someone with long red hair stepped out in front of her, surprised to see her friend in such a state.
"Hermione?" came Ginny Weasley's surprised voice, "My god girl, what's wrong?"
Hermione shook her head to distraught to speak.
"Let's go to the prefects lounge," said Ginny taking Crookshanks cage from her.
Hermione merely nodded and let Ginny lead her down the corridor.

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