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Chapter Twenty: The Loss Of Someone Special

Dumbledore pulled Mrs Weasley away from a shot coming towards her just in times. Mrs Weasley clung onto Dumbledore's arm as they watched a young Order member fall to her death at the feet of Voldemort who laughed as he did it with joy and pleasure.

"Hold in there Molly," said Dumbledore before stunning a Death Eater, "Be brave."

Mrs Weasley nodded and pulled herself together gathering her wits and ran back to the battle.

"We can win this," said Dumbledore stunning another Death Eater, "I know with Harry and Hermione working together, we can do this."


"Hermione wait!" yelled Gavin as she ran out of the room with Harry by her side

Hermione stopped running and spun around to face Gavin, "What is it? We haven't got time for a little chat Gavin."

"I know," replied Gavin as the others gathered around them, "Just listen to me okay?"

"Okay... listening."

"Right once you reach the North Side Voldemort is going to know you are here. And he is going to come after you. So what we need is a plan."

"Okay," said Hermione as the floor shook from a big of explosion, "Harry and I have to get Voldemort outside away from everyone else."

"Why?" asked Ron.

"Well... the potion is lethal, but how lethal I don't know and that means there could be a chance it will explode, killing people along with Voldemort. I don't want more people to die if they don't have too."

"Wait," said Draco suddenly, "You mean there is a chance you could die too Hermione?"

Hermione nodded, "Okay so I want the rest of you to go back to the hidden room. I mean ALL of you... Harry you are coming with me of course."

"No," said Draco, "No I have someone to deal with myself. And I have to do it."

"Fine," said Harry annoyed with the hold up, "Can we please go Hermione?"

Hermione nodded and ran down the corridor with Harry.

Draco watched Hermione run away from them. He knew right then that that could be the last time in his life he may see Hermione alive.

"I'm not going back into hiding," said Ron stubbornly, "I'm going to fight."

"Ron!" cried Ginny as he ran down the corridor, "Ron no!"

Ginny pulled herself from Blaise's grasp and took off after her brother; it wasn't long before the rest were following.


Voldemort cackled in evil laughter as he finished off a top aurour with complete ease.

"Fools! Pathetic fools, all of you," he yelled, "Thinking your pathetic attack can bring me down!"

Than it hit him. Hard. The rush of another's power, sweeping over his body.

Jealously surged through him, but he was hit with another sweeping sensation as another with power went through him.

He wanted that power he needed that power. He would KILL for their power to run within his very veins.

With one glance at the immense battle like never seen before he whirled into nothing, appearing in the shadows near the entrance hall.

He knew the people who possessed such a power were drawing closer, as the urge to have their power became stronger.

Voldemort's red eyes peered into the dim light from the stairs as two all to familiar figures ran down them side by side.

Voldemort growled with anger at the sight of the curly haired brunette. He wanted her dead more than he wanted the green-eyed boy dead. He raised his want and sent a skin slicing charm at her, cutting her back as she reached the door.


Hermione screamed in pain as the skin on her back sliced open and a rush of blood flooded out.

"Hermione!" cried Harry pulling her up, "It's him... he's in here... we have to get going."

"You two aren't going any where," snarled Voldemort stepping out of the shadows.

Hermione and Harry turned around and saw Voldemort walking towards him.

"Harry open the door and get to the clearing outside," said Hermione hurriedly, "I'll deal with him."

Harry nodded as Hermione flung a powerful stunning charm at Voldemort with all her strength.

With one last glance Harry disappeared through the door as Ron ran down the stairs.


Harry pushed through the crowded battling room. He ducked spell, after spell and dodged any dueling people.

Dumbledore saw Harry making his way through the room and dueled his way to Harry.

"Follow me Harry," said Dumbledore, he knew Harry needed to get out of the room, "Where is Hermione?"

"Dueling Voldemort so I can get away," said Harry as Dumbledore protected him from any Death Eaters.

Dumbledore got him to the doors, "Your on your own. We will do our best at keeping the Death Eaters away. Good luck Harry."

Harry nodded and took of towards the clearing, the sounds of the battle fading out.


Hermione didn't notice him. But she did notice Voldemort's eyes flicker away for a second, but put it down to the trick of the light. Than she saw it, the words came from his mouth before she could stop it.

She thought it was for her. But it wasn't. The Green Jet of light shot past her striking someone behind her.

Hermione turned around and looked down. A cry came from her mouth and she fell to her knees.

"No... no... no... NO!" screamed Hermione placing a hand on his forehead, "No... oh Merlin!"

Footsteps ran down the stairs and Hermione didn't look up.

Tears rolled down her face, as she looked at her now dead friend her bestfriend.

"NO!" came a scream on the stairs.

Hermione stood up and spun around to find Voldemort gone.

"Hermione?" said Gavin.

"He's gone to far!" yelled Hermione, "He... I'm going to kill him!"

Before Gavin could stop her Hermione barged out the door, killing any Death Eater that got in her way.


"No," sobbed Ginny into her brother's chest, "Not Ron... not Ron."

Blaise knelt beside Ginny, "Ginny... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry."

"He didn't deserve to die! He didn't! Ron was a good person! Why him?"

"I know baby... I know."

Ginny let Blaise pull her into his arms as she cried into his chest.

"Life isn't fair," said Draco softly before walking into the room where the battle was taking place.

As soon as he entered Draco knew his father was gone. He was sure of it. But still he searched the room, killing any Death Eater that dared get in his way.


Hermione ran as fast as her legs would take her towards the clearing, the darkness was taking over her with every step that brought her closer to Voldemort.

He killed her bestfriend. Her first crush, the one who was always by her side when she needed him. Sure they had their ups and down, it was only natural. All friends fight; in the end it gives them a stronger relationship.

The battle sounds behind her was fading out and the sounds of the wind and the storm coming towards them filled the air around her.

Tears flooded her eyes at the picture of Ron, pale, white skinned, still flashed in her mind. What haunted her the most were his eyes, they didn't have that bright Weasley twinkle in them. They were like glass.

Hermione's veins flooded with anger as Voldemort came into view. He was dueling Harry and taunting him as he did.

"Stupefy!" screamed Hermione.

The red jet of light flew through the air, faster then a normal stupefy spell.

It struck Voldemort in the back knocking him to the ground. Hermione ran over to him, shocking Harry.

She rolled him over onto his back pouncing on top of him and beating him with all her might.


"Whom did he kill?" asked Harry confused from it all as he glanced at Voldemort who was bleeding on the face, as were Hermione's knuckles.

"RON!" cried Hermione punching Voldemort near his nose, "HE MURDERED RON HARRY!"

"What?" asked Harry thinking he heard the name Ron.

Hermione stood up kicking Voldemort in the ribs for good measure, "He killed Ron!"

Harry started breathing fast and uneven breaths, "Hermione... stand back... now."

Hermione looked scared as the darkness left her body. She watched as Harry raised his wand, pointing it at Voldemort who was withering on the ground.

"Crucio!" hissed Harry in a low angry voice.

Hermione gulped as tears filled her eyes.

Harry had lost a lot of people he cared about. His parents, Sirius and now Ron. He couldn't loose anyone else and Hermione knew it.

She reached into her pockets as Voldemort's screams filled the night sky. Rain began to fall in heavy steady drops around them. She pulled the vial of black potion out and looked at it as Harry released the curse than hit Voldemort with it again.


Draco's heart was pounding. He was right. Lucius had fled back to the Estate. He couldn't do a thing. Lucius would beat him in a battle and Draco knew it. But he'd promised Narcissa they'd be free tonight.

What do I do? Thought Draco as he exited the battle to the backyard. He felt the heavy drops hit his smooth skin.

A fork of lightening flashed across the black sky. He spun around a killed the Death Eater tried to do a surprise attack on him.

He walked away from the doors a bit and sighed. Hermione would need him now more than ever. First she goes through living here and now her best friend had been murdered by the one she was battling now.

But he couldn't run from his father... his mother would need him too.

He wasn't stuck, no. Draco knew what had to be done. And it was going to kill him to do it.

! Z!

Hermione closed her eyes as Harry hit Voldemort for the third time with the Crucio curse. She opened them again and walked over to Harry.

"Do it Harry," pleaded Hermione holding the vial, "Just do it. Please. J-just end it now!"

Harry looked at Hermione's wet and shivering body. He nodded and lifted the spell and took the vial from her shaking hands.

Hermione stepped back as did Harry.

Voldemort lay still on the ground, but he was breathing heavy breaths.

"Do it," said Hermione gripping his free hand after her put his wand in his back pocket.

Voldemort groaned in pain as he stood up. He was blood covered. His face was full of cuts due to Hermione and his robes were torn all over.

"You'll pay Potter," he said hoarsely, "Just like your parents and that meddling red head."

Harry snarled and Hermione held him back.

"Throw it!" screamed Hermione.

Harry flung the glass vial and it broke as it hit his chest. The potion soaked into his robes, burning them as the potion soaked through. Voldemort laughed but began crying in agony as it hit his skin. Hermione and Harry watched in horror as it began eating at his skin.

"They say love can eat away at you," said Hermione quietly clinging to Harry's shirt, "Now we know what that means."

Layers of his white skin were burning to nothing, his insides were stating to show and Hermione turned away as did Harry.

But both looked back in time to see all off Voldemort, revolving in the air into a circle. The circle grew bigger and bigger before it began to suck in wards.

"I-it's going to explode," said Hermione, "Run!"

They both turned towards the Estate, sprinting away at the revolving ball became smaller and smaller in size.

Hermione tripped on a rock and fell face first into the mud.

"Keep going!" screamed Hermione struggling to stand.

"No!" yelled Harry, "I'm not loosing you as well to him Hermione."

"Harry just go!"

Harry shook his head and grabbed her hand pulling her from the mud. Hermione stood properly, preparing herself to run, just as they heard an explosion, bigger than any other one they'd heard or seen before.


The Battle stopped as the echoing sound of an explosion erupted into the night sky. The ground began shaking violently underneath them, glass that wasn't broken smashing. Then they saw it the air in the distance rippling, coming closer and closer towards them.

"Harry!" screamed Mrs Weasley noticing two figures running towards the estate, "It's getting closer Albus! They need to get away!"

Dumbledore nodded and went to run out but stopped as he saw Draco raise his wand outside at them.

"Carpi Pertracim!" yelled Draco.

A gold light that stayed attached to his wand shot out, wrapped itself around Hermione and Harry. Draco pulled his wand back and flung them through the air towards him.

They landed firmly on the ground and quickly stood and ran inside followed by Draco. Everyone, including the Death Eaters laid flat on the ground as the heat from the explosion passed over them, smashing everything in its path.

Five minutes later everyone stood and soon the Order was carting Death Eaters away to Azkaban.

"Hermione, Harry," said Dumbledore walking over to them, "I take it he's dead?"

Hermione nodded and walked away as the reality set in. Harry nodded as well and stood starring at the ground.

"Ron?" called Mrs Weasley as he found her other sons, "Ginny? Ron?"

Hermione walked over to Mrs Weasley, tears falling down her cheeks, "M-Mrs Weasley?"

The whole room went silent, all eyes were on Hermione.

"Hermione dear," said Mrs Weasley, "What is wrong?"

"It's... its Ron," said Hermione sobbing as she spoke, "I was dueling Voldemort and I didn't see Ron come down the stairs behind me. I noticed Voldemort mutter something and than I saw a Green jet light fly past me. I spun around... he killed Ron Mrs Weasley. Ron is dead."

"My baby!" screamed Mrs Weasley collapsing to the ground.

Mr Weasley ran over to her and knelt to his knees crying as well as he held his wife.

"I'm so sorry," said Hermione feeling guilty, "If I'd known he was there I would've prevented it! I would've taken it instead."

Mrs Weasley kept crying and Hermione turned to leave only to he in the arms of Draco who held her while she cried.


Two hours passed. Ginny and Blaise had stayed in the Entrance Room the whole battle and Ginny spent it crying in Blaise's arms, while Ron got covered in a blanket by Gavin who stayed with them as well.

But eventually people from St Mungo's arrived and took Ron away.

Dumbledore and Fudge monitored the clean up and Percy Weasley went back to the Ministry to organize a night edition of the Daily Prophet about tonight's events.

But Draco knew it was time he left. He had to say goodbye and go too his father. Hermione was already struggling to cope with the loss of her bestfriend and this was going to kill her.

They were sitting outside in the covered veranda area, away from the rain.

Hermione was snuggled in his arms, silent tears falling down her cheeks.

"Baby," said Draco, "I have to go get a drink okay? I'll be back in a second."

Hermione nodded and sat up so Draco could get up.

He walked into the destroyed room and found Dumbledore standing along watching the proceedings.


"Ahh Draco," said Dumbledore smiling, "What brings you to me? I would have thought you'd be with Hermione."

"I was... but my father," sighed Draco, "He got away. And I know this isn't the time to tell you. But he is planning on becoming the next Dark Lord now that Voldemort is dead. He'll want me to be his right hand man and if I don't he'll come after me and kill Hermione and me. I have to go to keep Hermione safe. Also my mother will need me."

Dumbledore's face went grave and the twinkle left his eye, "It seems trouble never ends in this world. I thank you for telling me. And I know this must be hard for you to know you have to leave when Hermione needs you."

"It is. But if it will keep her safe than I will."

Dumbledore placed a hand on Draco's shoulder, "Will you remain in the Order?"

Draco nodded, "I'd better go."

"Take care Draco. We will plan something soon."

Draco nodded and left to find Gavin.


Harry walked outside and found Hermione seated on a bench out of the rain.

"Hey," said Harry sitting beside her.

"Hey," replied Hermione, "It's like the rain is washing away all the bad that has happened here and allowing it to be clean for a new beginning."

"Some new beginning."

Hermione nodded, "Remember when he first became keeper?"

Harry nodded smiling, "He was terrible at it. He got frustrated so easy."

"I know. What about the time he got his foot stuck in the Quidditch ball crate in out sixth year?"

Harry chuckled than stopped, "He didn't deserve to die."

Hermione nodded tears filling her eyes, "If I'd known he was there I could've stopped it! And now he's dead... it's wrong."

Harry slipped an arm around Hermione's shoulder, "I'm here Hermione... I know it's not the same but we have each other. Friends help each other and together we can pull through this time."

Hermione nodded and her and Harry hugged.


"This will kill her Draco," sighed Gavin as they sat on the staircase in the Entrance room, "But I understand."

Draco nodded, "Tell her I love her and one day we can be together."

"You aren't going to say goodbye to her?"

"I can't. Merlin that'll make it worse and harder to leave. She means the world to me. I'm doing this for her she has to know that," said Draco standing up with Gavin.

"Take care Man," said Gavin.

"Take care of her and take care of yourself."

They both hugged briefly, a brother type hug.

With a nod Draco left.

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