Van Helsing watched Carl while he had an un-peaceful sleep. Carl had been on his guard for a while now. Actually, since Anna died. He always watched his back and made sure he didn't upset Van Helsing. Van Helsing was violent now.

Ever since Anna had died and been burned, Van Helsing stopped fighting against the forces of evil. He just drank his blues away and then came home and fought with Carl. But, it was Carl who lost. It was Carl who ended up with the burst lip or the bruised cheekbone. Never Van Helsing.

Van Helsing always felt guilty afterwards and tried to say sorry but Carl always shivered away from him and would nurse his injury, ignoring him. This angered him more and he would start yelling at him, and then, he would hit him. Send him flying across the room.

Then he would watch Carl while he slept. Then he would feel sorry for himself. The he would bugger off the to the bar. The he would come back, grab the sleeping Carl by the hair and drag him into the kitchen, make him stand and listen to him ramble on about ''It's not my fault she died...'' and make him watch him drink water, then he would go to bed.

The next morning he would try and tell Carl he was sorry,

''Carl, I'm sorry, I was drunk-'' Van Helsing would say,

''Well you seemed pretty sober half the time to me!'' Carl would answer, but be careful not to anger him,

''I'll change, I promise!'' Van Helsing would insist,

''You say that all the time! You never change!'' Carl would snap and storm off.

Van Helsing knew their friendship was failing, but he wouldn't let Carl leave. Never, Carl was his best friend and he needed him there!

''I'll change Carl. I promise. I'll change for you.'' Van Helsing whispered into the darkness, he stood up and crept over to the door turned back to look at Carl and his new mark, a black eye,

''I'm sorry.'' He shut the door behind him, and sunk to the floor.


Well, how was that? Pretty evil, aren't I? Making Van Helsing evil is...well...EVIL!

Thanks for reading!