Timeline: This story is set after the events of Power Outage. Since there was literally a second Big Bang from the docks, how many people were affected. The Meta-breed has returned, and is more powerful than ever. Static and Gear are over their heads with the new threat, so they must look to recruit a team to help. This is a possible 5th Season Story.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Static Shock...I'm just writing this story for my own enjoyment.

# # #

Static Force Prologue: Power Surge

Static had somehow managed to find his way home, parting from his best friend and partner Gear at 52nd Street before struggling through the partially open window that led to his bedroom and collapsing heavily on his plush mattress. Exhaustion had claimed him so fully that he hadn't bothered to remove his costume. Suffering exhaustion beyond endurance and hurting in more places than he knew he had, Virgil cared only about his much-needed sleep.

The events of the night had been nothing short of nerve-wracking and several times during the harrowing adventure, he was sure either himself or Gear or possibly both of them would end up maimed or worse. God only knew how they managed to survive with nothing worse than a few bumps and bruises, and a particularly nasty abrasion down his left arm he suffered from the explosion that ended the near-fatal battle with the fusion monster of Ebon and Hotstreak. But he was alive, his partner was alive and they both had their powers back. For all he knew, Ebon and Hotstreak were still floating around somewhere in the river, but he couldn't think about that now. The only thought consuming his suffering mind was how wonderful sleep would truly feel.

# # #

Francis Stone, a.k.a. F-Stop, a.k.a. Hotstreak, found himself floating nearly two miles from the site of his battle with Static and Gear, the current of the water having carried his unconscious body the entire distance. Only when he began to stir to consciousness, only when his aching muscles began to react did his previously relaxed body sink into the river, causing him to awaken to the violent sensation of drowning.

"What the HELL!" Hotstreak sputtered, coughing large amounts of water from his lungs as he tried desperately to keep his head above water.

"Quiet you fool, you'll get us caught." A second voice said, his hushed tones bringing Hotstreak's attention to the shadowy figure wading in the water some feet away.

Hotstreak glared at Ebon before snarling at the master of shadows. "Aw damn it, you had to go and survive didn't you." He barked before making his way to a nearby storm drain that fed the river. "How'd we get here anyway, and how the Hell did we separate?"

"My guess would be that blast tore us apart. Can't say I ain't at all disappointed either." Ebon responded, ducking his head under the water, only to reappear from the shadows within the storm drain. "One of these days I'm going to get Static...he's messed with my plans for the last time."

"Yeah, why don't you just record that line and keep playing it back every time something gets screwed up."

"The only thing that got screwed up tonight matchstick was you trying to jack the gas. I have half a mind to send you on a one-way trip to China." Ebon barked, glowering at the psychopath in the red hair.

"Uh huh...you sure you don't want to be pointing the finger somewhere else Ebon? Like maybe that feather duster freak friend of yours Talon turning all noble on us. And since you brought her along, that would make it your fault because she had to free Static and Gear. So don't go pointing you damn finger at me!" Hotstreak growled, his body exploding in flames as he took a few angry steps toward the shadowy villain.

Ebon however, was neither intimidated or frightened by the hotheaded pyrokenetic walking towards him. Instead, he raised his hand to slow Hotstreak enough to talk to him some more. "We're doing this all wrong smoky," Ebon said. "I was thinking of something before you started flapping at the mouth. The explosion of the gas was pretty big wasn't it?"

"Yeah I guess. So what?"

"Think about it for a second Hotstreak. There are going to be other Meta- humans resulting from that gas...not to mention the Bang Babies we brought with us. Way I see it, we can either tear into each other all night, or we can find out who's been made into new Bang Babies. Bottom line, we recruit em and restart the Meta-Breed. But this time we do it right. The reason Static always beat us, was there were four or five little groups. This time, we bring it all together, one group, big enough to take the city apart, and Static along with it."

Hotstreak paused and considered Ebon's suggestion, but the trademark hateful expression never left his face. "I hate to say this, but that's not a bad idea Ebon. You're not such a dumb ass after all."

"Of course not, you more than enough dumb ass for the both of us...and your ugly. Now come on, lets find some new blood."

"Wait...WAIT!!! Why the Hell are you in charge..."

# # #

Virgil groaned in painful protest as he slowly roused from sleep. Much of the pain he had felt from the previous encounter with Ebon and Hotstreak had now reduced itself to a dull throb but now his muscles felt wrung out, as if twisted like a sponge to rid the excess water from them.

"Oh good, you're awake." Virgil turned his head groggily toward the door and saw his father standing in the doorframe, a worried expression creasing his paternal features.

"Hey pops. What time is it?" The young man moaned as he struggled to sit up.

"It's 2:30 in the afternoon. It's also Saturday."

Virgil's eyes sprang open as he stared disbelievingly at his father. "What happened to Friday?"

"You slept straight through it. I took the day off of work to keep an eye on you." Robert Hawkins said, his tone shifting from mild relief to deep concern. "You really had me worried Virgil. You have a lot of injuries and I couldn't take you to the hospital. With all those bumps and bruises, the child services people would be asking too many difficult questions." The older man said, entering the room and sitting on the foot of his son's bed.

"I also changed you out of your uniform. I didn't want Sharon to stumble in here and see you wearing that. If she saw it she'd obviously know your Static, and if she were to find out, I think it'd be better if you told her."

"Yeah, I know pops." Virgil said, still struggling to keep the room in focus but trying to hide it from his father. "Ritchie and I managed to stop Ebon and Hotstreak, we also got a second blast of the gas, so we got our powers back. So at least Dakota will be safe again, huh?"

"Sometimes I wonder son." His father said, staring hard at the floor before sighing deeply. "I can't help but worry about you every time you go out there, do something dangerous. It scared me to no end when I saw you in the condition you were in, I could have lost you son and that terrifies me more than I can even contemplate.

"But I also can't deny that I'm very proud of you; you and Ritchie both. You have been given a gift, and your using that to make people's lives better. That's a great amount of responsibility, even for an adult. But the two of you are committed to making a difference. So it would be selfish of me to want you to stop because I worry about you. I know you'll do the right thing, and that makes me very proud. So just make me one promise. I'm not going to ask you to quit, but if things ever get too difficult for you to handle, then come talk to me. It may not be much, but that's all I can do for you."

"Sometimes pops, superheroes aren't the ones in the costumes and powers." Virgil said as he hurriedly wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. "But don't feel overwhelmed if I take you up on that offer." The teenager said, smiling at his father.

"You better," Rising to his feet and leaning over to kiss his son's forehead, Robert turned back to the door. "I'll get you something to eat and then you can get some more rest. And by the way, you're grounded for a week. At least until I know all your injuries are healed."

"Sure pops," Virgil laughed slightly at his fathers concern. "And dad...thanks."

# # #

A/N: Yeah, this is only a prologue so it might be a bit boring...but I've got some things planned for our amazing duo to face, so this story will feature new and old characters. Hope you enjoyed.