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Static Force: Epilogue

Once Upon a Dream

Static shook his head in mild disbelief as he sidestepped the many computer components and modules that littered the ground and nearly every available free space within the Gas Station as he made his way into the heart of the headquarters. Since the battle with Alva and his Meta-Superior, Gear had taken the opportunity to salvage every piece of computer equipment from Alva's war room for the sole purpose of "evaluating the enemies resources." Neither the fact that Alva was no longer in a position to be considered an "enemy" nor the fact that Gear had no interest in returning the Cray computer network to the authorities was inconsequential. The system was currently being rewritten and would be put to use as the heroes newest resource against crime, for the technical applications of the Cray were limitless.

The cluttered mess however had been only a brief distraction from the day-to-day operations of the team, as their jobs were far from over. Helping to rebuild the city and contain the surge of violence resulting from the war between the Meta-Humans was not an easy task, but much more enjoyable in comparison to battling the Meta-Breed or outsmarting Alva.

It had been two weeks since Alva's defeat, the corruption of the corporate business leader resulting in an uncontrollable tide of interest among the news carriers as they tried to lay claim on breaking the story and covering the greater details of his fall from grace. In that time, the city was relatively in shambles. Discredited by the news reports shown, Mayor Godfree was forced from office, an interim mayor however had not yet been named. Meanwhile, the district attorney was working on a case against Alva, however the big news was that the current Chairman of the Board of Directors for Alva Industries would take Alva's position as C.E.O. until the Board could select a new Chairman.

Likewise, it had been one week to the day that Grendel had used the formula Gear had concocted and reverted back to his human form. Nigel Saunders was returning to Gotham after all, and couldn't allow his parents to see what he had become. But he offered them a small smile before leaving, and a promise he would return if they needed.

It was only later that Gear informed the team the reversal potion was only a partial mixture, and that Nigel wanted more to control over his power than simply to remain the beast at all times. Thus, Grendel was not forever sealed away within the boy, but would return when it would become necessary.

Talon, however, was another matter all together. As promised, Static offered her the serum to turn her human once again, but she graciously refused. Even now, remembering the conversation brought a smile to his young features.

As she held the Bang Baby cure in her clawed hands, Talon shook her head sadly before handing it back. "I…I don't want it."

A look of confusion passed between Static and Gear as the tech genius took the test-tube. "I don't get it Teresa, you said you wanted to be human again, and I think you've more than repaid your debt."

The feathered young woman, however, merely smiled at the kindness that her friends showed. "I'm not so sure about that. I've done so many things wrong in my life. But…over the past couple of months, fighting to make people safe and trying to save the city, this has been the only time I've ever felt I've done anything right. Call me silly, but I don't want to give that up."

"Then, what about the half-cure; like the one Nigel…"

"No," Talon said, her smile growing slightly sorrowful as she interrupted Gear's bequest. "In order for me to remember all the wrongs I've done, I have to remember who I am at my heart. And for that, I have to realize who I really am. I won't find that by changing between Teresa and Talon, I will only find that by finding Teresa within Talon."

"Gear," Static said, his mind quickly returning to the present as he nearly tripped over the skeletonized remains of one of the many computer towers. "Can't you put away your toys? Where are we supposed to put all this stuff anyway?"

Gear however, waved his hand in silent irritation, all the while his head still buried inside the massive frame of the Cray networking system. Rather, it was Shebang who spoke up. "Well, whatever all this junk will be good for, I'm just glad all of this is over."

"No kidding," RubberBand Man said, leaning lightly against the far wall, his eyes partially closed as if debating between staying awake and falling asleep. "And I say good riddance to both the Meta-Breed and the Meta-Superior. I'd rather not fight them again if I can help it."

"Unfortunately I don't think it's going to be that easy." Gear said, finally dissociating himself with the computer as he turned to address his friends.

After a moment's silence, Talon finally asked the burning question, arching an eyebrow in curiosity as she did so. "Are you going to enlighten us Gear?"

Taking a breath to prepare for the worst, Gear replied. "I found out that the District Attorney rejected our request to revert the Meta-Breed and Meta-Superior to humans and is moving for a conviction of the Bang Babies. He believes that most citizens of Dakota will think the Bang Babies were under the influence of their powers and driven mad by it and…might…be sympathetic towards them should they be charged as humans for the crimes they did while they were Bang Babies. So…it's safe to assume that we'll be forced to battle Ebon, Omnifarious, Hotstreak and all the others again someday. Its only a matter of time."

A collective sigh of disbelief, coupled with the fear and fatigue resulting from the past couple of months echoed from every person's lips, each trying hard not to imagine fighting the battles all over again.

"So," Permafrost said, her eyes moving shyly as the collective heroes turned to look at her. "We will have to fight again?" Of all the friends to stay, Static was most surprised that Maureen had opted to do so, however she confessed to him privately that she truly had no place to go, and as Maureen O'Connor, she was weak and a victim, but as Permafrost, she could at least choose for herself. So, with Static's blessing, she would remain in the Power Pad, until she willingly trusted the team enough for them to find other accommodations. However, Static had felt a great swell of pride as Talon and Shebang tried just that, to get Permafrost to trust. In time, they all believed she would learn they would not betray her, but that would come eventually.

"Yeah," Static said, fatigue echoing from his voice as his eyes shifted from the members of his team to the computer components to the floor of the gas station. A wave of déjà vu washed over him as he realized where the numerous components would soon find a home. The heroes had, after all, outgrown the gas station. "Yeah, I don't think our battles will ever be over. But at least now we can be prepared. And we'll protect our home…together."


A/N: Another note regarding my OC, technically I don't like Original Characters but I needed someone to balance Static's team a bit. In my creation of Grendel however, I seemed to have messed up. Grendel was originally meant to be the strategist for Static's team, however I basically forced him into the team to tie up the loose end, and by that time, he just sort of became another body in the battle.

I had actually considered writing up a sequel to this. Static Force: World Tour, where they all go around the country fighting crime and teaming up with various other groups: the Teen Titans, Justice League, TMNT, Nightwing, Batman, Superman and others. If I did that, then I'd bring Grendel back in that regard. Anyway, this epilogue was short and sweet, but also made reference as to why Static built that kick ass base seen in Future Shock. Heh. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed.