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Summary: Rin is now sixteen years old, and Sesshomaru is searching for someone who can teach her the 'proper' way for the ward of a demon lord to act, you know, court manners and all that jazz. He finds a teacher, although she is quite reluctant to have the job. Needless to say, sparks fly between Sesshomaru and the stubborn dragon demoness teacher Kaida...and neither actually want to admit that they even have respect for the other, let alone anything else. Trust me, this won't be the typical Sesshy falls in love with someone. There are plenty of little twists and turns that will keep the story interesting (as anyone who has read my writing will know).

Teaching Rin


Sesshomaru pushed back the mounds and mounds of papers in front of him and growled in aggravation. He had just received word that the other three demon lords of Japan were holding a meeting, this time to be held in the Southern Lands, ruled over by the dragon taiyoukai Lord Ryu. 'I care not for their ridiculous, petty quarrels.' he thought in disgust as he stood from the chair and walked to the window in the study.

The sun was out and the flowers were blooming. Spring had arrived in Japan, and he could hear Rin's happy voice floating on the air as she spoke with one of the servants that inhabited the huge castle they lived in. Suddenly, an idea came to the Western lord. 'But perhaps this may be a blessing in disguise.' The dog youkai thought a little more before nodding his head, a decision made. 'Yes, this will do fine. Ryu owes me a favor, and it is time to collect.'

"Jaken!" Sesshomaru called out, knowing Jaken was somewhere near him.

"Yes, m'lord?" the little toad-like retainer called, walking to his master's side like a well trained puppy dog.

"Bring Rin to me." Sesshomaru ordered, no emotion evident in his voice.

"Yes, m'lord." Jaken, his orders now known, quickly hobbled out of the room. A few minutes later, he returned, this time with the human girl in tow.

Rin had grown quite a bit in the time she had been Sesshomaru's ward. Now, at sixteen years of age, the girl was quite the pretty picture to look at. She was still a petite little thing, barely reaching over five feet. Her hair, once kept in an awkward ponytail, was not long, cascading down her back. Her face was still as pure and innocent as ever. And her happiness and joy of life had never diminished. As she entered the room, she walked over to Sesshomaru and smiled, giving a small bow to the lord.

"You wanted to see me, my lord?" she asked happily, ready to do whatever her caretaker was going to ask of her. In all the years that she had been with the Western lord, Rin had come to consider the cold man as more of a father figure than many would ever be able to believe.

"Rin, you will be accompanying me to a lord's meeting three days from now, which is being held in Lord Ryu's home in the Southern Lands. As you are aware, my search for an instructor for you has proved futile. Ryu, however, has two daughters, both well versed in the mannerisms of youkai court. With his acquiescence, you will choose one as your instructor." Sesshomaru said firmly, watching the smile drop off of her face at the mention of a teacher.

"Yes, my lord." Rin said, her happiness at being summoned by the inu-taiyoukai fading into obscurity. They had been looking for an instructor to teach Rin the ways of the demon court for a few months now. Unfortunately, Sesshomaru had found no one to his satisfaction, which Rin was secretly grateful for.

Even at sixteen, Rin's rambunctiousness had not slowed down. Her free spirit was happy as it was, and she did not want to change her ways to conform to what normal females were expected to. But the young girl had no choice. If Sesshomaru said it was going to happen, it would, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"That will be all, Rin." he said, dismissing her with a curt nod.

"Yes...my lord." Rin said, backing out of the room. Sesshomaru watched as the girl left. She had changed so rapidly, and right before his eyes. Ever since Naraku's defeat almost seven years before, Rin had blossomed into a young woman. Her entire demeanor had changed, even though she still held that happy go lucky, carefree attitude she'd had during her childhood. Sesshomaru did not want to crush that spirit, but as his ward, it was imperative that she learned what was proper for a young lady. It would soon be time for her to choose a mate, and she needed to know what the demon customs consisted of when it came to choosing a mate. Because whether or not Sesshomaru realized it, or even wanted to admit it really, he was worried about her choosing a human mate. He wanted someone who would be strong enough to protect her from the dangers of the world, and in Sesshomaru's opinion, no human could do that.

Up until this point, he had weeded through the most likely candidates, finding none suitable. Ryu's family was his last hope. As hard as it was to believe, it was no real surprise that his search had led him there, now that he stopped and thought about it.. Ryu's family was extensive, and very well versed in the old traditions of their fathers. The dragon demon Ryu held great importance to the ruling families, and was perhaps the only other demon lord that Sesshomaru held respect for.

Ryu had offered to help him after the death of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father. But the stubborn Sesshomaru had declined, preferring to learn on his own, and Ryu had respected that wish and left the eldest son of Inutaisho be. Of course, he had continued to offer assistance and advice, even though Sesshomaru had not asked for it. Ryu, unlike some of the other demon nobles and ruling families, held a genuine concern for everyone, no matter whether they were human or demon.

There was another particular reason why Sesshomaru liked the demon lord. Dragons, like dogs, were known to be proud, powerful creatures. The problem was their perchance for mischief and rebellious natures. Yes, Ryu's family was very extensive, and Sesshomaru had no doubts that the daughters of the lord were well versed in the mannerisms Rin needed to learn. They would be the answer to his problems concerning the young girl

"Perhaps," he said. "Among those demonesses there will be one who Rin can learn from."

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