Fucking Sasuke
By: Chibi Shi-Chan (Cutie Chibi)

Summary: Naruto thinks about Sasuke, Sasuke thinks about Naruto. Rather interesting things happen, and maybe some romance too.

Pairings: Sasuke x Naruto

Warnings: Yaoi, attempt at humor, perhaps mild citrus, and language

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. However I did buy the cream savers I'm sucking on. Seriously, I did!

Notes: Back by popular demand (well, not really popular, I think two people asked about the fic...) Chibi's first fic into the Naruto fandom. The first two chapters are pretty tame but after that... well... if anyone remembers the fic... after that it will be on that site in my profile. At the time of writing this I wasn't sure if there would be multiple parts but now, obviously, there are. This fic is just meant to be fun, so, enjoy!

Spoilers: It's the accidental kiss gone wild!


Fucking Sasuke.

Who the hell does he think he is?

Sitting there with that cool, "I don't give a damn," expression on his face. With those dark, mysterious eyes that matched his dark, disorderly hair.

Fucking Sasuke!

What's so great about him?

Everyone's crazy about him. Mr. Perfect, Mr. "Steal all the Attention and not even care that I'm taking the attention because I'm so cool."

ARGH! He hated him so much!

Blue and black met in a silent challenge.


Fucking Sasuke.

Nothing special about him. Even this close, Naruto could see the same things he saw from afar. Same dark eyes, dark hair, bored, uncaring expression. Nothing special, nothing great, he was just...

"Get lost."

Fucking Sasuke!

How dare him tell him to get lost! Who the fuck did he think he was? With his stupid hair, stupid eyes, stupid bored expression, stupid lips...

... lips?

Why was he thinking about his lips?

"Oh! Sorry!"

Oh, that's why. Because he was kissing Sasuke. Kissing! Why was he kissing... oh, but look at his face now. So full of shock, full of rage. Ha! So he didn't look perfect all the time. Even the great Sasuke could be surprised. Look at him, just staring in surprise, as if his lips were too precious to be defiled by Naruto's.

Shouldn't they break apart now?

Not yet, watch those beads of sweat fall. Ha! Look at the perfect boy now. Take that, Sasuke!

"Naruto, you piece of crap, you are dead!!!"

"Poison! My mouth is ruined!" But it was worth it, oh it was worth it. To see the look on his face. To make his skin crawl, to make him shudder, to be able to taste his lips...

... where did that thought come from?

Argh! Fucking Sasuke!

Naruto walked down the halls of the Ninja Academy, hands shoved in his pockets, an almost unholy smile on his face. He was still beaming over the incident in the classroom. Even if Sakura-chan beat the shit out of him, every punch was worth it when he remembered the look of utter horror on Sasuke's face.

Not like... he himself enjoyed the kiss or anything... but Sasuke looked completely and totally disgusted.

Good! He deserved it.

"Naruto." Naruto turned to see one of the students running towards him, in fact, it was the one who had pushed him into Sasuke in the classroom. The one who started the kiss.

"Hey, what's up?"

"I did what you asked..." He held his hand out, and before his eyes Naruto dropped all of the change that was in his pocket into his hand.

"There, this should buy you the ramen I promised. Thanks for the help."

"No problem. Man, Sasuke's face was hysterically. But you're going to get your ass kicked for it."

"Oh? And what makes you think you're off the hook?" Both Naruto and his classmate turned, almost in slow motion, to see Sasuke leaning back against the wall next to them, as if he had been there the entire time. Their classmate, the one who did the dirty deed for a simple bowl of ramen, looked pale.

Naruto looked pissed. Again, with the smug, cocky, Sasuke attitude.

Fucking Sasuke.

Gods, how he hated him!

"I-I... I... I had nothing to do with it. It was all Naruto I swear!" Coward. "He-here, Naruto, why are you giving me this change? I didn't do anything!" Naruto had all of his change shoved back into his hands and both him and Sasuke watched the poor boy take off running, screaming apologies to Sasuke the entire time. Naruto simply put the change back into his pocket and turned to look at Sasuke, who still wore the same smug expression.

"Get lost." Coming out of Naruto's mouth, that didn't sound nearly as effective as it did when Sasuke said it. Sasuke chuckled, actually chuckled, at him. Naruto glared at him, how dare-

"You know, Naru-chan..." Naru... chan? Where in the world did that come from? And why was Sasuke looking at him like that? And how did he end up leaning back against the wall as Sasuke hovered over him?

What the hell was he doing? And why was Naruto's heart beating so fast all of the sudden? And when did his breathing pick up?

"... if you wanted a kiss, why didn't you just ask?"

"WHAT! What the hell are you on? I didn't want-" All protests were cut off when Sasuke moved forward and pressed his lips against Naruto's. If his eyes weren't wide enough in the classroom, those bright blue eyes certainly were wide now. Sasuke was kissing him, really kissing him!

Fight, push him away, don't let this happen! Naruto's mind was screaming ten million things at once, all of them ranging around many forms of death to Sasuke.

Then he felt Sasuke's tongue brush against his lips, and his heart drowned all the voices out.

Let him in, and kiss him back.

Finally, Naruto's eyes slid shut, and he parted his lips for Sasuke. He could feel Sasuke's lips grinning against his, or was that a smile? It almost felt like a smile, a real smile, and not one of those cocky Sasuke grins. Naruto couldn't tell, all he knew was that Sasuke's tongue was stroking his, and that was causing the most delicious feelings to stir up inside of his body.

Fucking Sasuke.

Fucking sensual, sexy, hot Sasuke.

Fucking Sasuke who had grabbed Naruto's arms and pinned him against the wall harder, kissed him deeper, kissed him so hard that he stole Naruto's air right from under him. And Naruto, Naruto just trying to return the kiss with as much passion as Sasuke was giving, for reasons he couldn't understand but Naruto was the type to act before he thought things through. Later, much later when he learned that he needed air to breathe, and not Sasuke, would he question.

The kiss ended after what felt like an eternity, but it was probably just a couple of seconds. Maybe five, ten, thirty, sixty, neither really knew how much time had went by. Naruto still had his eyes closed, his lips wet from Sasuke's kiss.

Fucking Sasuke, who was a pretty damn good kissing.

"Now, see what happens when you just ask?" Sasuke whispered hotly into his ear. "When you ask, you get a real kiss, not those cheap kisses like the one you gave me in the classroom."

"What! How dare-" Again, Naruto was cut off, and in the blink of an eye Sasuke had his hands pinned above his head by one hand, his other hand holding onto Naruto's chin and tilting it up so their eyes could meet. Naruto stared him down, those fighting instincts were all coming back to him, and as soon as he broke free he was going to bash Sasuke's pretty little face in.

Pretty? Did he just...

That train of thought was cut off too, along with any murderous thoughts, when Sasuke pressed his knee in between Naruto's legs. Naruto's eyes widen and he bit his lips, hard, to stop himself from making any noise. Sasuke just grinned, oh there was that Sasuke grin, looking as smug as ever.

Fucking Sasuke!

"Next time, ask, and maybe..." Sasuke let go of his chin and without any type of warning he had his hand in between his legs, when in the world did he move his knee away? Naruto couldn't hold it in anymore, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, giving out a cry so soft and so beautiful that it sent tingles over Sasuke's skin. Sasuke licked his lips unconsciously, then brushed them against Naruto's neck. "... maybe I'll give you more." And just like that, Sasuke was gone.

Naruto didn't even realize he was gone until he realized he had slid down to the ground, his body trying to calm itself down after everything that had just happened. After a few minutes he stood up, glaring down the hallway where Sasuke had disappeared to.


Fucking Sasuke!

He'd show him, he wasn't going to fall into his little games. He'd fix him, yeah, that's it. He'd fix that little cocky bastard.

Hmph, next time just ask indeed. As if he'd EVER ask for something like that. Naruto walked down the hallway, already forming a plan on how he could get back at Sasuke. Ask, hn, Sasuke was dreaming.

Fucking hot Sasuke.

As if he'd ask those soft, delicious lips to touch his, to taste his, again. That hot little bastard had another thing coming.

Naruto hadn't even realized that he slipped in 'hot' in his description of Sasuke.

Owari for now.