Drinking Baby

So yeah, it's been a while. What, have you already grown up and finished college? You say you have no more need, desire, or want to read this fic anymore? YEAH RIGHT! It's only been two years! It's not like it's an eternity or anything. Sheesh...you guys're picky. :)

Oh yeah, FYI, the honorifics and slang have been removed.

- - -

Whatever she was lying on, it sure was comfortable. It was soft, yet firm. Warm, yet cool at the same time. She was able to grab a handful of it without moving the thing. Her head was on top of something so soft and fluffy; she just had to see what it was. And when she opened her eyes, she realized...it was pink?

Sango sat up quickly, regretting it when her belly gave a small pinch. She was in a small room with a big window near her head, and lots and lots of pink things. There was a door too, with a big round thing somewhere in the middle that she suspected was used for opening and closing it. She scanned the room, looking at all the multi-colored "stuffed" animals and a variety of other girlish things, until at last, her eyes landed on a figure in the corner of the room who was clad in nothing but different shades of purple.

It was Miroku. And he was sleeping.


When she turned, she saw Kagome standing next to the wooden door that was now ajar. She was carrying a tray with two cups and a mug. Kagome set the tray down on her desk, and then sat herself in a chair. She handed the mug to Sango, which according to her, was filled with what looked like green lake water.

"Looks like he fell asleep," she said, stifling a laugh and putting the cup meant for Miroku back down on the tray. "He just carried you through the well..."

"The well?" Sango asked, looking up from her drink. "Kagome, do you mean the well that connects to your time? Does that mean that I...?"

"Yes and yes," Kagome said with a smile. "We all agreed that it would be safer for you and your baby if the two of you--three, I mean--were here instead. There are better physicians and medicine here, and I'm sure that they'll--"


While Sango had been able to keep the mug in her hand, she still hadn't been able to keep all of the drink in it. In her outburst, she had accidently spilt more than half of the contents onto Kagome's pink bedsheets. The drink had been hot, and it began to burn her legs as it seeped through the thin cloth.

"I'm sorry," she said, moving the sheets off of her.

"Don't worry about it," Kagome said. "I've been meaning to wash them. I'll be right back."

Sango watched as she walked out the door. She turned to Miroku. Good, she hadn't woken him. As she waited for Kagome to return, she thought about what she had said. Have her baby here? In an unknown time period? That thought in itself seemed preposterous. She couldn't even fathom what Kagome meant when she said that they had agreed. As far as she was concerned, she was the only one who got to make decisions for this baby; she wasn't even sure Miroku was mature enough to handle the job.

They should have talked to me about this, she thought, turning back to face Miroku. Why hadn't he said anything to her?

Kagome returned carrying a damp washcloth. Sango watched as she grabbed the bedsheet and gently scrubbed at it. The strange drink she'd spilled was lighter, but the stain was not completely gone.

"That's better, isn't it?" Kagome said cheerfully.

"I'm sorry."

"I told you it was nothing--"

"--Not that." She paused. Well, she was sorry about that too. "I can't have the baby here. It just wouldn't seem right; I'm too unfamiliar with the area. Not that I'm not thankful for what you all suggested, but...I just can't."

"...It's funny."


"Miroku thought you wouldn't be too keen on the idea. We just thought we'd take a chance with it." Kagome smiled, staring at the sleeping monk. "Poor guy must be exhausted... Let's wake him up."

Sango giggled. She was grateful to have Kagome as a friend. All of them were wonderful friends, but she was able to relate to Kagome more because they were both young, aspiring women.

She watched as Kagome picked up a rectangular-shaped object, what she remembered was called an "eraser", and threw it in Miroku's direction. It hit him on the nose, startling him, but not quite enough to wake him fully.

"Miroku. Your wind tunnel. It's sucking me in," Kagome said lamely.

"That's really uncalled for," Miroku said, opening weary eyes towards them. He sat up, stretching his arms and yawning.

"Sorry, but it was the only way to wake you up."

"This doesn't count?" Miroku asked, bending over to pick up the eraser. "Sango, you're awake." He seemed to have just noticed she was there.

Sango acknowledged him with a nod of her head, her thoughts not wavering from the flirtatious manner of conversation between her two friends. She told herself she was just imagining it, but she needed to be certain.

"Miroku?" she tried, turning to Kagome. "Can I speak with you in private?"

Kagome took the hint, leaving the two to talk amongst themselves.

"You're flirting with her," Sango said, the moment she knew Kagome was out of earshot. It was strange how she was able to trust Kagome, but not the man who was the father of her child. Then again, he was known to be less than trustworthy.

"What? Sango, no, of course not."

"I saw you. I was right here!"

Miroku sighed, getting up from his place in the corner, and seating himself at Sango's feet. As he did so, he reached across and grabbed her hand.

"You've got it all wrong: Kagome's been prepping me for the birth of our child. We've got a special bond, she and I. Everything I'll need to know to be a good father I've been learning from her 'textbooks'. But you and I," he said, caressing her hand with his thumb, "we're conntected through this." With his free hand, he stretched between them, placing it on Sango's swollen belly.

While trying to hide her embarrassment from having once again misjudged Miroku, she said, "Kagome thought we should have it here."

"I know. So, what did you decide?"

"No, I want to have it on the other side, back home. At Kaede's, I think."

"I thought as much," Miroku smiled.

"It's just that I promised my mother that I...," Sango paused, unsure of how to finish the statement. She hadn't promised her mother that she'd have her child in a demon-infested land, but what exactly did she mean? "Well, I told her I'd make the right decision. And that's what I decide."

Miroku grinned. "That's good then."

"Yeah... By the way, where's Kirara?"

"She followed us through the well, and she made quick friends with Kagome's pet cat."

"Kagome has a cat?"

"Yep. His name's Buyo."

- - -

What I find kinda funny (and ironic) is that the thing that inspired me to update this fic was a calendar picture of Miroku and Sango, sitting under a full moon, and drinking what other than...saké! Amaaaazing.

Yes, yes, I know this chapter was mainly dialogue, but conversations are important too, no? Besides, an update's an update.