Ray of Hope

Carl was the happiest friar alive. He lay on his bed, smiling like a goof ball. He had always thought he would end up alone. But no, this proved he wouldn't. He breathed in deeply, and gave a small laugh in spite of himself.

He had always hidden away from other people, apart from the monks and other friars he worked with. He was...not anti-social, but not social either. He didn't have a name for it.

He always concentrated on working, not his social skills. At the all-boys school he went to, he was always top of the class, but he was always the last one out of class and he was always the one who was bullied. He was always cornered and had the living day lights beaten out of him. That's probably why his confidence had turned to ash and had been swept away.

The last scrap of his confidence had been taken away from him when his mother died. He was only 9, and his mother left him all alone in the world. He had no brothers, sisters, father or other relatives. He was so small, and alone in the big cruel world.

Soon he was taken in by a church, and soon he was inventing. He worked day and night, not because they made him, but it was the only thing that kept him going. It dragged him out of bed in the morning.

The last ray of hope he was given when he met Van Helsing. Tall, dark and handsome. Carl always looked up to him. He wasn't a father figure, more like, an idol. Though Carl knew he would never be as great as the left hand of god, he knew that maybe one day, he could do something to get himself know.

Carl sighed happily and turned over onto his side. He reached out and tucked a loose strand of hair from his lovers face, the deep eyes opened and smiled warmly at him,

''Morning sleepy head.'' Carl greeted, beaming ear-to-ear,

''Morning.'' Van Helsing greeted back.


There you have it! Another one-shot from me!! Ahaha!

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