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It wasn't enough that Professor Dosaret had scheduled a test for the morning after Gryffindor's last Quidditch match before the holidays, but each of Professor Diddlemarl's students also had an essay due the very next class. Needless to say, the Gryffindor common room was in complete dissaray the afternoon of the match. Nearly every fifth year was taxing away over either their History of Magic or Charms textbook, in hopes of finishing in time to see the game.

One student included was a certain Sirius Black, who cursed the heads of his professors as he worked, seated beside his friends on an over-stuffed sofa. "Loathsome git," he muttered, scribbling away, his quill scratching at full speed before being thrown down in disgust. He looked up at his friends angrily. "What's that hobgoblin playing at, assigning us four and a half rolls of parchment during Quidditch?" Beside him, Peter squeaked in agreement before franically returning to his own scroll.

"And Dosaret! I don't even know what her test is about! Much less-"

"Really, Padfoot, don't you pay attention to Dosaret in History?" said James with mock indignation. He sat behind Peter on the back of the sofa, with his legs dangling behind it.

"To what she's teaching? What for? Frankly, Prongs, I don't give a worm's tail about what she's got to say. With knockers like hers-"

From the floor, Remus tutted, quite audibly. "Please spare us. One, worms don't have tails."

"They don't!" said Peter, startled into looking up from his essay.

"Of course not. And secondly, Sirius, she's a teacher, for God's sake. Have you no shame?"

Doodling on the margin of his essay, Sirius glanced at his friend, who was lying on his stomach next to the common room's fireplace, in front of an open book as usual. "Need you ask?" he answered, grinning, before turning his attention to James, who was presently the only one not working. "Alright, Potter, spill it. How'd you finish your essay so quick?"

"That essay was assigned over two weeks ago," Remus pointed out, not looking up from his reading.

"Oh, shove off, Moony. Everyone knows you're the only one who actually started way back then." He studied his friend for a moment. "What are you reading, anyway?"

Remus set the book right side up, to display its cover. "It's really good. 'A Guide to Defeateing And/Or Escaping Dark Creatures," he recited.

"In case you ever need to hex yourself?" James quipped, and received a look from Sirius.

Remus lay his book flat again. "I am not a Dark Creature," he bristled. "Just got bitten by one," he added as an afterthought, smiling wryly.

"Yeah, so sod off, Prongs. You gonna tell us how you finished that goddamn essay or not? You hadn't even started it after Binn's class today."

James swung his legs around and hopped down to sit on the sofa between Sirius and Peter, draping his arms over their shoulders. "Still haven't," he said proudly.

Peter looked at him in awe. "You haven't even started? But you'll have even less time than the rest of us, being on the Quidditch team and all….."

Sirius, however, laughed and clapped James hard on the back, thrusting him forward. "My friends," he announced, "what we have here is a true potentate of procrastination."

"A bloody moron's what he is," muttered Remus, turning a page. "And exactly how do you plan to write an entire essay and study for Dosaret's test, all after the match?"

James looked at him and smiled devilishly. "Evans. I figure after I beat Slytherin today, I'll just casually mention that I'm in desperate need of help with my essay, and ask the top girl in the class for a hand."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Subtle, Prongs. Real subtle."

James beamed. "Isn't it? Fool proof, too. I mean, could you resist me after I had just swiped the snitch from the vile clutches of the Slytherins?"

" 'Course not," Sirius said, winking at Remus. "Like you say, foolproof."

"Yes, well, good luck with that, Prongs," Remus said, turning on his side and producing a bar of honeyduke's candy from his robes. "Chocolate?" he offered, holding it out to his frinds.

Nodding eagerly, Peter seized the package, broke himself off a piece, and passed it down to James and Sirius.

"By the way, Moony," James said, tossing Sirius the remainder of the chocolate, "Shouldn't we be due for a full moon sometime soon?"

"Five days," answered Sirius, surprising Remus, who nodded in agreement.

"At any rate, I'm due for it," Remus said. "Friday. But you guys aren't coming this time."

Instantly his friends began to protest, but he held a hand up, and even James quieted. "Because," he continued, "the very next morning is the first mid-term of the year."

His friends didn't seem very comprehending of what his point was. "So?" said James. "We'll sneak back before anyone gets up, like we always do, and be in plenty of time for exams."

Remus shook his head. "Oh, no you won't. Every time you guys stay with me all night, Peter falls asleep in class the next day and you and Sirius walk around like dead men."

"Your point?"

"Oh, come on. It's usually all well and good to be tired during a few classes, but not this time. The first mid-terms are Transfiguration and History. You guys should take advantage of them; they could really help your grades if you do well."

"Okay, now you're lecturing us."

"But if you're half-asleep," Remus insisted, "It'd-"


Sirius' voice cut in- so quiet, so serious, that Remus stopped in mid-sentence.

"We all know how much worse it is for you when we're not there. And it's not worth it."

Remus studied his friend's face, and sighed. He had to admit to himself that he had grown quite accustomed to his friend's presence during his transformations. But that didn't mean he had to admit it to Sirius. "It definitely is. Mid-terms are important. And you guys have spoiled me. I used to transform alone all the time. Every time. It won't be any worse than then."

Sirius looked at him disbelievingly. They had all heard the wails and moans coming from the Shrieking Shack in the years before he, James, and Peter had become Animagi.

While Sirius was looking concerned and Peter distressed, James began losing his patience. "Look, you wannabe martyr. We don't care about our grades. We wouldn't care if it was final exams. We're transforming with you in five days, and frankly, there's nothing your sorry arse can do about it."

Remus smiled mischeviously. "Besides tell Dumbledore he's got three unregistered Animagi running around campus?"

"God, but you're a bastard. You wouldn't do that."

Suddenly, the Gryffindor Quidditch captain appeared in the common room doorway. "Let's go, team!"

James' head snapped up. They had almost forgotten all about the match. "Ah, crap, I still gotta get my gear! Come on, Pete, you can watch us warm up." Peter gave a squeal of delight, gathered up his forgotten essay, and followed James out of the common room, leaving only Sirius and Remus.

A few minutes passed, during which Sirius seemed to be absorbed in his own throughts. Remus sighed, stood up, and streched, feeling Sirius' eyes on him. "I'm going upstairs, Padfoot. I'll be back before the match." He started walking past him towards the staircase, but as he did, Sirius' hand shot out and grabbed him by the wrist, stopping him.

"Remus," he said. "About Friday…"

Remus looked at Sirius' hand on his wrist, then at his face and smiled, albeit weakly. "Padfoot, I know. But it's what I want." Pulling his arm from Sirius' grasp, he made his way to leave the common room. Before he disappeared, though, he turned back, with a sad smile that depressed Sirius just to look at. "It's okay, Sirius. I've… I've been doing this for a while. I'll be fine."

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