Chapter One

Suddenly everything came into focus and Buffy realized she was kissing someone. They broke apart, and Buffy found herself staring into the icy blue eyes of none other than Spike. She continued staring at him for a moment. The memories and moments started flooding back. She remembered sitting in Spike's lap, planning the wedding. She remembered arguing with him, yet always ending up with lots of kissage. Then a disgusted look came over her face as well as Spike's.

"Bloody hell!" she heard Spike say, struggling to free himself of her.

"Ugh! Spike lips! Lips of Spike!" cried Buffy, getting off of him and spitting on the floor.

They all turned to look at Willow, who was looking very guilty. "Hi guys," she said lightly.

"Eat a cookie, ease my pain?" said Willow very pleadingly. She handed a tray of cookies before Buffy.

Buffy took one of the chocolate chip cookies and bit into it. "Mmm. Better."

Willow shrugged. "Well, baking lifts about 30% of my guilt. But only 7% of my inner turmoil. Guess that'll just take a while."

Spike, who was tied up in a chair, raised an eyebrow. "How cheesy is she?" he thought ironically.

"It'll happen," Buffy said, giving her a sympathetic look.

"Don't I get a cookie?" Spike spoke up.

"No," Buffy immediately replied, still horrified at the thought of her and Spike getting married.

"Well I gotta have something. Still have Buffy taste in my mouth."

"You're a pig, Spike."

Spike looked at her smugly. "Yeah," he said. "Well, I'm not the one who wanted Wind Beneath My Wings for the first dance," he added loudly. Giles, Anya, and Xander all looked towards Buffy.

Embarrassed, she placed her cookie down and got up from her seat. "That was the spell," she said quietly and walked away.

Willow stuffed a cookie in Spike's mouth and he bit gingerly into it, looking very annoyed.

"Did I mention about the sorry part?" Willow asked, looking very guilty again.

"We may be into a forgetting spell later," sighed Buffy. "I loved him," she said, looking disgusted. "We were betrothed."

"Well, at least you were getting along," Willow replied, trying to make things seem better.

"But we weren't. It wasn't even nice. And the bad boy thing? Over it. Okay? I totally get it. I'd be really happy to be in a nice relationship with a decent reliable... Oh my God! Riley thinks I'm engaged."


"Riley!" Buffy cried. "He saw me. What the hell am I gonna say to him?"

"Well the thing is," Buffy said while walking to class with Riley, "Last night when you saw me—"

"You don't have to explain it again. I get it," Riley interrupted before she could finish. "You're getting married to a old guy named Spike."

"No. You see, I'm not really—" Buffy stopped in her tracks. "Wait! Spike isn't old like old-guy old. Well, he's old. But not the way you're thinking of it."

Riley sighed. "It doesn't matter, Buffy. It's just that I thought..." he paused and took a deep breath. "Look, I don't know what I was thinking. Just forget it." He started walking again.

"Wait, I haven't gotten a chance to explain myself yet." Buffy said frantically. "I'm not actually—"

"You really don't have to explain. It's not like I know you all that well anyway. I mean, if you want to get married, then that's fine. It's not like I'm opposed to it or anything. I just thought that..."

"You thought what?" Buffy asked. She stood in front of him, preventing him from walking further.

Riley sighed again. "Okay, this might sound stupid. But I thought we actually, you know, had a chance."

Buffy gazed at him and her whole face brightened up. "That's not stupid. You really thought that?" she asked softly.

"It doesn't matter anymore, does it?" Riley said, looking very upset. "You're getting married."

"Oh yeah," Buffy laughed. "About that—"

"Buffy I don't want to talk about it right now," he said, not meeting her eyes. "I hope you and this Spike person will be very happy together."

Before Buffy could say anything else, he left her standing alone under the warm sunlight. Suddenly the warmth wasn't so comforting anymore. She felt like everything around her was starting to fall apart. Maybe she would never find the perfect guy for her. Maybe being the Slayer meant not being able to have a boyfriend. Angel and her could never be together because of the whole losing soul thing. Parker totally blew her off after sleeping with her. And now her relationship with Riley was ruined.

Buffy stormed in Giles's apartment. Frustrated, she threw her backpack on the floor and looked around for Giles. Spike was rummaging around the refrigerator. She immediately made her way to the bleached blonde vamp and punched him right in the face.

"Ow!" Spike turned around and instinctively punched her back. "Ow!" he yelled again, slapping his hand against his forehead. "What was that for, Slayer?"

"Where's Giles?" asked Buffy.

"Right here." Giles walked in the room. He was wiping his glasses with a tissue. "Are you all right, Buffy?" He put on his glasses and set the tissue aside.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she sighed. "I think."

"Um, Buffy," Giles said, sitting down on the couch. "Not that I don't appreciate you visiting, but what are you doing here?"

Buffy shrugged. "I don't know. I thought some kind of demon would be attacking sooner or later. Any sightings so far?"


Suddenly the door opened and in came Xander and Anya.

"We're here," announced Xander loudly.

"Right, I noticed that," Giles replied. "Have a seat."

"Wait... if you didn't need me then what are they doing here?" asked Buffy, feeling very confused.

"Well, someone is going to be staying with me for a few weeks. And I kind of want us to be alone," Giles explained. "And that means I'd like Xander to take Spike during that time."

"What?" both Xander and Spike exclaimed. Spike, who had been in the kitchen drinking blood, walked over to the living room.

"Wait, I'm going to have him in my basement for three weeks?" Xander shuddered at the thought.

"I didn't say three. I said a few."

"Which is practically like three!" Xander yelled.

"Why can't I stay here?" complained Spike. "I'm not staying in that sodding basement! I like it here. I get fresh blood and I've gotten to the point where I don't have to be tied up. Why can't I stay here?" he asked again.

"I told you," Giles answered. "I'm having a friend over."

"Ooh," Anya said. "You mean like an orgasm friend."

Everyone stared at her, horrified. "Yes, that is the most awful thing you could possibly say right now," Giles said, taking off his glasses and cleaning them again.

Buffy interrupted the quiet, "That was disturbing."

"Back to what we were talking about before," Xander said, happy to change the subject. "I am not having Dead Boy Jr. sleeping in the same room as me."

"It doesn't matter. He's completely harmless anyway," Giles said.

"Hey!" Spike yelled.

"Well, it's true."

"But Xander," whined Anya. "If he's there all the time, that means we can't have sex and play all those fun games."

Spike looked repulsed. "I am not staying there watching you two shag every bloody day of the week."

"Well you're going to have to," Giles sighed. "Because I—"

"Oh right!" Spike exclaimed, turning around to face Giles. "There's just shagging everywhere I go, isn't there?"

"Wait so your priorities are put before mine?" Xander snapped at Giles. "You get to have sex but I don't?"

"Hold on! She's not staying over so that we can have—"

"Well there you go. It's a she." interrupted Xander.

"Well I'm not keeping him here," Giles said.

"And I'm not keeping him at my place either!" Xander yelled back.

"STOP IT!" screamed Buffy.

Just then the door to Giles's apartment opened and in came Willow. She looked at the gathering and raised her eyebrows. "Wow... party at Giles's."

"We were just discussing on where Spike should stay," Giles sighed.

"Giles is having a friend over," Anya said. "He wants Spike out of the way so that they can have lots of sex."

Willow's eyebrows rose again. "Um... okay."

"He is NOT staying in my basement. It's already dark and dank as it is," said Xander.

"Well he bloody well isn't staying here!" Giles said.

"Okay, okay. Well, why don't we take him, Buffy?" Willow suggested.

"Are you kidding me?" Buffy exclaimed, staring at Willow as if she were crazy.

"Oh right. I'll have Red put another spell on us so that we can actually get married this time," Spike muttered.

"Shut up!" Buffy snapped at him.

"Well, I mean we can experiment spells on him," Willow said. "Like that truth spell we never got to do."

"Hey!" Spike yelled. "Oh all right. I changed my mind. I'd rather stay in that smelly basement of yours," he said, glancing at Xander.

"What are you talking about? It doesn't stink!" Xander said defensively. "Well yeah. It does have that... but how would you know? You've never been there."

"Oh come on. I have a whole bunch of spells I want to test. All I need is a testie," said Willow.

"Willow, I'm not sure you should get so deep in with this magic," Giles warned. "Using witchcraft can be very helpful and useful, but too much of it can be dangerous. I don't think you should be devoting so much time—"

"I'm doing fine with it! I thought you were supportive of me doing magic. It's not like anything really bad has happened."

Buffy and Spike looked at each other. "I don't know, Willow. There are times where your spells go wrong. I mean, Riley's already not speaking to me anymore. He still thinks that Spike and I are... you know. Engaged."

Willow sighed. "I'm sorry, Buffy. I really didn't mean—"

"It's okay," Buffy said. "I'm over it. Almost. Not really. But I'll get over it."

"Actually that's not a bad idea." Giles folded his arm and looked thoughtful. "We never had a chance to do the truth spell. It would be helpful."

"Well hey. As long as he doesn't stay with me," Xander said.

"Are you all insane?" cried Buffy. "I am not having him in my dorm! For one thing there's almost no space. It's sunny most of the time anyway. And I don't want him there while I sleep! It'll be awkward and... creepy."

"We can tie him up in the closet," Willow said lightly.

"You know what?" Buffy said, laughing. "That would be funny."

"I give up," sighed Spike, landing on the couch. He took his cup of blood from the table and drank out of it.

"Please Buffy. It'll only be a couple of weeks," Giles said.

"Fine!" Buffy sighed. "But you owe me big."

"Buffy it's getting late. I think we'd better get back," Willow said. "Oh before I forget. The reason I came here in the first place was to borrow a book. So we should um, get to the borrowing, then?" She and Giles went over to the bookshelf to talk.

Buffy looked down at Spike. Just a few days ago they were on the same couch making out. She blushed at the thought. She still remembered his lips on hers and his cool arms wrapped around her body.

She tried shaking the thoughts out of her head. "No," she thought. "I am NOT getting lusty for Spike. Eww. That's horrible to even think about."

"Got it," Willow said, holding up a book. She smiled at Buffy and then gave Spike a weird look. "Are we taking him or what?"

"Sure," Buffy replied and then sighed. "I can't believe I agreed to this. I can't believe we're having him in our dorm."