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This is going to be a series of vignettes set in the same universe as my story, Many Faces of the Force. Most of them will probably feature different characters, but they will all show missing moments from the story, and hopefully they should still make sense even if you haven't read my story.

Jagged Fel stifled the urge to smile as the piece of paper in the breast pocket of his flight suite crinkled, and he snapped to attention. He would be off duty in a matter of hours and free, at least for a little while, of his shortsighted commanding officer. It was people like him who were making them loose the war.

Jag was barely even listening as the man continued to speak. He would do what he had to, to combat the Vong and keep the members of his squadron as safe as possible. The only thing that was keeping him from snapping at the man were thoughts of Jaina.

They had been separated for months now, since he had been a part of the half-squadron of Twin Suns pilots that Jag had taken to Shelter as a fighter escort for the Jade Shadow. When they had returned to Mon Calamari, he had been assigned his own squadron, despite his protests that he wanted and needed to stay with Jaina.

Jag saluted sharply and walked away from the man after he had finished his speech. This had been their first chance to see one another and they only had thirty-six hours of leave. It would be thirty-six very well spent hours if Jag had anything to say about it. He had missed her so much. He had missed her intoxicating presence and the way her brown eyes danced with anger, mirth, or love. Most of all he missed the way that he felt when he was with her, like they were the only beings in the galaxy.

They had been trying to keep in contact with each other as much as their unpredictable lives allowed, sending holomessages back and forth to one another across the galaxy. In the last message that Jaina had sent to him, she had ended it with a heartfelt, "I miss you, Jag," and then lightheartedly blown him a kiss. He had thought it was the end of her message, but he had been pleasantly surprised to see her image keep playing, rather than freeze in its final position.

The smile on her face was anticipatory and only for him. "I have something for you. I don't know when you'll get it, but you'll know it when you see it."

Two days later, a young lieutenant that he didn't know had stopped him in the docking bay, and given him a handwritten letter. Jag had known instantly who it was from. The young man had told him how the letter had changed hands repeatedly, being carried closer and closer to Jag's current posting every time.

He had known that it was different and important when he received it. Jag had immediately thought it was special. He hadn't known how special it was. Jaina had said so many things in that letter. Some of it surprised him and some of it had made him smile, in that way that only Jaina could make him smile. The words had been carefully written and he had pictured how she'd looked as she had written them- beautiful of course, but in a way that was uniquely Jaina.

Jag smiled as he ran a finger over the fine paper, now wrinkled from repeated readings. He stared at the last line in particular. It was a bold statement, sitting by itself at the end of the page, but it didn't fail to convey any of the emotions that the words signified.

I love you, Jag.

Jag hardly noticed it at first, and then he blinked, as if coming out of a trance as he noticed his comm. link chirping softly. It got louder and he looked at it curiously as he picked it up to answer it. He flicked it on, but it didn't stop chirping. The noise got louder still, changing in pitch and tone. And then to his confusion, he was staring at the cold hard lines of hyperspace. He smiled again instantly reassured as he remembered where he was. He was going to see Jaina. Jag reflexively reached for the letter that he knew would be in his pocket.

For one long moment he was puzzled and then quickly moved towards panicked as he realized that he couldn't find her letter.

As he searched for it through his worry and confusion, he noticed the coordinates for the destination of his hyperspace jump and sat back in his pilot's seat with a burst of saddened realization. He was not rushing to join Jaina for thirty-six hours of blissful shore leave. He was leading Spike Squadron to Bastion for a diplomatic conference, where he would be forced to watch Jaina with Zekk. Where he would be forced to witness the fact that being with Jaina and having the letter that had meant so much to him had all been a delightfully painful dream that could never achieve reality.

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