-Chapter One: The Set Up-

Friday night. Another week had come and gone, bringing graduation that much closer. Hermione Granger sat on the edge of her bed, wringing her hands in frustration. Seven years she had spent at this school and she had yet to do anything... worthwhile. Academically speaking she had accomplished a great deal that was considered far more than worthwhile, but she felt she needed something that would make her worthwhile as a student; something to prove that she wasn't just some book-reciting machine.

Tonight, she thought, presented the perfect opportunity. From what she had heard that day, or lack there of, there was nothing of entertainment value happening. As of that moment, something was now happening. Dinner was quickly approaching, no time better than to spread the news.

Hermione stood up, pacing back and forth. She couldn't just walk down there and announce that there was a party tonight up in the Astronomy tower, especially since it would be her doing the announcing. Most people would role their eyes, and return to their dinner, knowing that it would be nothing more than a book club get together.

If Hermione wanted this to be successful, she knew that shock value would the only approach – and she knew exactly what she would be doing in order to achieve such a goal. Granted, it was terribly out of character for her bookish manner. A sudden boost of confidence rushed through Hermione, feeling as though she could accomplish anything. It was an immediate urge and she knew if she hesitated any longer it would disappear and never again would she have the guts to even think about attempting such a feat.

"GINNY!" Hermione bellowed as she opened the door to her dormitory. True, she could have just bounced down to the common room, proceeding to drag Ginny back up to the seventh year's dorm, but it would have aroused far too many people's curiousity as to why the infamously sober bookworm was now alit with bubbling energy.

Over the last year or so Ginny and herself had grown close, especially during the summer being the only two females of similar age at the burrow. Ginny may have been able to fool her family, Ron included, that she indeed wore a golden halo above her head, but Hermione had easily sent through the façade. After she had bluntly called Ginny on it, late one summer night, the two had become near inseparable.

Ginny had mastered the art of sexuality, knowing exactly what make up to wear, what clothes, and the persona a woman had to put forth in order to achieve any desire she had. For months Ginny had patronized Hermione to fall under her tutelage, but Hermione remained headstrong. Tonight she was relenting, and she knew, for Ginny, Christmas had arrived early.

For the first time a coy smirk played across Hermione's feature's as she headed towards the Girl's lavatory, wand in hand.


Sneak Peek - Chapter Two: Revenge is Truly Sweet

The large doors leading into the Great Hall opened slowly. The dark oak swung inwards creating a dramatic display, the mystery building as who lay behimd the doors so late into dinner.

Silence immediately fell over the hall, and it seemed as if the occupant's had been hit with a stunning spell. Pieces of cultlery fell from a couple students hands, the noise echoing loudly throughout the hall...

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