Hermione groaned as she heard the monotonous beeping of her alarm clock. She knew that there was a long night ahead of her, so Hermione decided to take a nap until midnight. It helped to pass the time in a way that would prevent from getting herself into a dither.

Her eyes were still hooded with sleep, as she slipped off the bed. A quick charm removed the wrinkles from dress, but Hermione chose to leave her hair as it was. The tousled look added to the dress she thought, and if anything it would get the males' minds reeling even more.

In no rush at all Hermione took her time getting up the Astronomy Tower, all the while wondering who would dare show up.

Whispers carried down the stairwell reminding Hermione to ward the tower with a silencing charm. It would not do to get caught by any person of authority; especially since Hermione technically fell under that category being 'any person of authority' seeing as she was Head Girl.

She entered the room casting the appropriate charms to the room before addressing the group of students.

"Mudblood, it's about bloody time you decided to show up," Draco sneered from a far corner of the room. He of course was flagged by his lackeys, Crabbe and Goyle. Also huddled in the corner were several other Slytherins, including Parkinson, and Zabini. "Was almost wishing you dared to stand us up; then, at least, the real fun could begin."

"Ferret dearest," Hermione said with a sleepy smirk, "why would I even contemplate standing you up? Where would the benefit be in such an action?" By this time she her body press him up against the cold stone wall.

"Well…" Malfoy grabbed her wrists and flipped them around so Hermione was now the one up against the wall. "You would have been held liable for your actions. Perhaps the temptation would have been too much to handle, knowing you would have been punished accordingly." He leaned in close his lips brushing against the skin behind her ear.

Hermione could feel her heart rate speed up at their intimate interaction. His breath was hot against her skin; the urge to shiver was overwhelming. A warm sensation flooded Hermione's legs as her mind flashed a multitude of x-rated images of what she was willing to do to Malfoy in that particular moment. Her hips involuntarily inclined upwards against Malfoy's pelvis.

The blonde placed a hand beside her head and moved with her, denying Hermione the contact she was craving. "Nuh-uh Granger," he said placing a kiss on her throat, "as tempting as it is to defile you in front of an audience, you have an agenda to attend to; we cannot have the Head Girl deter from her plans." His lips trailed down her throat and bit the crook of her neck hard causing her to gasp in pleasure.

The door clicked open and Ginny entered the room. Her eyes widened slightly as she saw the situation Hermione was in. Thinking fast she spun around and cast a charm, followed by a series of profanities.

"Shit! Sorry guys, wrong spell; damn it!" Ginny backed out of the entrance as four more Gryffindors fell through the entrance.

"Ginny, what the FUCK did you do!?"

"I said I was sorry Ron! Just cool your jets while I try and reverse the charm."

"Calm down!?" said a hysterical Lavender, "I can't see a God damn thing!"

Hermione met Malfoy's eyes, trying to laugh at the scene that was taking place. "Shame we have to cut this short," she said as she slid her leg up his thigh, "but for once you were right; must not deter the Head Girl from her current plans." She dropped her leg, before ducking out from Malfoy's arm.

"You guys made it!" Hermione exclaimed rushing over to where her friends were. She glanced at Ginny and winked in appreciation.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Harry laughed, looking over at her. Ginny fixed the spell, everyone's vision returning.

"Now, I have a few ground rules for everyone." Hermione addressed the group who groaned in annoyance. "No, no these are only to make the night more interesting. First off everyone must take a sip of this," she said producing a vial, "It is Vertiserum, we can't have anyone lying. That just won't do.

"Secondly a charm was placed the entrance and took effect the moment you stepped through. This ensures silence amongst everyone, bringing true to the phrase, what ever happens in this room stays in this room. If you are curious as to what will happen if you speak, just remember back to Marietta." An impish glint appeared in her eyes, "two more charms that I should let you aware of: You are not allowed to leave until the game has been decided finished, or you are told to leave the room. And finally if you are dared to do something you are unable to refuse back out. If you should decide to back out you will become nothing short of a house elf for a month to the person who had dared you."

Fear showed in many of the faces, but also a determination to not let such a thing happen.

"So, who would like to start?" Hermione glanced around the room. Instead of the traditional circle most of the people grabbed any space available. Hermione sat beside Ginny on one of the window sill. Malfoy and the other Slytherins sat leaning against the wall. The Gryffindors had spaced themselves out more so, sitting against various walls, and occupying other window sills.

"Sure, why not?" Lavender piped up. "Parvati! Truth… or dare?"

"Well I dare you to kiss," Lavender laughed, "Ron."

Laughter erupted from the group of Gryffindors. The two victims of the dare had been interested in each other for the last year; it was hardly considered a dare. Eagerly Parvati wrapped her arms around Ron's neck and kissed him soundly on the lips. A few well timed coughs broke apart the two, preventing it from carrying on any longer than necessary. Both returned to their original seats, glancing at one another periodically.

"Harry, truth or dare?" Parvati said looking at the bespectacled boy.

Luckily for Harry, Parvati happened to be completely horrendous at creating a half decent task. "Dare," he answered confidently.

"I dare you to… make out with a pillow for thirty seconds." Harry pretended to survey the room causing the occupants to laugh. There was not a pillow in sight.

"Hold on a minute," said Hermione. She wasn't about to let Harry off that easily. "In that case, you have to accept a truth."


"Where's your Gryffindor bravery. We can't let you off the hook that easily."

"But – but she's good at those!"

"Hey!" protested Parvati, "My dares aren't THAT bad."

Everyone looked at her doubtingly. "Fine, maybe not the best," her eyes lit up, "but I get to ask him a truth?"


"And he can't chicken out?"

"For God sakes Patil, get on with it," Parkinson sneered.

"What's the farthest you have gone with a girl, and if yes, who?"

Harry's face turned a bright shade of red. "Third base with a girl from Little Whinging. I don't remember her name though."

"The chosen one is such a pouf after all," Malfoy said clapping in mock congratulations.

Choosing not to dignify Malfoy's comment, Harry turned his attention to Hermione.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Truth." The words escaped her lips before she could refrain herself. When she played as a young child, there was no potion forcing you tell the truth. Therefore, not only could you lie but you could avoid any humiliating dares. Here she would have much preferred the safety of a dare.

"Who is your schoolgirl crush?" Hermione could almost feel the tears begin to well up in her eyes. It had been her dirty little secret for the last couple of years; and for a good reason.

Hermione pleaded to momentary insanity as she tried to resist the Vertiserum. "D-Dr." Immediately she looked over to Malfoy, who seemed so sure of himself.

"Pr-Professor Snape," her voice tripped over the syllables. The look in Malfoy's face fell, and he resembled a small child who had his candy taken away. Ron and Harry both held looks of complete horror, while most of the girls laughed and jeered.

"What!?" Ron spluttered in shock.

Lavender rolled her eyes, exasperated. "Come off it Ron. Half the female population want a chance at him in the sack."

Hermione breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Glaring at Ron, she spoke.


"What else my dear, dare."

"I dare you Malfoy," she said remaining her eye contact with Ron, "to kiss this lovely redhead over here, Ron." The blood instantly rushed from the two boys faces.

"WHAT!?" Both boys yelled in unison.

"I'd rather kiss Potter!"

"By all means," Hermione smirked leaning against the window, "I could always use the extra help."

"God knows that's true. Fine!" Malfoy stood up aggravated and made his way to Ron.

"Stand up Weasley," the blonde said towering over him.

"Not a chance in hell!"

"Your choice, but I would rather not be subjected to having to 'help' your Mudblood over there in the way of sexual education." Malfoy lowered onto his knees and leaned towards the panicked boy. Ron leaned away from Malfoy until he fell onto his back.

"Much better Weasel." Malfoy straddled the boy, with each time he went to kiss him, Ron would turn his head to the side

"Oh stop being such a prat. Let's get this over and done with. Unless, that is, you like me sitting on you."

Ron immediately stiffed up. Draco grabbed the sides of his face and their lips met. He gently nibbled on his lip. When Ron gave him access he darted his tongue in and out utterly disgusted. Leaping of him Draco went back to his spot. Ron looked up revolted, and ran to the window and retched.

"Stop exaggerating Weasel! I'm not that bad."

"Oh my poor Drakey," Pansy cooed, smothering him.

"Get off me!!"

"Yes Drakey!"

"And stop calling me that!!"

"Yes Drakey." He scowled at her but continued.

"Truth or Dare?" he said looking right at Hermione.

"Dare." Immediately she realized she had made a horrid mistake. The glint in Malfoy's eyes was not good.

"I," he said, "dare you," he smirked evilly, "to seduce Snape."

"WHAT? At this time? How would I even get into his room." Her heart was racing.

Before Draco could answer the astronomy door clicked close. Everyone was so involved they never noticed anyone walk in.

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