Daniel's Disclaimer: Watsuki seems like a pretty cool guy, so I don't think I have to worry about his calling me on using his characters as long as I say they're his characters. Which they are.

Elsewhere, in an alternate universe...

Kaoru shook her head. "Really, Sanosuke, you're being a weeny."

Sano threw up his hands. "I don't think it's so much to ask!"

Yahiko strolled in with a toothbrush clenched in his teeth. "Whassup, sis?"

Kaoru sighed in put-upon manner. "Sano wants me to go clean his stuff at the laundromat."

Yahiko wrinkled his nose. "Why?"

"He's afraid of the guy that runs the place." Kaoru stage-whispered.

"Hey!" Sano yelped.

Yahiko blinked. "The short red-headed guy that's prettier'n you?"

"...Yes." Kaoru gritted out.

"I'm not afraid, just intimidated." Sano pandered. "He's got those murderous eyes!"

This was originally a kernal of an idea that would be applicable to a "modern setting" fanfic, but I couldn't really think of any way to use it that would have been much past like six chapters of fluff. So, I put it into a hundred words and you can extrapolate the WAFF from there, eh?