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Aoshi sipped his tea.

Kenshin sipped his tea, too.

Kenshin broke the silence. "This one would like to invite you to his wedding, that he would."

"She's ten years younger than you." Aoshi said blandly.

"Hai." Kenshin admitted.

They sipped their tea.

Aoshi grunted. "I'd like you to come to my wedding, too."

"With Misao?" Kenshin queried.

Aoshi deadpanned. "Yes."

"She's seven years younger than you." Kenshin pointed out.

"Hai." Aoshi admitted.

They sipped their tea.

"Our women are much younger than us." Aoshi commented.

"We are so cool." Kenshin agreed.

They sipped their tea. Then they traded high fives.

...I'm a horrible person.