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WARNING: Male/male content, kissing, touching (more intimate than sexual (does that make sense Izzy sweatdrop))

XXX (Ron and Draco)

Ron and Draco reluctantly parted after a slow, warm kiss. Draco looked into Ron's eyes and could see that something had changed behind those expressive orbs. Draco held his breath as Ron opened his mouth and said the words:

"I'll do it."

Five minutes later they were up in Ron's room with the door locked and spelled. Draco looked to Ron to lead him. He felt so awkward, sitting on the edge of the bed and waiting.

Ron began to strip as he approached Draco. He could feel the uncertainty radiating off the other boy. He stroked Draco's face, trying to calm and reassure him. As Draco leaned into the caress, Ron feathered his fingertips over Draco's features.

For Draco, the innocent touch was more intimate than any kiss he and Ron had shared. It felt as if Ron was trying to memorize every inch of his skin. He felt warm, tender, cherished.


For once, Draco felt as if someone loved him for himself and not because he was a beneficial tool.

He pushed Ron's hand away. Looking into the redhead's eyes, he slipped his shirt from his skin, allowing it to fall on the floor beside the bed. He took Ron's wrist, guiding the hand to rest just below his collar bone.

Ron understood what Draco wanted, ghosting his fingers across Draco's skin with the same reverence he treated Draco's face. He could feel Draco's sharp intake of breath and watched his eyelashes flutter in pleasure. He lowered his head to the junction of Draco's neck and shoulder, kissing gently. He could feel Draco's pulse quicken under his lips as he trailed them down the pale shoulder.

Suddenly Draco pulled away, gasping, "Wait."

XXX (Remus and Bill)

"Kiss you?" Remus exclaimed. The Wolf yipped eagerly, ready to pounce on Bill again, but Remus held him back. "What would that solve."

"Well, I was thinking that maybe if we touched enough it would satisfy the Wolf and he wouldn't feel the need to take over your body."

"So in other words, appease the Wolf?"

"Yeah." Bill stepped closer. "So, are you willing to try?"

Remus was hesitant to follow through with Bill's plan. In theory, it sounded like it could keep the Wolf at bay, something Remus wanted desperately to do, but Remus was worried that in the end I might end up encouraging the Wolf more. His worst fear was forcing himself on Bill and wasn't sure if he wanted to take a chance where that might happen.

"Remus, it's okay." Bill touched the side of Remus's face. "We should try."

Remus gave in, twining his fingers in Bill's hair and leaning forward to kiss him. Bill's mouth was soft and warm against his own. Tentatively, he moved his lips, causing a gasp from his partner. Carefully, he deepened the kiss, encouraging the Wolf to stay in place.

Actually, Bill's idea seemed to be working. The Wolf was yapping happily inside of Remus's head chanting,'mate, mate, mate!'

As their lips parted, Bill's arms remained around Remus's neck. "So how did that work?" His voice was husky, breath warm against Remus's face.

"It seems to have worked."

"Good. Let's stay like this awhile longer."

As Remus basked in Bill's warmth, he wondered if the Wolf was right.

XXX (Ron and Draco)

Draco was overcome by the emotions he was experiencing as Ron touched him.

He was in love.

He was in love with Ron Weasley and he had never felt anything like it before. For some insane reason he was filled with the need to tell Ron, to find out if Ron loved him too. It wasn't just about shagging anymore. He wanted to make love with Ron.

He wanted it to mean something.

Ron had a concerned look on his face. He gently touched Draco's cheek. "What's wrong? Do you want to stop?"

"Yes...No...I..." Draco rose from the bed and paced the room, angry at his in-eloquence and lack of words.

Ron waited patiently to hear what Draco had to say. He didn't understand what was going through the blonde's head. One moment he was begging that they have sex and the next pushing him away.

"Maybe we should do this another night," Ron suggested, hoping to calm Draco's nervous pacing.

"It's not that it's..." Draco stopped in front of Ron and looked into his eyes. "It's just that I love you."

Those three simple words floored Ron completely.

"I don't know if I could do this without knowing if you l-love me."

Draco's eyes were expectant as he awaited Ron's response.


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