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Absolutely exhausted from a hard day's labor, a small framed boy schlumped towards the Common Room of a large "T" on a small island just outside of the hustling and bustling (and quite appropriately named) Jump City.
"Yagh..." he incoherently muttered to himself, smacking his lips and scratching his side as he heavily dragged his feet and heaved himself past the kitchen.
Quirking his head sideways, his olive green eyes groggily recognized the forms of two of his companions taking their turn at dish washing duty. Yawning once again, the boy smiled inwardly to himself. It was partly due to the fact that he positively hated dishwashing and if it were up to him, such a thing would not exist and everyone would just use the same plates over and over. What was the point in washing them when you would just slop them up in twenty minutes, anyways? The other part was due to his amusement over the alien girl's constant pursuit of drawing the ever masked one's attention away from capturing and defeating Slade and instead towards herself.
His destination in sight, he heaved onwards. The couch seemed so close, yet it was so far away...
"Dude, you look beat," the metal man hybrid turned his organic eye from the 72" plasma screen (A/N: drool).
"Beyond beat, dude..." he lifted his heavy eyelids to glance at his friend.
"Well, I'm gonna go rest my systems for awhile, too..."
"Yea, 'night Cy-"this thought was cut off by yet another yawn as the metallic giant lumbered off to his sleeping quarters.
"'Night, B."
Looking over his shoulder, the thin-framed boy noted that his dishwashing companions were wrapping up and heading up for bed. Twisting his head back to its original position, his peripheral vision caught something, making him cock his head to the left.
"Juh..." escaped (once again, incoherently) from Beast Boy's lips.
There she was. Raven sat close to the center of the couch. She sat with one long, smooth leg crossed over the other. Her usual little hard cover book sat under her nose and was held up gracefully by her pale, slender fingers. An oblivious look of contentment was drawn on her delicate features. Perfectly shaped brows showed her reactions to the words she read and her violet eyes sped vigorously back and forth as she completed each sentence. Beast Boy's drooping eyes told him that that was enough idle gazing for one night.
"Good night, Rae..." he murmured just before he morphed into a kitten (A/N: NOT the one that makes "the face," that one's ugly... a cute one! Hee...) and gently plopped himself on the couch before he was suddenly swept into sweet slumber.
"Mm..." Raven did not look up from her book, nor did she realize what she was doing as she absentmindedly scratched behind the kitty's soft ears.
For a long while, the green kitten slept peacefully on the couch. He rolled onto his back, but something was prickling at his spine. Squirming slightly at this tickling sensation, Beast Boy opened one of his round kitty eyes. After quickly observing his surroundings had completely changed, he sprung up into a sitting position, now fully awake. Tall green stalks belonging to thousands of multicolored flowers surrounded him. He looked down and saw that the flowers were growing out of the Titans' couch! Doing a double take, the grass green kitty looked to his feet once more and saw nothing but dirt. In the current possession of a cat's brain, Beast Boy did not seem to think being in a foreign territory could be dangerous, but rather he let feline curiosity take over.
Stretching his legs, he wandered through the tall stalks. The smells of a thousand flowers he couldn't recognize filled his little nose with their sweet scents. The dirt squished softly between his webbed toes as he aimlessly footled about through the seemingly endless forest of green stems. That's what it was – seemingly endless. Abruptly, he stumbled upon an opening. Orange sunny beams warmed his little face as he curiously stepped into the brilliantly green grass. Frumping his nimble shoulder blades forwards, he flipped over and tumbled into the grass, thoroughly enjoying the soft sensation of the warm grass caressing his neck and back.
Yawning lazily and contently, he rolled casually to his front and stretched, digging his paws deep into the earth. That's when he saw it. A monarch butterfly flitted carelessly about in the air, teasing the curious kitten mere inches from his face. In awe of its beauty, wonder filled the simple creature and he lifted a paw to touch it. Just as his paw approached it, it would fly back an inch or so out of reach. Upon retreating his paw, the tricky little bug would flap its wings and move closer as if daring the kitten to catch him, if he dared. After several more stationary attempts, the butterfly flitted off in the direction it came from.
Hey, come back! Beast Boy subconsciously thought. I want to play!
Obviously the butterfly was not telepathic; it continued away from him. Tail waggling behind him, the green one licked his chops. Before the mischievous monarch could get very far, Beast Boy leapt into the air and pounced at it, missing by several inches. Seeming to have finally gotten its way in moving the kitten from his resting place, the butterfly continued its mode of play. It would flit close to his face, and then draw him farther and farther away from his original spot in the flowers. Pouncing and rolling, he followed it willingly. Suddenly, the butterfly slowly perched itself on the very tip of the kitty's tiny black nose. He tried to look down, but went cross-eyed and became dizzy. The monarch flapped its wings madly and flew off. In a final attempt to catch his pseudo-friend, the green kitten smacked his own nose and caused himself to fall over.
Blinking the stars from his eyes, the green one looked into the sky. There he saw what looked like dandelion seeds. They floated and danced whimsically in the cool breeze. But where did they come from? Craning his neck, the kitty's body followed suit. A giant oak tree sat in the distance accompanied by a lone figure sharing its shade. Lured to it in a similar way that a bug is lured to a bright light, the kitty's eyes remained focused on the target as he slowly placed one foot in front of the other making his way to the new destination. More furry, white dandelion seeds floated in the air and made their way over his head. Instead of playful bewilderment coming over him, this time he ignored them and became more and more interested in the figure under the tree.
Coming in closer, he deciphered it as a girl. Not just a girl... a pretty girl. She was wearing a dark garment. He couldn't tell what it was. Cats don't generally know the differences between clothing garments, anyhow... She had short purple hair. He felt compelled to go touch it, curious to experience what made it glisten even in the shade of the tree, anxious as to what sensation something that appeared so soft would give. His wide eyes grew wider as he approached. The girl sat with her back leaning against the tree and her knees pulled up into her chest. She held her left arm out and let the wind take the dandelion stem she previously held.
His mind in its own state of affairs, the poor kitten did not notice this last gesture, and the wind swept the dead weed's stem directly in between his eyes.
"Mrow?!" he yelped, obviously taken aback.
"Hm?" the girl looked around, and then took notice of the small green cat. "Here kitty, kitty!"
Realizing he was spotted and invited to join her, Beast Boy immediately bounded over.
"Mew," he looked at her and stated.
She simply gave him a small smile and let her legs down into a straddling position, as if to invite him to play with her in the given area. Satisfied, Beast Boy affectionately rubbed his head against her leg. This caused her to let out the smallest giggle. He would not have caught it, had it not been for his exceptional hearing with his cat ears. Pleased with himself, he continued to rub his body up and down her leg, getting satisfaction from not only her satisfaction, but from the tingling feeling in the pit of his stomach just from the sensation of her soft, smooth skin against him. This time, she rewarded him by scratching under his chin. Her mere touch caused him to melt. He crawled to the top of her legs and rejiggered himself to a position where his head was placed on her hip, leaving his hind legs and bottom on the ground with his belly up. He began to purr loudly. It was then that his muscles began to quiver and ache. He vaguely realized he had been in the same form for too long.
Beast Boy willed himself back to a human. His lower half remained in its position, but as he grew taller, his head now rested on her shoulder. The boy's deeply satiated throttle vibrations continued.
"Hello, Raven," he looked up into her eyes, mesmerized by her as he spoke this.
"Hello, Beast Boy. You make a rather cute kitten," she whispered in response in a calm, raspy voice.
The morph became lustily aware of his current position. With being a human male came lust, after all. Jaw slacked and eyes wide that Raven was okay with this much, he decided hastily to be optimistic and push his luck. He gazed at her rather than looking down as his nimble fingers unhooked her brooch and yanked her long cloak off of her. Slightly shocked, she placed a hand on her own shoulder where the garment had once been. She looked quizzically between it and him. He, however, did not seem to notice. Eyes filled with child like curiosity, he ached to know of the sensation the touch of her hair would bring. He lifted a hand up towards her. Moments before impact, he quickly withdrew it and nervously looked down upon her features. Raven's hand met his own and she guided it to the side of her head. Beaming, his fingers ran through her hair and shivers ran up his spine. His hand slowly found her face. Her soft round cheeks let off wonderful warmth. His other hand found hers seemingly of its own accord. She looked down and watched as their fingers intertwined. Then she looked up. Her eyes met with a soft look in Beast Boy's curious green ones.

They didn't speak. They didn't need words.

Animal instincts came into control of the boy's mind. He was no longer able to control himself. Displaying his agility, the elf flipped himself around to face her. No sooner than he did, their lips made contact. Although at first she didn't respond, Raven came over her shock and gave in to him, deepening the kiss. Rather than the usual explosions, multihued fireworks gladly showed their praises of the display above them. Showers of orange, red, green and yellow danced in gaiety as Beast Boy's hand slowly crept down from her cheek to her neck and further yet past her shoulder. He let it slide down her back, tracing a sole finger down the crease of her spine until he reached the small of her back. His ginger touch made her inadvertently tremble. Resting her free hand lightly on his tight chest, she opened her mouth slightly so as to get some air. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the changeling slyly slipped his tongue into her mouth. Returning the gesture, she let his taste fill her mouth. He pulled her close to himself as the great exploration continued. He broke away, only to continue kissing her on the neck. He slowly made his way south, stopping slightly above her shoulder and nipped her lightly with his teeth, as if teasing her. Moaning with delight, Raven let her head roll back and closed her eyes.
Suddenly, though, her head jerked forward and she snapped her eyes open.
"Wha...?" she questioned no one in particular.
Raven confusedly looked around. The oak tree she once leaned on had been replaced with a large black sofa. The soft green grass she felt under her feet was now soft gray carpeting. The fireworks that had danced in the sky now danced on the TV screen accompanied by the words "Game Over." The dark one looked into her lap and noticed she had dropped her book. Mentally cursing herself for loosing the page, she looked to her right and saw her rather green companion by her side. In his human form, he lay sleeping in a position a sleeping cat may assume. Her hand sat gently under his chin and he was making that deeply satiated throttle sound... it sounded a lot like purring. At least, as much like purring as a human could sound. For lack of a better word, Beast Boy looked simply content.
What an odd dream... Raven thought and blushed to herself. She was unaware that she was capable of thinking such things, subconsciously or not.
A strange sensation returned to her, tingling in her shoulder. Retrollowing her free hand up to the spot, she felt something strange. Looking into her reflection in the window, Raven noticed a small purple mark with small, yet unmistakable, teeth prints had been left there. Gasping slightly and quickly returning her gaze to the boy next to her, she smiled softly. She gently stroked his face, causing him to jostle himself slightly. Still sleeping, he pulled her down towards him. Completely baffled by the previous events, Raven just went with it and snuggled in for the rest of the night, drifting back into sweet slumber.

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